Happy New Year of 2018!

It is unbelievable how quick last year was, I felt that it was one of the quickest year ever and that is in both good and bad way that the year of 2017 flew by us. I am sure that one of the good one is that it means the election is coming quicker than we expected so that we can vote for the people who we truly believe that would represent us instead of for the corporation and others especially to listen to what we want instead of what they want. Such as where most of us Americans begged the Federal Communications Commission to not repeal Net Neutrality because it is a policy that prevent the internet providers service to play monopoly with us by hiking the costs with no reason or to charge us just so that we could have access to something they blocked or slowed by throttling. One of the bad thing, I am certain that this is something every one of us can agree, our age made a leap to a year later too quick and all of us including myself who would love to stay at the current age and not becoming a year older already. There are many more to the list I could mention but I am not going to get into that because I am not here to write a long article, I am only here to tell every one of you a very Happy New Year of 2018 and I hope that all of you have a better year than the one last year because I believe that most of us could use one.

Now, traditionally every one of us would come up with a resolution for every year and I am wondering what are yours? I would love to hear yours, please write your resolution by leaving a comment below and let me know if you have met all the goals in your resolution of last year (2017)?

Happy New Year 2018 and 2018 Resolution

I used to make a resolution every year, in fact I believe that I have a few years of resolution on here which you can find them by doing a search at top of right corner on here by typing the keyword “resolution”. Every resolution I have made were hardly ever met unfortunately and since I only reached a couple of goals out of many from each year of resolutions I am not much into making a resolution list anymore. I don’t see the benefit of it, I am sure the main reason is that I never seen the resolution motivated me to do any of them and a couple of things on a resolution for each year has been reached by accident. Even though, I no longer see the benefit in making a resolution list for the year of 2018 I am still going to write one just for fun and so that maybe it inspires you to add some of the things on my resolution to yours!

2018 Resolution

That is all I can think of, if I can think of more I will update this list and when I could think of something else to add to the list I will make sure to note it with an example “update 1/1/2018” so that way you can know when I thought of something to add to the list! I am sure that I have a few more things that I could think of but as for now, this is the main or important ones that I would like to meet. Although, as every year’s resolution was never met so I am certain that I hardly would met any of what I have put on the list and I hope that won’t be the case for the year of 2018! Now it’s your turn to share your 2018 resolution by leaving a comment below please!

Happy New Year 2018!

I wish all of you a very happy new year, I hope that all of you enjoyed the new year eve and had good time celebrating with your family which is very important. I am sure that some of you enjoyed the kisses that you had gotten from your sweetheart or someone who have a crush on you or even a stranger which seems to be a common thing now especially that we are influenced by watching strangers kissing on new year eve live from New York City on television! Now, please be safe and be responsible. Be considerable for others, at the same time be caution of others too because even if you aren’t celebrating with alcohol and decided to drive on the road then there is a good chance that there would be somebody else who celebrate the New Year with alcohol coming toward to you on the opposite side of the road which can be a scary thing to think about! Again, I wish you all nothing but very Happy New Year of 2018 and I wish all of you a better year than the one you all had from the year of 2017!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan

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