Social Media

Here is a complete list (except my personal Facebook account) of social media accounts owned by JoshiesWorld founder Joshie for you everyone who are more than welcome to follow, like or ask to be added to friends list. If there are any services that you uses isn’t on here in the social media that you would like for me to register an account so that you can follow, like or add me there too please go to the contact page which can be found above in the tabs under the title “contact” or you can just click here to go to the contact page and let me know the name of the service along with the website address that you would like for me to register an account there so that you can follow, like or add me on that service. If or when I registers an account with some other services, the social media list below here will be updated to add more services that he have an account registered with for everybody to follow, like or ask me to be added to the friends list.

I would be very happy if you follow, like or add me to your friends list on some of the services below, I am active on Twitter and Facebook the most out of all services below. Thank you very much for following, liking or adding me to your friends list on any services and remember that if some services that aren’t listed below you would like for me to have an account with please contact to let me to know to register an account there or else! 🙂

Social Media List:

* – Most Active.

Note: Ever since the legal problem with Instagram as Instagram refuses to release the username JoshiesWorld to its rightful owner of its name after several attempts of demanding Instagram to hand over the username because someone else registered that username which is rightfully owned by me but Instagram ignored the law of identity theft and disrespected the law of internet so I decided to come up with another name that would substitute my brand identity so say hello to ThatJoshie! So if you see anywhere on social media with the username JoshiesWorld, look for some of the pictures on that account and if you see some pictures of me there then there’s a good chance that it’s registered by me but if you in any way suspects that it is not please contact me here and give me the link to the profile then I will verify for you if it is really me or not. If you sees someone else using the username JoshiesWorld please report that account on their own website that it’s a fake account then search for the username ThatJoshie where you’ll find me there for when somebody else falsely registered the username JoshiesWorld and I would greatly appreciate if you have found someone else using JoshiesWorld as username on social media that you would contact me to let me know.

UpdatedInstagram isn’t the only one who refuse to comply with the law, SnapChat doesn’t as well.

As for some services like instant messaging such as Skype, AIM, Yahoo or others. I do have a couple of them but they are my personal though and please do not feel sadden – I would be more than willing to accept you! I just prefer to keep them private and not putting a couple of my instant messaging services username out in the public but I would like you to add me so that both of you can have some interesting conversation online and to get my username for a couple of services which is Skype or AIM you email me by using the contact page which can be found at the top of the website under contact tab. When you email me to ask for my username please write your username so that I knows I am not adding a scammer or spammer which these are the main reason I refuse to share my username for one of these instant messaging services in public in the first place.

Thank you!
Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.