Yahoo! wants to compete YouTube.

This morning I was reading some news on Google news of course, as my usual news source. There were only maybe two or three news articles that interests me enough to read and one of them were the one about Yahoo! search engine is thinking about to set up YouTube rival to compete the most video sharing website which is YouTube. Quite interesting news article I must say, and it does make me think a bit about it considering that Google competitor is Yahoo since both is search engines and have other features such as e-mail, news, auto, stock and many others.

My favorite would be of course, undoubtedly Google. Only search engine that I always get what I need and is accurate the most of time. However Yahoo is a good alternative I must say, and I used to use Yahoo all the time several years ago when I started using dial-up and first using the internet ever several years ago when I was a teenager, ah how I miss these days especially using the popular product belongs to Yahoo! which I am sure that most of you remember what it is, yes that is right! Yahoo Messenger.

But while then, until Google became well-known and booming in growth and became a competitor of Yahoo! and now is number 1 search engine and obviously this means that Google becomes my favorite due to accuracy and simplicity in design and among others while Yahoo! does still have several more features but that is if you don’t count Android that was bought by Google and this obviously was a bold move by Google and this is what make Google so successful.

Now Yahoo! is heading to the darker place, while Yahoo! still is one of the best website and still serving several of internet users with many of features but Yahoo is starting to get older and Yahoo products gets old and there hasn’t been any new product lately for Yahoo! So it’s time that Yahoo! starts to step up by adding a large project/product which would help Yahoo! business a lot better. While I do have doubt that Yahoo! would ever surpass Google again but eventually Yahoo! will become a better service for everyone who has the internet. So Yahoo! is deciding to set up a video sharing website to compete against YouTube which belongs to Google and Yahoo! said that they have been in talk with YouTube superstars and they have stated several people are getting tired of getting low-income from YouTube or nothing at all from YouTube using advertisement and Yahoo! is wanting to offer higher income and easier to monetize from videos on Yahoo! video sharing website more than YouTube.

By offering easier and higher monetize through videos is a great marketing, because that certainly would give YouTube a run for their money but only one problem I can see is that YouTube is very well-known and everyone is already comfortable with using YouTube service just like I am because I have worked hard and long to finally be able to have partnership on YouTube. When Yahoo launch video sharing website, everyone who is partnered on YouTube should sign up on Yahoo! video sharing to double the income! So uploading videos to both service can for sure double my income and I am looking forward to the day to double my income, anything to get my hand on money, would you? Right, same here! Some time ago Yahoo! tried to buy a video sharing website DailyMotion but failed to and I am glad about that a bit because I don’t like Daily Motion and I think if Yahoo! is considering to have video sharing website that they should build it themselves.

To read more about Yahoo! setting up YouTube rival here: Yahoo is going to set up YouTube Rival.

I apologize for writing too long, longer than I had planned on to write because I had hoped that I would make this article short and sweet but then I wanted to talk a bit about both competitors. I greatly appreciate all of you reading this article and I hope that every one of you have a great day today and be sure to stay safe wherever you are and whatever you are doing! Also leave a comment below this article to let me know which search engine is your favorite? Google or Yahoo!?

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