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YouTube logoEveryday when we wake up or before we head out to bed what website do we must visit? What is something that we must do to get our fix for our addiction online? Videos of course and everyday often we have the urge to watch some of the videos to kill our boredom and most videos sharing website we go is the YouTube as YouTube is ranked number one for videos sharing website. There is another reason some of the people like YouTube is earning some money especially through YouTube partnership program who likes to create some videos and uploads to their YouTube channels to monetize, especially YouTube stars such as IJustine, Shaytards and few of others. I am also a proud partnered YouTube user and if some of you wonder that do some of the people make money by making videos and upload to YouTube and the answer is yes and it is not easy way to do because you must fill an application to YouTube partnership program to be able monetize from the videos you created for YouTube.

If you want to monetize from the videos you create on YouTube there is some of the things that you must do is to have good numbers of subscribers and the videos you upload is your own and is not a copy from somebody else work because that will violate the terms of service and be immediately rejected from partnership program. Now I do know that some of us have hard time getting a decent paycheck from YouTube especially who recently became partnered (A couple of years ago for me) would only few of dollars starting out but there is good news because YouTube announced that they are working on a new system and as well an app for mobile to make it better for us as content creators because we are more limited to some of the tools that we have on desktop version.

YouTube is working on donation system!

The good news is that YouTube who is owned by Google is working on something new that could be very useful for some of us which is a system that they are developing is the donation system and that is about time that they decided to develop the donation system because there is a lot of the people especially content creators and partnered YouTube has asked YouTube to have a donation system feature. YouTube said that there is a lot of the users who use a third-party donation for the subscribers and the views to thank them for the great videos they created, by third-party donation is what they put a link somewhere in the description or on a video that would take the subscribers and viewers to either their own website or a direct link to payment processing service donation such as PayPal and others but mostly PayPal considering the only service we trust the most out of all payment processing services.

By third-party donation is when viewers or subscribers is being directed to a donation page so that the subscribers and the viewers could donate some amounts of dollars they wish to donate to the content creators (YouTube partnered users) which can be used as for a “thank you” or asking the subscribers and viewers for some of the help with getting money for something such as for their projects which is called crowd-sourcing where someone would ask some of the helps by asking for some funds through donation so that they can afford to invent some projects with some of the ideas and in return that the person that asks for some help with funding will give the donors the invented projects at no costs as a thank you for donating some funds so that what crowd-sourcing is. If you want to know more about crowd-sourcing or want a better explanation then you can read it at Wikipedia: crowdsourcing.

It is finally that YouTube has decided to start making donation system because it would help some of the partnered YouTube users for some good reasons and it will be added income payment for YouTube content creators as well, personally I think that this is going to be very useful although I am curious how they are going about it especially if they are going to allow donors to donate through different payment processing services (PayPal, Skrill, etc) or is it going to be their own payment processing service? That is what I am concerned about the donation system that they are working on but nonetheless it is what a lot of users on YouTube asks for and we are getting it but we are hoping that the donation system will have different options instead of no option.

Source: YouTube Working On Separated App For Creators, New Donation System by PCMag.

The donation system is not the only thing that YouTube owned by Google is working on as they said that they are working on a separated app for mobile (smartphones and tablets) for videos makers because YouTube said that they saw a lot of users struggles to not being able to use the basic management stuff such as tools on YouTube that they are able to do on the desktop version so that YouTube wants to give an app that offer the management stuff and the tools for us to be able to use on our smartphone or tablet instead of having to get on the desktop or laptop to use these management stuff and the tools for our videos on YouTube which is a great idea and it is going to give us some reliefs because a lot of the people are starting to use smartphone or tablet more than they would on desktop or laptop and I think that’s sad but that is just me and everyone has different preferences of course but I hope that they are reminded that the desktop and laptop is more important and have things to do with it then we could with our smartphone or tablet.

Either way the bottom line is that YouTube heard us and they are working on them to bring what we were asking for which is great for YouTube and I am looking forward to test them out and hopefully they are going to be useful for some of us especially YouTube partnered users. What do you think about them working on donation system and a separated app for content creators? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and your opinion below and let me know as I am curious to hear everybody else thoughts.

Thank you for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article as I am planning on to write another article before end of the day today if I can find something that is interesting enough to write! I hope that all of you have a great day and I hope all of you stay safe wherever you all are or whatever it is that you are planning on to do today! Stay awesome, my friends.

– Joshie.

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