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Almost there are several people who have started going digital instead of physical especially when it comes to storing some of the files such as images, videos, audio, documents etc to a storage as the technology especially in United States has drastically improved now that everyone can almost control everything through smartphone or a tablet. Several years ago before the technology booming every one of us had to physically store our files in cabinet with a locker to prevent our valuable files being stolen, then two geniuses invented computers (Microsoft and Apple) with physical hard drives where we could store our valuable files to our hard drives on our computers with a lock using either a pin code or password and now the technology has gone even further more than ever as somebody invented another way to store our files using any devices we could get our hands on so that we wouldn’t have to rely on computers to just store our valuable things to our hard drives anymore and that is called cloud storage – or more so clouding server.

We now be able to store our files to a cloud server where we can have an access to it anywhere as long as there is internet connection by using some of the devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop or almost any devices that allow files to transfer using wi-fi connection and then view them later on by using any kinds of devices as long as you use either an app or internet browser. What is next in technology world? I don’t know but one thing I do know is that I am very curious over this.

There are upside and downside for using the cloud server to store our files virtually using some of the devices. From what I can see is that it is very useful to have cloud server so to store some of the files to cloud server using my smartphone then later I view them through my desktop or to store some of the videos from my GoPro Hero4 Black Edition to cloud server using Wi-Fi so to download them on some of the devices, I like cloud server but I must let you all know that storing files to physical hard drive are safer than saving them to cloud server although it is somewhat still safe to store files through cloud server as long as you know what you are doing and that is making sure you use a mixed password with capital, numbers and symbols so to make it harder for anyone to guess your password or to hack in your account at cloud server service.

Cloud server are actually a lot useful if you upload anything as long as the files you wouldn’t mind for anyone else to see if someone successfully hack into your account but that’s 1 or 2 in 10 of a chance though. Nonetheless using cloud server is very useful as they are installed on most of the devices now such as television, smartphone, tablet, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and many more. I would highly recommend DropBox out of all cloud servers I have tested such as Google, OneBox, Box, Amazon Clouding etc because they have a good security put in their system for all of users and Dropbox can be used on any platforms where you are able to transfer from your computer, smartphone or tablet then view them on your smart television, gaming console or other devices. Not only that Dropbox also have option where you are able to share any files that you permitted to be share, also has an option where you can also only allow certain of people to view your file by a guest password you set up for them. Using dropbox for your cloud storage is great for personal or business as it is up to you, it is free to register although you will have a limit of space as any of other cloud storage services have limited space for users as well but with dropbox you can increase the space easily by installing dropbox app to some devices or the more you use dropbox they will reward you increase space in your storage which I believe Dropbox is the only one that easily rewards you space increases (more than once) as Dropbox seems to be the only cloud server service that aren’t greedy who would only increase your space if you pay them money and Dropbox is the king of the cloud servers.

The DropBox interface is very simple, clean and actually easy to use as some of other cloud servers services are more complicated to use (cough-Amazon-cough). If you have never tried cloud server then maybe it is time that you keep up with the great technology (only in United States!) by registering an account at Dropbox, you can go to Dropbox website for more information if you’d like to get a better idea of what Dropbox is all about or how to use Dropbox as Dropbox has plenty of options for you to use such as an app for all of devices including desktop or laptop where you can sync some of your files (pictures, audio, documents or videos) virtually so that you can open them to view or to share using your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, laptop etc) or any other devices.

Click here to go to Dropbox so to register an account which is free then start using it so that the more you use Dropbox the more rewards which is storage space increases you get for your account by downloading apps to different devices along with inviting your family or friends to use Dropbox as well as your space can easily cross 10GB in matter of days (which is a lot especially for cloud server that is free). Please remember that when registering be sure to use a hard-to-guess password with mixed of capitals, numbers and symbols which you should-be done that with any accounts you use (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Twitter and many others) so that to make it almost impossible for anyone to guess to log in.

Thank you for your time reading this, this is merely a review along with my opinion over a cloud server and with my recommendation of which cloud server I trust the most out of all. Of course I will not and never will ask any of you to register an account at anywhere that I recommend as I only tell about certain services to make them acknowledged so to give any of you an option for if you do want to register or do not want to register as this is only my recommendation of a service or… Whatever, yeah! I hope that all of you have a great night and be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for tonight!

P.S. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshiesWorld! Also if you have used Dropbox for a while then I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a comment below the article to let me know your opinion of the Dropbox and if you have used other cloud services then please also let me know which cloud service do you prefer the most? Thank you!

– Joshie.

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