Out of Words.

Some of you know, some of you don’t know that I have been in journalism as a blogger for more than eight (8) years and in past these years I often would feel the fire in my fingers to start typing up some articles for here at JoshiesWorld.com. However for some reason of lately I have been blanked, getting to nowhere and I feel as if I can never think of anything to blog about anymore these days for some unknown reasons. In other words it’s getting somewhat more difficult for me to come up with something to write about for an article, I don’t know if it means that I am losing passion in blogging or losing the motivation to blog about anything. The major problem I have is being unable to find some good sources so that I could spread the words about something that I have heard from my sources, another thing is that it seems the news industry aren’t producing some interesting news anymore for me to share my opinion about the news that they have produced. To be honest with you, as much as I wish to deny this but the blogs are on the edge of becoming extinct as it seems but maybe it is just me and or that there is too many blogs out there that it makes the bloggers to work more harder to compete against the other bloggers.

In my opinion, while it is good to have a friendly competition but bloggers should help each others. In competition each bloggers competes to write out a better article than the others which that would put them a bit behind but at same time if they realized that they were getting too behind or having a problem then give them a hand so to stay in the competition with each others.

Of course I am not going to say that I don’t compete because I do, some times I outdo them sometimes they outdo me and that is what a friendly competition is all about. But if I outdo them then by doing so it push them too far, I then would grab that blogger and hold that blogger in the circle because I don’t want to outdo anyone to the point that I make them to lose the motivation in blogging. So as long as we competes each others while respecting each others at the same time is the way it goes but not all bloggers do that as they like to try to outdo them roughly to the point that it caused the other bloggers to lose the passion because then that means more revenues for these bloggers so that is somewhat a selfish in my opinion. If they are struggling then give them a hand, by doing that work together and co-write article for each other’s blog from time to time.

Nonetheless even though I may be out of words, being unable to write anything good lately and not being able to blog at all does not means that I don’t forget any of you readers. Believe it or not, I read news, search plenty of things and among others non-stop just so I could come up with something to blog about but I haven’t found anything that is any interesting enough for me to write anything about the things I have discovered so far because most of the things that I have found is boring so I leave them alone because I sure do not want to deliver a boring article to you all. Right now I think I may take some time, a little break and then come back so that maybe I would have a lot of things to blog about! For now if you guys want to connect with me then you are more than welcome to follow me on anywhere on the social media which you can find my profiles/accounts on the right side of JoshiesWorld.com to follow. For now I must say that I need to get going because I have a few of things to do before my bedtime which is in a couple of hours so I would like to complete all the tasks before then.

Good night!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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