Dating online isn’t the way to go!

Dating Online, Find LoveI have seen that there are increasing numbers of the people who register an account for themselves on some online dating service such as Match or EHarmony to search for some of the people who is singles and get in contact with any one who is single with a hope that they lit the sparks between them to start a relationship with each others. There are many of the people who likes dating online with some one than dating somebody outside the internet because its possible that one of them don’t feel comfortable with themselves especially their looks since that taking photography of themselves can look a lot different from what they look in person using an image editing software like Photoshop or some of the cameras has the effects that make them look better from certain angles. There are many of the people are signing up on one of dating services as I am typing this article because they are being advertised everywhere such as commercial on television especially the EHarmony, they are very smart on how to market by advertising their company because obviously it is working to lure more people to sign up accounts on one of the online dating service but the question is are do they really works or is it good thing to be dating online? Absolutely no, and that’s one problem that everyone doesn’t realize.

I can understand that some of the people do like to be in relationship with somebody by dating online because it makes them more comfortable than it feels to be in a relationship with somebody outside of the internet but that isn’t healthy or good because it can cause few issues with the people who is dating online such as their emotion, their social skills and few of others because that can ruins them more easily than anyone in a relationship outside of the internet.

Dating Online and In Person Dating.

There are some reasons to not be in a relationship with anybody online or to sign up at some dating services because not only it is risks but it can harm you in some way whether you don’t think it can because eventually it is going to but if you aren’t dating online then I am relieved for you. Some of the reason would be not everyone says who they are and there are many of the people who uses some of the pictures that belongs to somebody else which is what we call them “fake”, another one is nobody would know if they are criminal or not because on some of online dating services doesn’t ask them about their criminal records – What if they are rapist? Murderer? Has history of domestic or abusive when in a relationship? These are few of many risks you are never going to know when you sign up on some of dating service online and make contacts with somebody for a while before you start dating online with that person that you never will know truly who that person is.

There are increasing numbers of people who finds somebody that is single through online dating services to make some contacts with and then start dating online with somebody just long enough to get someone to feel comfortable by being in love with somebody who truly doesn’t so that somebody would tell this person where they live or some addresses then they will stalk them by tracking them and ends up either raped, abused or even worse murdered. Every time they show commercials on television of their names would often makes me feel aggravated because I realize they know how to market so to lure more of the people to sign up and puts their guard down to the entire world where it opens for some of the people to do something wrong to them, because of these online dating services allows some of the people who have criminal records that harms anyone who sees the commercial that lured them into signing up – I feel so… Sorry but at same time aggravated.

If you have the confidence in signing up online to find somebody to be in a relationship with then you should use that confidence to find somebody outside the internet to be in relationship with and if you are not comfortable with the way you looks then I would suggest that you not be worried about how you looks because it will show you exactly how some of these people are, if they don’t judge the way you looks but inside you such as your personality or attitude then you know they are great people while at same time you are able to do a background on them because you know what they look like in person instead of somebody using somebody else pictures on the dating services then you’d describe the wrong person when it comes to reporting about the person to law enforcers when in person you would know exactly what a person looks like along with judging their personality and attitudes to know if they are either good or bad.

When you find somebody online through the online dating services you are not going to be able to get some idea of how they are by judging their personality or attitude because only thing you will be seeing from online is the text instead of their body languages or a way to judge to get an idea of who they truly are. There are several reasons to not be dating online with somebody and besides it can be an emotional wreck, if you are wondering if I am against somebody dating online then the answer is I am very against it.

Although I know that there are few of the people who has successful relationship online and few of people got married by finding each others through online dating services which I congratulate any one of you who is one of them but that’s very small percent comparing to the others.

I will admit that I have dated somebody online because I have dated somebody twice online but that was several years ago when I was just turning a teenager (13-14 age) and I have seen some of my friends who have dated somebody online that turns out to be a homosexual guy instead of a girl and it hurts one of my friend more than anything especially his emotions and he becomes having hard time to trust anybody afterwards along with his social skills starts going downhill but luckily a bit over the year he got the control of his emotions again and be a bit more trusting after giving him some advice on how to only talk to anybody for a while and to get to know who they are before trusting them.

I can understand that it may be a bit hard to find somebody outside the internet to be in relationship with because everyone around you are already either in relationship with somebody or is married but be patient and you will be rewarded, because there will be some of the people who bounds to move in your neighborhood and might be your new somebody or the ones you like who is in relationship or married may eventually will become single again and you might have your dream to come true to be with somebody who you have liked before. Nobody knows the future and that is what so great because you may get someone who’s better than the ones you liked, so keep this quote in your head all the time “Be Patient, you will be rewarded”

I am sure that Eharmony or Match will end up seeing this article when they are searching for their own names and this article comes up in the search and then they will not like what I say but I say too bad because РDear EHarmony and Match, you all are full of risks and you all encourage them.

If you have some free time, I would like for you to leave a comment below and let me know what is your opinion about somebody dating online and about these online dating services as well! Thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article before end of the day if I can find something or heard something that is interesting enough for me to write about something or on but if you have some ideas for me to write about something or on then I would greatly appreciate it if you would click here to submit your ideas! I hope that all of you have a great day, and all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe while doing whatever you all are planning on to do for the day, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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