My Reviews Websites Profiles.

Apparently it’s a bit of complicate for me to choose which reviews websites that I would like to stick with and be the only loyalty to. As some of you know that for a great long while that I have been heavily user on FourSquare for the check-ins and leaving all of reviews that I have personally visited.

But that now have changed since I have decided to start looking up at other reviews websites such as Google Places, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Facebook Places and others. While I will always be loyal to Foursquare considering that I have been a long-time superuser for Foursquare (think moderator) and that never will change but I have realized that I am beginning to like a couple of other reviews websites.

Out of all reviews websites while narrowing it down which I prefer or will use the most out of them is of course Foursquare but others are TripAdvisor which I have come to find out that it’s amazingly impressive that I am beginning to get hooked with especially trying to become a senior reviewer as I have written reviews for all of places I’ve known and experienced. Also I have become a fan of Google Places which is decent at most, a very useful too but not used heavily like Foursquare or Tripadvisor and I am becoming a fan of Yelp now since I have browsed around on Yelp to leave reviews as many as I possibly can on the places that I have experienced. Which one should I recommend you to follow or become friends with me? I would say Foursquare, Tripadvisor and Yelp is the three I’ll be using equally out of all.

Ebay: Your account is hacked!

Ebay LogoThere is a lot of people who uses Ebay for few of reasons such as buying some items off Ebay or selling some items on Ebay to make some money and a lot of people who use Ebay as their career and it has become many of people’s main income as many of sellers have their own stores on Ebay called E-store. Just recent some of the news about Ebay has bombed all over on the internet that brings fears to several people who has accounts on Ebay whether it be the seller account or buyer accounts or an account for both type which is a common although some of the people who prefer to have a separate accounts for buying and selling is now in danger that needs immediate attention or to take an action about it but there is one problem and that is probably the most important out of all.

Ebay: Shh.. You are hacked!

The most important problem out of all is that several users registered on Ebay has absolutely no idea that their accounts is being comprised which that means hacked and when the news bombed all over on the internet that Ebay several accounts registered on Ebay is being hacked, the users who is registered to Ebay is not being notified via e-mail when many of websites typically notify the registered accounts if there is a problem or if their accounts is being hacked or at least attempted to be and everyone who is registered on Ebay is furious about it.