Depression and it is tidbits 6!

DepressionGood evening to every one of you, all my friends! How are all of you doing today and what are you been up to lately? I hope that every one of you are doing well, hopefully better than myself lately and whatever it is that you all have been up to lately I hope that it is nothing trouble because when being in trouble it isn’t always fun although sometimes it can be a bit fun when it comes to trouble depending on some of the situations of course. As usual a few of you know that lately when I write some articles that I always would try to connect with all of you before I start writing some articles, it is because unlike the most of the bloggers I always make sure that I involve every one of you and using my time to interact with all of you due that reasons of growth or successes of JoshiesWorld wasn’t done only by myself but every one of you all. If it wasn’t for all of your help in growth and successes for JoshiesWorld then it is a possibility that I wouldn’t have any confidence in myself to be a blogger and devote as much as time I can to write some of interesting articles for all of readers. Before you think I forgot that I didn’t write an article a couple of days ago, no I did not forget that I didn’t write an article a couple of days ago because my new schedules are more tough than it is used to be a few months ago and I couldn’t find any free time out of that schedule to write an article a couple of days ago but I apologize for that although I know that all of you know I have warned some of you about this new schedule of mine where I might have to change to where instead of writing an article every a couple of days to at least two articles weekly which now I am doing a test to see how that goes for my busy schedules.

I know I have written a few articles before that mentioned me hoping that it is understandable for all of you which I am still hoping that it is, but again I am asking all of you to please be understandable that I have a very tight schedules that I am trying my best to write as many as articles I possibly can and bear with me on this. Again remember even I may start only writing two articles weekly instead of three or four as usual, I am still active on social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook where you can keep up with me and get a hold of me for whatever the reason is. To follow me at Twitter, you can find me at @JoshiesWorld or to like my Facebook page you can get to it by clicking this link.

Now I will go ahead to write the article which I am hoping that some of you will find this an interesting article to read and keep in mind that as usual the most of my articles are long especially when it comes to writing the tidbits so enjoy.

This Is The 6th Tidbits!

For today’s article I am going to write is the 6th tidbits which I am sure that some of you already know what exactly tidbits is because I have remind some of you several times in the previous tidbits articles I wrote and I am going to explain again what is tidbits because there might be new readers that doesn’t know what is tidbits. Definition of tidbits are a bit of everything else but in my words it means that a different topics or subjects on a page instead of one topic or subject on each page, so this article will have a few of topics or subjects instead of one particular topic or subject and the tidbits articles has been very successful for JoshiesWorld that tidbits becomes a category for here.

What you can expect out of some tidbits articles is that every tidbits will have a counting numbers and the tidbits articles are intended to be very long articles since it is involves different topics or subjects which I have realized that a lot of people likes to read for a long time instead of something short because short reading can get boring as often the short reading doesn’t give as much as details that long reading does. So I hope that all of you will enjoy this 6th tidbits but before you start reading, go ahead and pour you some coffee or get something drink before you start reading a long article – I’ll be waiting right here.

Okay, ready? Alright, I got myself a drink as well!

Say No To Depression!

Ever since every body on this earth knows that one of the beloved actor Robin Williams who recently passed away by committing suicide battled depression for several years and the depression takes a huge part of his death. For some unknown reasons that caused depression for Robin Williams but surely the depression was too much for him to handle before deciding that allowing depression to take over his life and unfortunately the depression won that battle against somebody who is so talented in comedy that never ceased to make the people laugh when it comes to seeing his films or his stand up comedy. The depression isn’t funny at all as the depression is very tough to overcome, there are thousands of thousands people dying due to depression that is too strong for them to overcome it and when anyone gets some help for depression that sometimes the help they gotten didn’t help them to beat the depression. Even though there are good medicines that can help anyone who is going through the hard life with depression, sometimes they just don’t work for certain people because they are letting the depression to get the best of them instead of taking a control of their own life over depression. Everybody has to be careful when it comes to depression, because often depression can cause suicidal thoughts or push them onto the edges that they never wished to be.

