You Look Disgusting.

Last night while I was browsing around on Facebook seeing what some of my friends were up to and doing some lurking on other people too which you cannot deny that you do that too because sometimes it’s somewhat hard to resist yourself from being curious about what other people who are not on your friends list are saying or done something that you would gather up the information from that somebody to share with some of your friends by talking to them about what you have read someone’s wall post on Facebook. In the middle of reading some wall posts by some of the people who are on the friends list on my personal Facebook account and I came across a wall post that baffles me because that wall post contains a video which I have watched. That wall post I came across were posted by a company registered Facebook account, as I have mentioned that the wall post contains a video but it’s just not a video it is probably one of very few most powerful video I have ever seen in my life and it is very rare for me to be impressed with the message that they were sending in that video in their wall post they posted on Facebook. The video, a very powerful video with powerful message which is an advertisement for the company named My Pale Skin and the title for the advertisement video is very powerful too.

The title of the video, advertisement video for My Pale Skin is “YOU ARE DISGUSTING” and of course if you are going to see a such title like that you would be wanting to see what the video is all about so for that I applause My Pale Skin media team, their advertising team or advertising agency that My Pale Skin used to produce a such powerful video. As powerful the video is, that video is spreading all over on social media and it is no wonder that the video is coming to this article because it definitely deserves to be seen everywhere.

The reason I think that the video deserves to be seen everywhere is because that video is a kind of video that makes you think and feel emotionally to it as well or at least it did me even though My Pale Skin used a female only in the video but it somewhat hits me. But here is the video for all of you to watch, when you are watching the video be sure to watch it very carefully and try to understand the message behind the video. Try to forget that the video is advertisement or commercial and forget about the brand or what it is marketing because then you wouldn’t get the clear picture of the video itself.

Is it somewhat saddening? Maybe but the bigger picture, at least for me is that some women are judged too harshly which this somewhat forces them to put on some makeup because they fears of what the men would say about their beautiful natural. The video got me thinking many of things but one of them made me wondering why were the makeup invented in the first place? Is it because the women fears of being judged so that they uses the makeup to mask their natural beauty? I would love to know the answer to that but in my opinion I don’t see the point in women using the makeup because natural is beautiful thing and in a way putting on makeup is putting on the dirt which speaking of dirt I am wondering if they know what the makeup are made of because then maybe that will help them to change their mind about using the makeup. Makeup is known to be made with pig fats, cosmetics industry or companies uses pig fats in their makeup because they helps to be glued on their face and if it wasn’t for pig fats then the makeups wouldn’t stick to their face so in a way they are smearing pig fats with dyes on their face. I am sure that many of you ladies aren’t aware of that because it is the common sense for the cosmetics company to not share that information with anyone otherwise it would harms their businesses that manufacturSo which is more beautiful; natural or pig fats? You have my answer then.

If it make sense for us men to not wear any makeup then how does it make sense for the women to wear the makeup? That is a question that I probably will never can understand and will always ponder myself with that question for the rest of my life. In back of the days when the makeup were discovered or invented, how was it decided that they were for the women only and not the other way as in that the men are the ones who supposed to be wearing the make up instead of the women? I know some of you men thinking I am insane for thinking of that but that is not the point here because I am curious how it was decided that they were made for women in the first place? Here’s a history lesson. Men were the ones who wore the makeup first as it was the Indian back in the days but my question remains. If you have an answer to my question or any of my questions that I have asked in this article then please feel free to answer them by leaving the comment below the article which I will be more than thankful for!

Many Facebook users shares this videos to their wall post but changed the title from “You Are Disgusting” to “You Are Beautiful” which I absolutely agree with that statement and as I am a man myself I hope that any time soon that the female wouldn’t have to be feared by us thinking that we would judge their face without wearing any makeup or even encourage them to not wear any makeup because we would prefer that way as they are more beautiful themselves than they are when wearing some pig fats on their face skins. By the way women, saying that the makeup are made with pig fats are putting it lightly because the pig fats are not the only thing that they use to make the makeup with but if you are interested in learning what your everyday cosmetics is made from here is an excellent article for you to read and you can find some more information about these by looking them up on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

Feel free to share this article around because we need to let all women to know that we appreciate their natural beauty and that there is no needs for them to cover their natural beautiful face to mask their beautiful face. Let women know that we as men will not judge them, also that we would be more than happy that they do not wear makeup or at least heavily if they cannot live without their makeup although I wish they can which I am sure they can and it is our job to remind them how beautiful they are everyday. Unmask your beauty ladies! BE FREE!

~ Joshie.

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