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On the cold windy, rainy day as of today I have nothing else to do so I decided to watch some videos on YouTube and surfing on FaceBook then I came across to a video on FaceBook that is backlink from YouTube, it was a video of Halo 4 created by MachinimaPrime user titled “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Part 1” as live action series that tribute to Halo gaming and in this video they were some sort of in real life instead of play the game. I got to say that it’s interesting video that I got to write a post about it and that I figured that some of you may want to watch the video and it is a bit entertaining to watch, believe me if I didn’t think it was entertaining then I would not have decided to write a post about the video itself.

But anyhow, it is entertaining along with action packed where they were reenacting Halo 4, or I am not sure if they reenact the exact of how Halo 4 is since Halo 4 isn’t even out yet until the next month from today (release date would be on November 6th for some of you wondering) but again the top guys gets the game earlier than most of us though and played it before us, especially the ones either work for Halo development or game tester for Halo or such.

I bet that a lot of you are being impatiently to get your hand on Halo 4? Me too, I am always fan of Halo series (by series I meant 1, 2, 3 and upcoming 4. Not fan of Reach and such) so undoubtedly that I am planning on to get the limited edition one as I usual do especially if the games that I love such as Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Fable and so on forth. But before I decide to write longer so I better stop here from writing, because as usual or my advice for most of bloggers would be not to write too long of a post or otherwise it would either bore the fans/readers or that it simply too long for some people to read. But here a video that I am embedding for you guys to watch the video that I was talking about, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy it because it is nearly 20 minutes length of the video.

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I used to be a Halo addict!…stopped playing after Halo 3 though. I think Halo 2 was the best of them all. Lately I've shifted over to the Battlefield series. Big maps, big rigs, big fun! You ever play Battlefield?


Very good job on your info about Halo. Thank you