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Most of people calls me by my nickname Joshie hence the name of the website but my name is Joshua Sullivan and I born in March 18, 1987 so that means I am thirty years old. I live in the state of Kentucky in United States in Pike county. I was born in Williamson, West Virginia at a very small hospital in the cold winter. I went to four schools in my entire life; Turkey Creek grade school and then was transferred to a new school when Turkey Creek grade school changed into middle school so I had to go to South Side Elementary School for a year in my 5th grade and then I transferred back to same school Turkey Creek except it has become a middle school it is called Turkey Creek Middle School in my 6th grade year until I graduated middle school from Turkey Creek Middle School to Belfry High School in my 9th grade year and graduated from Belfry High School in my senior year which that would be 12th grade year in 2005 then I rested for few of years until up to 2008 I applied for college in state of Colorado at Westwood college but took classes online and only went for half a year until I decided that college isn’t for me so I dropped out but while I was in college I was A and B grades student there same as I have been in all of schools I attended.

I am hard of hearing and my primary language would be American Sign Language or more so what they call it SEE (Sign Exact English) and my second language of course would be English. This would explain the reason that I am not skilled in grammar at all as I was not able to hear teachers myself to know how to speak proper grammar and such enough to know how to write proper grammar although I have good spelling skill. I come from a family especially on my mother’s side who raised me all together and they are the reason I am who I am today and what I am today which I am proud to be. Hard of Hearing aren’t my only disabilities as there are several disabilities that I have which I have written a post about my disabilities and you can read the post about my disabilities here by either finding the title of the post is called Disabled Life or click here to read it.

I am also self-advocacy for the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing, for Deaf community I often advocate when it comes to anyone who discriminate Deaf or Hard of Hearing people and I am known for willing to cross over the line for all Deaf or Hard of Hearing people when it comes to Deaf or Hard of Hearing people’s civil rights violated. Ever since the year of 1880 in Milan all of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people were discriminated in a big way so National Association of the Deaf (NAD) organization who is responsible for Deaf community here in the United States was founded to advocate against International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) for degrading Deaf people severely and I am strong supporter for National Association of the Deaf (NAD).

I used to play kinds of sports when I was a child, I used to play in T-ball, football, baseball and basketball. The most sport I have played would be baseball as it was only sport that I fell in love with until the day I could no longer play when the most devastating day happens was I fell and broke my femur in my right leg which this changed my physical movement and limits my activity in doing something that I very much love. I also have some accomplishments in my life such as I was the first student in the Pike county in Kentucky to demonstrate a desktop computer that has a compact disk (CD) reader before every schools in Kentucky started getting them and for that I received the trophy in technology not only once nor twice but third as two others is from technology state fair and got both trophies as #1 winner. I have several more trophies but they aren’t as important as I have listed here.

My passion would be blogging as this is the reason I built JoshiesWorld but that is not the only passion I have, the other passion I have is photographer and riding four-wheeler (ATV). I have some goals that I have set for myself and that would be a successful blogger and only way I can accomplish that is by you all guys and you all guys are the reason that I might be able to accomplish. You guys give me the confident to fight to be successful and I thank every one of you for that.

As goes for my hobbies or things that I love doing would be blogging, reading comic books, four wheeling (ATV), fishing, hunting (sorry PETA), watching movies and traveling. I would love to travel every states in the United States and to travel another nation sometime in the future before I die so it’s on my bucket list.

Skills, Projects and Achievements





Joshua Sullivan is a huge activist in Civil rights and human rights for the Deaf community. He strongly believe that there is at least a hope for the Deaf community to have a better life, equally with others and be respected in the same manners as others too one day.



Riding ATV (four-wheeler) on the trails, watching television shows, watching some movies, read and collects several comic books including the comic novels. Hanging out with some of the family and friends. Record some videos with action cameras like GoPro Hero 5 Black Edition, GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition and GoPro Hero Session 4.

Television Shows

The Walking Dead, Smallville; The Flash; Gotham; Legends of Tomorrow; Supergirl; The Arrow; Daredevil; Supernatural; Game of Thrones; Fear The Walking Dead; The Z Nation; The Falling Skies; Under The Dome; The Jericho; Revolution; Lost; 12 Monkeys; Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D; Beauty and The Beast; Vikings; Chuck; Continuum; Nikita; Torchwood; Fringe; The Leverage; Air Wolf; Star wars; The Hulk; Breaking Bad; Sons of Anarchy; The Grey Anatomy; Crossing Lines; How I Met Your Mother; The Bang Theory; Knight Rider; Magnum P.I.; The 4400; The Warehouse; The Magicians; The Crown and Lethal Weapons.


