I Need Your Help!

Hey guys! I realize that I have not written anything on here at JoshiesWorld over in few weeks ever since last time in July on the 7th when I announced the 8th years birthday of JoshiesWorld so I wish to apologize for being very delayed as I can tell that there are some of the readers here who is trying to be patients as much as possible, believe me I have noticed as I have tried to come up with something interesting to write for all of you but the problem is that I have often failed to come across anything interesting that catch my eyes as for some reason that there have not been anything interesting going on lately and to write something I must come across something that is interesting so that I can write my opinion about them or if I have myself saw something then I write an article about it as well but the problem is that I have not saw a thing for several weeks sadly. My passion is blogging but the problem is where is the interesting information or anything interesting to check out? I don’t know but I am sure that in a couple of months I should have few of ideas myself to write about because usually in the fall of the year there is some great gadgets coming out for me to write a review on or to discuss about the gadgets that I either have tried or purchased. Not only that there are several new seasons coming out for some popular television shows in the fall as well especially The Walking Dead, Longmire and few more of others but what I am looking forward to the most is Grey’s Anatomy season 12.

Aside blogging situation my schedule is hectic more than ever, I believe I have written over a hundred of things that I need to do on this paper in the front of me that I need to get them done but there is one thing that I am trying to get done maybe you can help me with that. Ever since I have upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro the iTunes does not have any audio coming to both speakers and the headphone so any one of you know how to fix this problem? If so I beg of you to leave me a comment below or contact me through the contact page above and I would greatly appreciated.

But that is not all the help I need from you, I am in need of every one of your help with coming up on some of the ideas on what I should write about or what should I review on? I would greatly appreciate if some of you would send me some suggestions because I am all fresh out on what to write about so I would greatly appreciate you all if you would go to this page where there will be a form for you to fill the fields which is email form alike but a suggestion form to send me some suggestions on what I should write about. Click this link to go to the Send Me Suggestions page. All of you are now my sources to help me to find something or tell me something interesting that I am not aware of that I should write about to let everyone else who read here to know about, every one of you are welcome to send me as many suggestions as you please even if that is a suggestion every five minutes! Because every suggestions counts, the more suggestions I get the more information I can gather to do some research on and to write about after doing some research based on the suggestions some of you have sent me through the suggestions page on here. Anything really! Also if you don’t mind, I would greatly appreciate if some of you would post/share this article to some of your family or friends so that the more the merrier because the more people helps me would speed up for me to start writing some more articles when I start getting some suggestions from all of you.

Thank you everybody for all of your time, I truly hope that all of you don’t mind to help me out with getting some ideas for me to write about so to keep me going because as I said in the beginning that all of you as my readers are the only reason that keeps me going so without all of you I would not be where I am today so I am very grateful for all of your help from the beginning of JoshiesWorld to this day. I hope that every one of you have a great day or a great night depending on wherever all of you lives at and stay safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the day or for the night! Stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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