AdBlock Hurts Bloggers And Others.

Some of you may already know what AdBlock is but for some those of you who have no clue what is AdBlock, for those of you who have no clue about AdBlock or what it is all about then please stop reading this article because you are the reason that we bloggers and some of the others such as YouTubers (YouTube Users), people who owns websites that runs such as bulletin messages board (forum), personal website (biography, info-media, etc) or the likes but generally for who owns website regardless what they uses them for continue to keeping up with their websites. Especially for us bloggers who provides contents such as articles to you at no cost and YouTubers keeps uploading awesome videos on regular basis to their YouTube channels because our works gets paid for you without you having to pay to read some of our articles on our weblogs or watch some of our videos on our YouTube channel(s). That is right, I said it that our works gets paid for you without you having to pay to read any articles that we have written and any videos that we have uploaded to our channels on YouTube. How? You can thank advertisements that you sees on our weblogs, websites or our videos on YouTube as advertisements through certain publishing/advertising services such as Adsense owned by Google or owned by Yahoo/Bing that allows us to monetize our works that we have published online for your pleasure without charging any of you.

The reason for this is that many of us doesn’t want to charge you for anything to read our articles on our websites or watch our videos on YouTube channels but they don’t come cheap at all as it costs to run websites such as for servers monthly, domains annually and some add-ons like security or other essentials. As for YouTubers, professional cameras like DSLR costs around $2,000 to $10,000 and there are some cameras that goes beyond that range of costs.

That isn’t just it, you need to pay for equipment which can be expensive depending on if you want good quality and some other for different equipment like extra batteries, more than one tripods, editing software that costs $300 or higher such as Final Cut Pro X for Mac or Adobe Premiere for both Windows and Mac. Then there is labors, researches, hiring some helps such as assistants, closed captioning, translators and more. The list goes on but the bottom line is that they don’t come cheap, as for the labors they need steady income to help them to feed themselves, their families, their bills, educations and equipment always bound to break or the time to upgrade to a better equipment after a while.


AdBlock What Is It?

AdBlock is add-on for internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Explorer or Edge and others that allows you to surf online such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and some of your favorite bloggers websites like here. What AdBlock does is they disable advertisements on all the websites or services (like YouTube) that have advertisements running on their websites, the elements in the advertisements (codes) such as JavaScript or different types are blocked when you visits them on your internet browser. That hurts several of us, bloggers, YouTubers and websites owner because once the AdBlock disables the advertisements that we have running we cannot get paid for your use. As AdBlock blocks the elements of the advertisements, in that elements of coding has a unique tracking ID that records your visiting so that it lets the advertising services to know that either you have clicked on the advertisements or seen the advertisements as they pay per view, per click and impressions. So using AdBlock Add-On for your internet browser hides the advertisements on any websites or services like videos on YouTube you visits would means that they won’t pay us few cents each visits because they would have no proof that you have visited any websites or no proof that you have watched any videos because AdBlock filtered out the advertisements that we have running along with that unique tracking ID that they provided us with.

Here is the quote from what AdBlock is and along with a link for you to read more information on what exactly AdBlock is all about:

AdBlock is a content filtering and ad blocking extension for the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers, and now (April 2016) some iPhones and iPads. AdBlock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being displayed.AdBlock on Wikipedia

We Struggles

Now as for some of us who blogs at home or who do videos for YouTube from home struggles because of something like AdBlock that’s preventing us from getting some help so that we won’t have to charge you for anything because we don’t want to but not every one of us can afford all of equipment that we works with to provide contents for your pleasure. I know several years ago that we always have a problem with annoying pop-up advertisements but what you don’t know is that by now the internet browsers have improved drastically since then as they have offered option of their own that allows you to disable pop-ups while at same time won’t block advertisements that is NOT pop-ups which that helps us in a big way. Mozilla Firefox allows, if you use Mozilla Firefox you can go to your Firefox preferences and then click the contents tab on left side then tick the box under “Block Pop-Ups”. What’s awesome about that is it allows you to control any websites that you don’t want to see pop-ups even before they shows any pop-ups, such as if you visit a website that have so many annoying pop-ups then it will ask you first if you want to allow them or not before they starts showing the annoying pop-ups!

But undeniable, having an income by blogging or by videos on YouTube is the main motivation of ours to keep giving you more contents whether it be articles or videos so anyone who have AdBlock gives us harder time to be motivated to write some articles or to make some videos because we struggles to make any money and not just that so we could earn some money to upgrade better equipment such as bigger servers which that would means faster speed loading for you visitors or more features to be put on some of our websites for you to use and YouTubers equipment like upgrading much better DSLR cameras, hire some helps, buy more things such as drones, GoPros etc the list goes on. So as a blogger and a struggling YouTuber I am asking you to please not use AdBlock or if you are using AdBlock that you disable or remove the AdBlock add-on then download Mozilla Firefox to use their own pop-up opinion in their preferences so that we can soar. AdBlock is like stopping us from being able to afford some of the things that we want so bad to use to provide you better contents like DSLR cameras, Drones, More GoPros and the list goes on like I said.

As far as goes with money we ask nothing from you to read our articles or to watch our videos and just for that we would greatly appreciate that you don’t have AdBlock to hurt us as some of us have families that we need to feed or some debts that we owes. This isn’t just about me as there are hundreds to thousands of others who struggles more than anything because thanks to AdBlocks and some of us including myself who dreams to be a journalist but due to my disabilities no one would hire me which that is one of few reasons why I became a blogger back in 2007 so that having disabilities won’t stop me from making a dream of mine comes true.

However we cannot force you to not use AdBlock obviously so if you are interested in having this AdBlock add-on then here is the link to it:

For Mozilla Firefox: AdBlock Plus

For Google Chrome: AdBlock Plus

But if you are interested in trying out the Mozilla Firefox and use their own pop-up blocker in their preferences without using the AdBlock to help some of us a bit so that we can have a decent income.

Mozilla Firefox – Download

Thank You

For any of those who doesn’t use AdBlock add-on or deciding to disable/remove the AdBlock add-on, we thank you very much from our hearts for doing so and we are always looking forward to keep on giving you contents whether it be articles or videos at no cost to you at all! Some of us never will charge you but sometimes we need some help with money to pay for some of the things that we use as tools to give you some contents. However if you do use AdBlock and refuse to disable or remove AdBlock but you wonder if there is a way that you could help us with this then there is! Some bloggers have a donate page where they allows the viewers to donate some funds or some gifts depending on some of the bloggers. I have a donate page here which you can visit it by going to the donate tab at the top of the website then from there you can choose however you would like to donate as I have funds donation via PayPal, buy me gifts via Amazon using wish-list from Amazon or personally buy me gifts which I have provided you shipping address for you do to do so and even so you are more than welcome to send a letter as I love some fan letters! Or as for YouTubers, some of them are partnered which that enables a feature that they can allow you to donate funds to them directly from YouTube using Google Wallets I believe. You can find out if any of YouTubers have that feature by going to their channel and look for the “Support” button on the right side of their channel at the top.

Here’s the donate page: Donate

JoshiesWorld YouTube Channel: JoshiesWorld’s YouTube Channel

Over To You

Thanks for all of your time reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great day! Please feel free to leave some comments below and if you are bloggers or YouTubers who agrees that AdBlock hurts us or want to discuss about AdBlock then please do so in the comment below.

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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