Star Trek (all franchise); Captain America (all franchise); Ironman (all franchise); Transformers (all franchise); Guardians of the Galaxy; X-Men (all franchise); James Bond (all franchise); Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-man (all franchises); Avatar; The Hobbit (all franchise); The Harry Potter (all franchise); Good Morning, Vietnam; Rocky (all franchise); Catch Me If You Can; American Graffiti; Armageddon; Pearl Harbor; The Aviator; The Bourne (all franchise); Defiance; Escape From Alcatraz; Gallipoli; The Hunger Games (all franchise); Hook; The Hunt for Red October; Indian Jones (all franchise); The Pianist; Rudy; Snowpiercer; Thor (all franchise); The Wolverine (all franchise); Gia; Tomb Raiders (all franchise); Hackers; Wanted; Girl, Interrupted; Saving Private Ryan; Platoon; We Are Soldiers; Apocalypse Now; Schindler’s List; The Deer Hunter; The Thin Red Line, The Hurt Locker; The Longest Day; Valkyrie; Flyboys; Jumanji; Black Hawk Down; Jack Reacher (all franchise); Free State of Jones; The Huntsman (all franchise); Batman V Superman; The Finest Hours; The Perfect Storm; Deadpool; Ip Man (all franchise); Star Wars (all franchise); The Revenant; The English Patient; The Martian; Ted (all franchise); Ant-Man; Mission Impossible (all franchise); Heartbreak Ridge; Seven Years in Tibet; Mr. Holmes; Kelly’s Heroes; Jurassic (all franchise); Awakening; Avengers (all franchise); The Rainmaker; Hanover Street; Witness; Six Days, Seven Nights; The Road; Kingsman: The Secret Service; American Sniper; Selma; Help; Unbroken; Exodus: Gods and Kings; The Lord of the Rings (all franchise); John Wick (all franchise); Fury; Maze Runner (all franchise); Medea (all franchise); Planet of the Apes (all franchise); Risky Business; Bullitt; Dead Poets Society; Popeye; Hook; Patch Adams; Heaven Is for Real; Noah; Chaplin; Gangs of New York; Leatherheads; The Monuments Men; Stalingrad; The Wolf of Wall Street; Thelma & Louise; 12 Years A Slave; Glory; The Butler; Elysium; Man of Steel; Charlotte Gray; The Great Gatsby; Master and Commander; The Patriot and Gladiator.


Pizza; Deer Tenderloin (back strip); Deer Jerky; Bear Steak; Sweet Corn; Gravy and Biscuits; Corndogs; Hotdogs; Corn Bites; Cheese Sticks; Pizza Rolls (not mini ones); Peanut Butter Crackers Sandwiches; Reese’s Cup; Chili Beans; Homemade Brown Beans; Cheddar Cheese or Wisconsin Cheese (premium brands) and Mozzarella Sticks.


The Flash, Green Arrow; Green Lantern; Superman; Batman, Amazing Spider-Man; Spider-man; Deadpool; Old Logan/Wolverine; Supergirl; Captain America; Hulk and Aquaman.


Foxhead/Fox Racing; HP; Apple; Samsung (TVs/DVD/Blu-ray only); NVIDIA; Sennheiser and Logitech.

About JoshiesWorld.com:

JoshiesWorld Logo

I have built and released the domain JoshiesWorld.com back in 2007, to be exact is in August 7th, 2007 when JoshiesWorld.com was registered and created. The reason that I created this website is because I want everyone to get to know who I am but not only that I want to share my opinion as well with everyone and as well share major of news or something that some of the people may not know about. I am influenced to create this website from few of bloggers such as Mashable.com, ProBlogger.net, TechCrunch.com and few more. So I give big thanks to those bloggers for influenced me to create JoshiesWorld.com and become a blogger myself, obviously they never have heard of me and probably never will but I was their every day reader and this got me wanting to become a blogger. From beginning I had no idea what blogging is all about and how to blog properly for few years until couple of years ago I started doing some researches and self-teaching now this year I set the goal and that is to be a successful blogger and write hundreds of articles and hoping to write more than a thousand by the end of the year. I probably set my goal too high but I am pushing myself to accomplish even there may be a lot of bumps in my way as I have struggle here and there when trying to get some of the ideas on what to write about and doing research on what I am about to write which there is an article that I wrote about how complicated it is to blog which can be found here: Blogging is very complicated. I have seven going on eight years experience in blogging and it don’t seems like it’s been that long to me but I have been web developer for longer as my first website was in 2004 but it’s no longer running.

With all of your supports I may be able to reach the goal that I have set myself that some of the people think that I have set the goal too high but I do know it’s doable as long as I push myself to do it as several bloggers write more than the goal I am setting myself to do which this why I have high respects for some of the bloggers that write several articles a day and is bringing in thousands if not millions of visitors a day and I don’t even bring anywhere near that but I do bring in decent amounts of visitors thankfully and you all are the reason that I am able to keep going on with my head up and with all of you in my mind I know I am going to reach the goal.

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To you all, I call my friends:

Thank you very much being the greatest fans that I call my own friends. Most of bloggers calls the fans their fans, readers or followers but I call you all my friends. Without you all I wouldn’t have any confident in myself to continue my work here delivering the honest opinion and reviews about things and only will recommend anything that I can trust and tested them myself before doing any reviews to assure that I don’t give any of you products that fails or isn’t any good. If you ever want to chat up with me sometime online then please do so and you can get a hold of me on one of these social media I provided above and I am looking forward to interact with you all as I want to connects with you all.

Please subscribe to JoshiesWorld by submitting your e-mail to the newsletter below or bookmark this website so that you can keep checking JoshiesWorld.com regularly so that way you will know when I write new article every time. I cannot promise you that every article will be satisfying but only I am asking of you is to at least stick with me and forgive me for some of my errors that I may come across sometime. I would very much appreciate it if you share this website with your family and friends as well!

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