Parents modify babie’s body.

For several years I have been seeing a lot of people giving birth to new babies and most of them are either my friends or my family and of course I am very proud of my family and friends on their newcomer babies and babies are extremely adorable. I have always love babies and a lot of parents has made beautiful babies and these of you who has recently gave a birth a new baby, I congratulate you on having a new family!

Now getting on the subject of this post and the reason why I feel the need to write this post is because there’s something that upset me and I don’t like it. As of lately after they gave a birth, not even a month later or two ever since their baby came home from the hospital. Of course every parents always are going to want to have absolutely best and extremely adorable clothes on their babies and as well giving their babies very beautiful hairs, I have seen this one beautiful baby girl recently that has feathers in her hairs, tying to some locks of their hairs and such and as well beautiful barbed hairs (is that what they called it?) and many of things they do with the babies hairs.

But what gets me is, their ears piercing and worse having their babies tattooed. Why?! I mean seriously. I think every child need to be old enough to decide if they want their ears pierced or having a tattoo on their body instead of getting older and being stuck with what their parents gave them because there’s not every child on the earth are going to appreciate what their parents gives them, especially tattoos and some ears pierced. And forgot to mention, belly piercing. I think that’s absolutely wrong, very wrong and a big no no.

Now all of you parents out there, please do not give your baby a piercing anywhere nor a tattoo or any body modification. Feel free to give your baby very cute hair style, fashions and whatnot but body modification? No! No! In my belief what you are doing to your child is harming them with poking a needle in some place of your baby’s body. Please let your baby grow old enough to where he/she can make decision on if he/she wants any body modification such as piercing or tattoos. I’d say let them get to 12-14 years old and then if they want to pierce some holes on their body and then you can either allow them or not and 16-18 ages for the tattoos.

I know some parents aren’t even going to give them any piercing when they asks for it when they gets to that age of 12-14 yet when they just born and you wanted to give them a piercing. If you do want to pierce their body, then wait patiently until they gets to that age and if they decide to have their ears pierced or belly button then you can allow them to do since you wanted to force your children to have it after they born, because that’s wrong thing for you do to forcing your child to have their body modifications while they have no clue what you are doing with their body and without their knowledge which is very wrong.

With that being said, gave my piece of my opinions. If I ever see any of my family or friends doing that then they are going to immediately lose my respects for them and may as well disowning certain family and disowning friendship. I am sorry, but it’s very wrong! I hope that some of you agree that it is, because if you do then as rare it is at least there are some people care about harming some children.

Thank you very much for using your time reading this post and I hope that you understand my point of view in this regarding the modifications of babies’ body. I hope you have a great day!

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