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The cost of and other websites that I run isn’t very cheap because I have to pay thousands of dollars for the server and others to run this website and the other websites that I founded. The bills that I am being charged for the server, several domains and websites that I am running is very high in dollars especially thousands and that isn’t one time deal and it isn’t every year because I am charged every month so can you imagine paying thousands of dollars every month just for the server, domains and websites? Maybe you cannot but I do and it strains myself all the time and I keep paying monthly because it is my passion to deliver many contents to all of you every day and I love doing it all for you at my expense however I sure would greatly appreciate a small amount of donation to lift a bit pressure off me that I am under everyday trying to make the income so that I can continue doing what is my passion because I love to give all of you everything I possibly can which is the contents and the websites for you to use or to visit.

If you would like to donate for my work or just because I am a cool guy you can do so by clicking the button above to donate through PayPal, you are not required to register to donate at all as you can donate as a guest (the guest link on left side of the website, scroll down until you see it) which is quicker and less of hassle for you to do. The donation I receive from you will be used towards the charges on bills only from the server, domains and websites but not for my time because I prefer to use my time for you for absolutely nothing because it is my passion to do so. You can donate using any payment methods you prefer such as Visa, America Express, MasterCard, Discover, banking account/debit card and others as it has every necessary payment methods you can use to donate which will be done through the most trusted payment service – PayPal. As goes for international it is accepted as you may donate me using any currency that your country use. You also have the option to donate once or recurring if only you would like to as it is your choice. The donation would be greatly helpful for me more you can imagine and any left over will be going to some of the charities so that your money will not be wasted on anything that isn’t necessary like some waste taxpayers money if you know what I mean. ?

I greatly appreciate the donations very much from the bottom of my heart and in return for donating I will be adding your name in the list of donors only if you wish to do so and if you do please do mention it in the special message when donating or contact me to let me know and if you have a website or a blog (personal ONLY) that you would like to be added in the donor list I would be more than happy to do so. Again thank you very much from my heart for the donation as any amounts even if it’s a dollar would still help me in many ways.

Other Donation Services?

If there are some reason that you don’t want to use the people’s favorite fund processing service PayPal and still would like to donate using other services to donate then please let me know by sending me a email by going to the contact page which can be found under the contact tab above this website. If you don’t see a service that you prefer below then please contact and I will try to set up with that service that you prefer!

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You are more than welcome to donate some gifts to Joshie, wondering what he need? Look no further, you may take a look at his wish list at Amazon and these items are something that he truly want or need.

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Please note that you are not required to donate to use JoshiesWorld and other websites I founded as this is only optional if you wish to or not to donate, either way I still thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.