There are many different depressions that almost everyone are going through such as heartbroken, family or friends death, witnessing something that traumatic themselves such as murder or some similar. Depression are a part of pain that isn’t easy to heal although there is some treatments that ease the depression by taking some medicines or some spiritual treatments such as mediation that a few of people says mediation helps them a lot but that depends on the level of depression that they are going through so if the depression are more serious then the best solution is to get some medicine that would help to ease the stress or pressures from depression. I have myself went through some depression myself before more than once which a few of them were severe, that was a few darkest moments that I had gone through but thankfully I got myself out with the support of my mother and my friends who would keep reminding me the dangers that I was going through but I was pulled out of the dark world before I went too far. So from my experiences I know going through depression isn’t fun at all, especially when you are keeping the reasons of your depression to yourself from anybody that would be more than happy to help you to end your depression although they can sometimes fail but if the support fails you then please find other options as soon as possible such as medicines because some medicines that may work for you as it worked for many people who had went through depression.

If you are going through depression, please do not keep it to yourself because the longer you keeps it to yourself the more it will build onto you which can bring a lot of pressures on your shoulders that would easily weights you down. And know that you are not alone that is going through depression as there are millions of people on this earth who is battling depression and be sure to keep kicking the depression’s butt so you can show who is the boss!

Tony Stewart Killed Another Drivers.

The other day there was a video that went viral all over in media world where the NASCAR three-time Sprint Cup Series Champions driver Tony Stewart were racing on the dirt track on August 9th, 2014 struck another driver named Kevin Ward, JR and immediately killed him in the action. Tony Stewart hits Kevin’s car that caused Kevin to spin out and that upsets Kevin himself to a point where he would get out of his dirt track racing car to confront Tony Stewart but then Tony Stewart hammered the gas pedal to the metal in same direction that Kevin was walking towards to confront him and then Tony Stewart struck him on the right side of the car that threw Kevin Ward, JR a few feet in the air which immediately killed him right on the spot after ramming into him with Tony Stewart’s dirt track racing car. Kevin Ward, JR is only twenty (20) years who started racing at age of four said his family, racing was his passion especially out in the dirt but apparently Tony Stewart ended that.

Ever since that incident there has been a lot of debates about if it was Tony Stewart’s intention or not, if it was actually an accident or not and whatnot but now there is investigation going on to get the story straight out. The investigators said that they have not yet to get any bit of evidences and that Tony Stewart are not under arrest or anything at the moment although there are a lot of talking that there could be a chance that Tony Stewart would be charged with manslaughter if the investigators comes up with anything even if the evidence are very little but we will see in a few of days. NASCAR, Tony Stewart and Tony Stewart’s racing team have sent out apology to the family of Kevin Ward, JR for their loss which is a right thing to do. Tony Stewart are supposed to be racing a huge event in NASCAR this weekend but Tony Stewart has made decision that he will not be racing this time which will hurt his career a bit but at same time it is understandable so he can recover the depression that he’s going through now ever since the incident at the dirt track. There are two stories going on about this case, one side are saying that it is Tony Stewart’s fault for the death of Kevin Ward, JR that when Kevin himself was coming towards to Tony Stewart to confront and then Tony Stewart hit the gas pedal to the metal in same direction that Kevin Ward, JR were in on the foot. The other side was that the death of Kevin Ward, JR was his own fault because that Kevin Ward, JR should know better not getting out of his dirt track racing car while the races are active and that the lights in that corner where Kevin was struck at were dimmed while wearing black suits that Tony Stewart couldn’t see him before running into him.

What do you think what really happens? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Is there anyone who has an account at Vine which is owned by Twitter? Ever since I have registered an account with Vine yesterday or two days ago I have become somewhat obsessed with Vine because of how you can record a creative video with loops that will repeat over and over, think like GIF but instead of image it is a video. If you have an account with Vine with some neat videos, please give me URL to your Vine profiles so I can take a peek at them.

FaceBook Themes/Colors.

I am seeing that a lot of the people who are being fooled into accepting the invites of different people to use some of the apps on Facebook where it is supposed to let you change the looks of your Facebook profiles or pages with some themes or different colors. DON’T! I cannot fathom enough that there are several people who is being fooled into thinking that these apps to change the themes or colors of your Facebook profile or pages using any similar titles such as Facebook themes, Facebook Colors Change and others without realizing that these apps are used to give the hackers your Facebook user ID and password for them to hack into your Facebook accounts. So any time you see some apps that is supposedly give you some themes or different colors, never accept them and ignore them immediately because otherwise you are going to be hacked so please beware of some of the apps because there are a lot of apps that are trying to convince you to use so hackers can gather your Facebook account login information such as user id and passwords.

Response to DTP.

