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Click It Or Ticket, Buckle UpI would like to bring this news out to everyone especially the people who lives in the state of Kentucky in United States of America because this is important news as it was announced recently that the law enforces are launching a campaign which will be kicked off in just a day to or at least out of a hope that this is going to change the way of how people drive on the road on highway or streets because the study from researches stated that over twelve thousands of vehicles was prevented from crashing in the 2012 Click It or Ticket campaign, so they decided to launch another Click It or Ticket campaign again this year because they said that it could prevent ten thousands or twelve thousand of the drivers from having accidents again as the law officers are hoping to repeat the record they had in 2012 Click It or Ticket campaign for this 2014 Click it or Ticket campaign.

Click It or Ticket 2014 Campaign.

The Click it or Ticket 2014 campaign will kick off tomorrow on Monday in many of areas and states in United States of America as well so to attempt to prevent anyone from crashing as many as possible and to remind everyone to wear a belt when driving a vehicle on the road because it is very important that everyone to wear the belt and doing so will prevent anyone from injuries most of the time. Even if anyone drive with a belt there is a chance that anyone can be injured from crashing of course but wearing a belt will give anyone higher chance of preventing to be injured especially will stop anyone from being removed out of the seats and through the windows which happens too often, putting a belt on at least will stop the further injury then they could be without wearing the belt.

In the campaign starting tomorrow on Monday the deputies said that they will be on the lookout everywhere in hidden and in open to keep an eye for anyone who drive without wearing a belt and if being caught without wearing a belt the driver will be ticketed with a fine and a visit to the courthouse so if anyone don’t wear a belt when driving then I would suggest start buckling up when driving on the road tomorrow because they said that the deputies will be out all day and all night for two weeks through June 1 as this two-week Click It or Ticket campaign to catch the drivers wearing no belts and the ones that don’t wear the belt and drive is with respect, idiots. Hopefully that having no choice but to wear a belt especially starting tomorrow for two weeks as the deputies is out on the lookout for Click It or Ticket campaign will start getting used to wear the belts by then when the campaign is over and even once the campaign is over doesn’t mean that deputies stops being on the lookout.

Being that tomorrow is a kickoff for the Click It or Ticket two weeks campaign means that there will be more deputies and patrols than usual so this means that the streets and highway, any type of roads is being monitored heavily all over the place. Of course if you don’t like wearing a belt then you are welcome to not wear the belt and get a ticket or maybe a trip to the jail overnight depending on what you are being pulled over as it is your choice whether you want to buckle up or getting a ticket but I encourage you to choice wise especially that this is Click It or Ticket two weeks campaign so if you think that there is some areas that is not being watched then you may be wrong because under Click It or Ticket campaign is doubling the duties of law officers patrolling the roads.

Source: Deputies on the lookout for seat belt violators during Click it or Ticket campaign by NaplesNews.

If you like four wheeling like I do then I would recommend all of you ATV or side by side drivers including myself to not drive on the road while the Click It or Ticket two weeks campaign is in effect so if we have the urge to drive ATV or side by side then we better haul them to some trails or somewhere in the mountain nearby unless some of you like me who lives beside a trail, because where Click It or Ticket campaign is in effect by tomorrow there is going to be more law officers in duty on the road to patrol so you all and myself definitely don’t want to get caught driving ATV or side by side on the road and get caught because if we are caught and gets pulled over not only that we would be ticketed with a fine, a trip to courthouse but our atv or side by side to be impounded and if I was you I wouldn’t do anything to get my ATV to be impounded because my ATVs is my baby and I take extremely care of them to a point where I don’t trust anyone to ride or even seat on my ATV (especially my new one) so having a cop using my ATV and having it impounded is a big no-no. 🙂

I think that this Click It or Ticket campaign is a great idea because it should help the drivers to be reminded to buckle up when they are driving on the road to prevent further injury if they were to get in accidents and even if they are great drivers doesn’t mean that they will not get in accident because there is some idiots who likes to drive and drink too often can crash into them and this happens too many times and there are many of people who drink and drives everyday and is increasing everyday so with that this Click It or Ticket doubles the law officers on the road to look out should make a good amount of difference by removing the drunk drivers off the road to make the road safer for us who drive safely and follow the law when on the road. So any one of you who is law officer that is taking a part of Click It or Ticket campaign I wish all of you the best luck and be sure to stay safe when all of you law officers are on the duty patrolling the roads and I salute all of you for all of your services to keep the roads safe and clean as well!

Thank you for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here again to see if I am writing another new article which I should be before end of the day today if I can ever think of something to write or come across something that I need to share my opinion on or share my analyst because lately I have been had writer’s block. I hope all of you stay safe wherever all of you are or whatever it is that you all are planning on to do today, stay awesome my friends!

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