President Trump and White House; Captions.

Dear President Donald Trump, White House Administration and whoever it may concern.

I would like to address this letter to the President Trump, Trump’s Administration and White House especially for the team that is responsible for media, social media team/director, public relations or press team. I and the Deaf community have noticed that since the administration of the President Donald Trump have taken over the people’s house; White House have not yet provided closed captions for all the videos that you have produced to share on social media like YouTube, Facebook or others. By statistics in the United States it shown that there are over fifty (50) million Deaf and Hard of Hearing Americans who resides in the country that you represent for as President. We kindly ask that Trump Administration along with Trump Administration’s team who is responsible for the media and the White House to provide closed captions for every video that you produce for several social services such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others so that we Deaf people of the America can have access to the information that any other people who can hear could by the sounds. If you provide sounds for all the videos that you have produced and not provide closed captions, then that would be unfair to over fifty (50) million Deaf people in the America. In year of late 2015, a couple of years ago a few of us Deaf people complained about the white house and Obama administration not providing closed captions for all the videos that they have produced. The Obama administration and white house have listened to our request for fair accessibility by providing closed captions which they provided closed captions for every video they produced a couple of years ago until Obama Administration leaves the White House. Accessibility

For a few days now I have searched for a way to make more accessible for the sighted people who is colored blind, need some contrast to be able to read the blog better and for the people who need the letters to be bigger so to make it easier for everybody to read. In few days of my research on how to figure a way to give some accessibility to sighted people, I came across that the important thing is having the ability to enlarge the letters, change the contrast which turns bright parts of the website into dark and grayscale for the people who is color blind. I want to make sure that I don’t leave anyone out, as for one that I am Hard of Hearing myself so I know how difficult it is to have access to certain things such as American Sign Language interpreters or Video Relay Service (VRS) so Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Blind have something in common. Nevertheless I added new features for that will, hopefully, helps some of you readers to have some accessibility for reading as you can zooms the writing into bigger words, turn the entire website’s colors to assist the color-blinded people and the grayscale as well. You can find the feature easily, by looking for the bar on the left side on here at JoshiesWorld where you will see three buttons and choose which option you need to help you to read JoshiesWorld’s articles better.

Video Relay Service and Video Phone.

Video Relay Service LogoHello everyone! I hope that every one of you had awesome time with the fourth of the July or Independence Day whichever one that some of you prefer to call it, on a such holiday like this everyone usually celebrate it by grilling out some awesome foods such as steak, hamburger, hotdog, chilli, corn and among of others with their family or the friends to eat with to celebrate the fourth of July or Independence Day. I enjoyed it myself a bit as we had grilled some hamburgers, hotdogs and bacon wrapped hotdogs for our fourth of July dinner which it was fantastic especially the hotdog wrapped with bacon because I have never ate them before in my life which is a bit surprising to me but now since that I have tried them I think I am going to want some of them more often every time we do some grilling outside. For the hotdog wrapped with the bacon being cooked on the grill I told my mother that it tastes like the hotdog with a bit more crispy and have a bit more of smoke flavor to it than just the hotdog itself especially that we grill our foods with the charcoal lately ever since we bought the charcoal grill because we were somewhat tired of grilling some foods on the gas grill that we have outside although I have nothing against the gasoline grill because when it comes to certain foods I prefer them to be grilled on the gasoline grill over charcoal grill for some reason.