No needs for you to read this topic/subject as this is a direct response to everyone who is in DTP group at Facebook. Now I see that some of you are saying that the women who wears some clothing that makes themselves sexy such as wearing cleavage or tight clothing and others that easily attracts the eyes of men that the reason these women wears something like these is a way to invite some men to rape them? That is a very silly thought to begin with because these women doesn’t wear something sexy just to send an open invites to be raped because they are wearing something that makes them more comfortable about themselves and not only that they are to make themselves proud of their own skin or beauty of themselves. The person who originally said that the reason that women wears something that makes them sexy just to send open invites to men to rape them needs to reconsider again before something a such thing like that because whatever you are saying that are also implies to your sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and others so be careful with the words that is coming out of your own mouth because it can be dangerous.

And to a few of the people over there who are saying that they are “god” or “black god” and “white god” needs to slap themselves which would do a lot of people a favor and to save their own time of doing it themselves because nobody is God as there are only one God that a lot of people looks up to, especially the only one God who created us and everything else that does with the nature.

World War Three.

For some reason I have a strong feeling that there might be world war three happening sooner than everyone thinks because there are already some combats going on in other countries such as Iraq, Pakistan, Israel and others along with Russia and Ukraine which United States of America are trying to take a poke at them especially Russia with some punishments such as sanctions for annexing Crimea which was a city of Ukraine. A lot of people says that any time that United States ramming sanctions down other countries presidents throat is their way of first stage before declaring act of war because United States always would put sanctions on the countries for a few of months before declaring act of war. Which is true because a lot of people doesn’t realize that the first step for act of war is sanctions by United States before declaring act of war where it will become a war between United States and other countries, while few of other countries are already in battle so the world war three might happen sooner than everyone thought and if that happens then be ready when the time comes but I don’t think that a lot of people here in the United States should be worried except all the soldiers in United States because they will be putting their life on the battlefield to defend us citizens unless there is a country that knows how to get their missile through to here without the defense systems recognizing the incoming targets but that’s highly doubtful.

Upcoming Video Games.

It seems that finally there are a good amount of video games that might be awesome are in the making to be released in the next month or in the fall such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Madden 15, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Forza Horizon 2, Battlefield: Hardline, Halo: Guardian, Final Fantasy Type-O, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and a few more of others. At least there will be a few of good games instead of only a couple of good games like last year when both of Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4 gaming consoles were released that with only a couple of good games for both consoles such as Call of Duty: Ghost, Battlefield 4 and Forza. Which games are you looking forward to the most this year and for what console? Answer the question in the comment below if you don’t mind to!

Myself I am looking forward to a few games for Xbox One such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare of course, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Halo: Guardian so hopefully that these games that I am looking forward to play will worth the year-long waiting for some good games to finally be made because it was a such surprise when a huge makeover in designs of both consoles Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4 with very few numbers of games for each consoles. But at least there are big titles are coming out this year for both consoles such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, Halo (only for Xbox One) and Madden.

The End.

Well something always comes to an end eventually, so I am afraid that I must wrap this up as it is getting late already for me and looks like everyone are either already in bed or getting ready to go to bed except myself so I think I am going to do a few of things before I can finally head out to bed as I still have a few of things to do before I can relieve myself from the busy schedules I have. I hope that this article is interesting enough for some of you although I know that this probably will not be one of my best but it was all I could of think on what to write about or on as I was already running out of fuel after writing the topic on depression but luckily I kept pushing myself a bit further into the article. Again guys, remember never let the depression beat you because depression is NOT the winner, you are the winner so keep on beating the depression! Always be sure to never keep something that is bothering you to yourself, express your feelings to anyone that you trust such as your immediate family members or friends because I promise you that the longer you keep something in your chess to yourself the more stress or pressures will build up on your shoulders which will weights you down so don’t let that happen to you and always don’t be afraid to get some help because I did and I am thankful that I did. I know going through depression sucks a lot because it does as I am speaking from my experiences because I have went through more than once and if you ever need somebody to talk to then don’t hesitate to contact me and I would be more than happy to provide you my personal contact such as messenger or e-mail that you can get a hold of me within’ a few of minutes.

Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article either by tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on something but if you have any ideas that you don’t mind giving me so I can have some ideas on what to write about or on in the next articles by submitting your ideas here and I would be very grateful for any help you can give me with some of the ideas! I hope that all of you have a great night and that all of you are safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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