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First of all who doesn’t love blogging? Sure there are some of the people who doesn’t like to blog or don’t have the skill to blog because you would need to have a skill to become blogger and that is to know the basics of writings, formats, search engine optimization and management of the blogging service. Even if you have no knowledge in how to become a blogger, thinking that it would be too difficult to give yourself a try at becoming blogger and I am letting you to know that it’s not difficult at all to become a blogger although probably the only most difficult steps to become a blogger is to come up with a suitable name for the blog whether it’s hosted at somebody’s service or self-hosted blogging service. I have been blogger for several years, ever since the year of 2005 when I first learn how to code a website beginning with CSS which is code for styling/design of the layout because I wanted a unique profile on MySpace and then from there I decided to take further by starting myself a new website where I can blog which that was in 2007. In the year of 2007 was also the birth of this website so nonetheless I have been a blogger for many years but that doesn’t means I am expert at blogging because I still have a long way to go, still learning myself but I can safely say that my skill in blogging are in between of beginner and expert obviously.

I have written a few about being blogger on here I know, if you haven’t read some of them you can search the keyword “blogger” or “blogs” at the top of the website here and that will show you some blog posts I have written about becoming a blogger or what it is to be a blogger. I am blogger, I love blogging enough to keep on talking about blogging and I hope that you don’t mind me doing so. Now there are several blogging services for you to choose but I am going to be talking about the blogging services that are out there and not self-hosting blogs.

Blogging Services.

It seems that lately that the blogging have been on the rise because there are a lot of companies who are creating or have created blogging services for everyone who wants to become a blogger to create a blog for themselves which isn’t a bad thing because this means there are more competitions for each blogging services to battle to improve themselves to be better for all of bloggers who can’t afford to have self-hosted blogging service like I do although it is cheap to own a self-hosted blogging service if you know where or how to get it. There are both upside and downsides for all of blogging services obviously as everything has both upside and downside as nothing can be perfect. The upside of having a blog hosted by a company is to help you to learn on how to be a blogger, not having to pay anything for it and helps you to be known in blogosphere. Downside would be having limited control of your blog, not being able to take full control of your blog which that can be very annoying at some times, having to follow the company’s policy or rules on what you can or what you cannot do with your blog, not being able to have your own blog’s website URL address such as because when you have your blog hosted by some company your blog’s website URL address would be such as which can be unattractive and your blog aren’t easily be found in search engines such as Google or Yahoo!. There are some more to say about upside or downside about having blog hosted by some company but these are what I could think at this time but if I miss anything for to mention for both upside or downside on having a blog hosted by a company instead of self-hosted then I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a comment below here for the people who is thinking about becoming a blogger.

There are many blogging services to choose which is a good thing because it allows each blogging services to compete with each others to improve their blogging services to be better for the users but there are one blogging service that you can never go wrong with getting a blog with that blogging service and that is Blogspot (Blogger) owned by leading search engine company Google. Although blogging service by Yahoo Tumblr are good too but I prefer Blogspot/Blogger by Google for few of reasons.

BlogSpot (Blogger) Vs Tumblr –

Tumblr is owned by second or third largest search engine Yahoo! Tumblr has micro-formats feature that you can use such as text, image, audio, link and more which is a nice thing to have but they aren’t a must for bloggers though. Tumblr is growing larger each day ever since it was acquired by Yahoo in 2005 as it is becoming essential for social media like both Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr competes with the long-time blogging service Blogspot owned by Google but it fails to get further in race between both of them as blogging services and is still growing nonetheless. With Tumblr you have the ability to make your own layout for your Tumblr’s blog however you would like your blog to looks like if you have skill at CSS coding, also it has drop-n’-drag feature where you can change things around in your blog’s layout such as uploading background image or banner and more. Also Tumblr has followers system where it allows your readers to follow your Tumblr blog, like Twitter where you can follow some Tumblr bloggers or have someone to follow your Tumblr blogs.

Blogger/Blogspot is owned by the leading search engine Google which can be sometimes confusing because you would log in as Blogger but your blog would be at BlogSpot but it is called Blogger nonetheless. Blogger has full-blown features for you to use for your blogs hosted by Google Blogger but Google Blogger is more advanced than Tumblr is although good thing is that Google Blogger has tools that generates the codes for you to make your text larger, smaller, insert image or video and others. With Google Blogger you also have the control of how you want your blogs to look like by picking a template that would suits you then with the ability of drop-n’-drag to add some of the things to your blog or to change the outlook of your blog. At Google Blogger you would have more controls than you would have at Tumblr owned by Yahoo which is obviously a plus and have more boatload of features than Tumblr offers you. Because it is hosted by Google, your blog would be more than easily found when people search for your blog or your blog posts in search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) which it is something that Tumblr doesn’t have although you can find a few of blog posts you made at Tumblr in search engines but with Google Blogger there would have every blog posts you make in search engines instead of few from Tumblr. To top it off you can blog at Google Blogger while making money at same time because where Google has advertising platform such as Google Adsense built-in their blogging service Blogger as option for all users who have blogs hosted by Google Blogger to make money blogging by bringing in revenue from your blogs hosted at Google Blogger which is something that Tumblr does not have. Only thing I don’t like about Google Blogger is that they don’t have follower system like Tumblr does to allow readers to be updated with the new blog posts you may be writing although it has the feature for your readers to add your blog to their reading list on their dashboard inside the Blogger service which is somewhat acceptable but having followers system would be better.

No you cannot use Google Adsense at Tumblr, for some reason it doesn’t work well with Tumblr as I have tried but again it is mainly due to Tumblr having limited features where it allows you to add HTML codes in widgets or sidebar like you can do at Google Blogger.

Conclusion? I prefer Google Blogger without a question because why would I blog at Tumblr with no revenue when I could blog at Google Blogger with revenue to be paid for blogging. Both blogging services are free but in the end Google Blogger offers ten times more than what Tumblr can offer but I have Tumblr only to use as my sharing tool where I would write a blog post here then share it to all of social networking websites including Tumblr and I use Google Blogger if I am in mood to blog something small. If Tumblr decides to add advertising agency like Google Blogger does with Google Adsense then that would finally makes Tumblr more of a competition to Google Blogger and too bad that Tumblr doesn’t which for some reason I am disappointed because I figured Tumblr might want to do that as Yahoo knows that this would obviously brings in more users as it would allow them to get paid to blog like they would at Google Blogger service. So basically it comes to if you want to earn money while blogging then Google Blogger is for you but if you don’t want to earn money while blogging then Tumblr is for you (you’d be silly not to take the opportunity to earn money while blogging).

If you are going to ask me where would I put Weebly in against both blogging services, then I am going to bomb you with water balloons because in my opinion Weebly aren’t considered a blogging service as it is a website service with the option of blogging system but to save your time I suggest you to not bother to check out Weebly for that because it would just waste your time.

Anyway I better get going because I still have some of other things to do before calling it a night and it is 2:03AM now here which this means I have about three more hours before calling it a night. I possibly write another blog post if I find something that is interesting enough for me to want to blog about it but for now I am getting my fingers off the keyboard so I hope that all of you have a great night. Be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for the night and stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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