WWDC 2014 for Apple company.

Apple WWDC 2014I can already see that several of the people are already very curious and is excited at same time because tomorrow is the day where several of the people on the earth is going to find out if some of the rumors is true that they have heard about some of the gadgets and technology that sparked our interests such as Apple new Iphone 6, their rumored IWatch and their new home automated platform for IOS8 for some of Apple’s devices such as Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. But that is not only the one that we have waited to find out if any of the rumors are true about some of these because the others that we are hoping to find out if some of the rumors that we have heard is true such some of the gadgets. Only few of the things that I am looking out for is Apple Iphone 6, IOS8, and IWatch.

Apple’s WWDC 2014.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year is the biggest event for Apple they said because they are rumored to have several products lined up for their keynote where they will be announcing their upcoming new products for the customers to enjoy and to give a speech about the new upcoming products. There are millions of the people who is a fan of Apple are absolutely excited and is very curious to see if the rumors is true or is not for some of their products especially the features on Iphone 6 and their IOS8 for their devices at WWDC. There is few of the things that every one of us to expect from Apple at their WWDC which I am going to list them here.

There will be some of the new apps for their new upcoming Iphone 6 that will have some of the apps from Mac OS X’s built-in which is their laptops and their desktop such as Macbook, Mac Air and few others. The apps from OS X built-in to be installed on Iphone 6 and IOS8 such as their image viewer preview and their basic writing tool like TextEdit that may be included on the IOS8, not that all as they said that the Itunes Radio could get its own app too so that it can compete against the other radio apps such as Pandora by having its own Itunes radio means that you won’t have to go to the music app from your Iphone just to listen to radio as you can just go to Itunes Radio new app and listen to the radio right on the spot which can be very useful although they may change their mind and just have you to use the new Beats Music app ever since the Beats electronic company acquisition by Apple company recently so I am sure that at WWDC we will be hearing about the acquisition and how or what they are planning on to do with Beats which I am looking forward to that at their WWDC.

If you recall the article I wrote the other day about the home automation which you can find the article titled Turn your home into smart home! About Apple company is planning to have a smart home platform for anyone who want turn their home into smart home with some of the gadgets such as lighting system, vacuum robots, door lock’s gadget and among others. We will be hearing about smart home or some of the people call it home automation at WWDC where Apple will be possibly announcing or speak about Smart Home platform to be installed on our Apple device for the beginning where we can unlock and lock our front doors, or when we enter into our home they will be playing our favorite song on one of our speakers in the house if we have any so basically it will be just a new program installed IOS8 for now while we wait for Apple to come out with some of the gadgets that we use it to connect to some of the things inside our house or outside our house although to use these gadgets we will have to install WI-FI which I am sure that everyone now have WI-FI installed in their homes anyway.

Do you remember a trend when IOS7 and Iphone 5S was released that the Apple Maps app was one of their biggest failure to a point where they had to apologize and recommend us to use a different maps app while to stop using their own maps app due to several major problems? That maps app was absolutely horrible and still is but this is probably one of the important announcement that we will be hearing at WWDC that there could be a biggest update for their maps app where a source said that their maps will have a complete makeover in design and the mapping data while adding another feature to their maps app such as public transit directions that is finally coming to maps app that everyone has asked for so it’s going to be interesting to see the change for their maps app on Iphone and hopefully that it’s not going to be as bad as it is now and beside they said that they do not want to release another imperfect app once again.

This is one of the rumor that everyone is hoping that it will come true because we have heard about it everywhere which I am almost sure that it is going to happen because there was countless numbers of a rumor regards to that enough to get Apple’s attention. At WWDC they are going to be announcing one of the major feature for their iPad and as well our iPad depending on if they will release IOS8 for older iPad versions which I am hoping but the feature is split-screen where we can run two apps at same time on our iPad which can be very useful especially for some works and researchers where we can have the internet app up to research while we have editor up (word, page, notes). Apple said that they are developing this for bigger iPad such as iPad Air and possibly iPad 2 but not iPad Mini so hopefully we will be hearing about this at WWDC tomorrow.

The biggest thing that we are looking forward to hear about is of course Iphone 6 as there is so many rumors that is going all over on the internet about what will be on Iphone 6 and IOS8 so hopefully that some of the rumors we like is to be true such as bigger Iphone as they said that there will be two new Iphone 6 in two sizes for the customers to choose such as the larger one 5.5 inch display or the small one 4.7 inch display which is almost same size as Iphone 5S is except a couple of inches added to the new Iphone 6. But there is also news that Apple possibly will not be announcing or speaking about them tomorrow at WWDC because of the production difficulties so only we can know is to tune in to WWDC tomorrow as Apple always like to be secret with their products and then surprise so hopefully we will be hearing something or even be seeing a demonstration of Iphone 6 and IOS8 tomorrow at WWDC.

The least but not last the wearable watch that everyone is hoping for. Technology wearable such as smartwatch is getting very popular than ever and Apple knows that everyone has their eyes on Apple for their wearable watch such as rumored IWatch, it’s long rumored wearable watch IWatch is believed to do far more than any we have seen so far so the pressure is on Apple and Apple know this that everyone has their eyes on them for their wearable smart watch, everyone tells them that they are late and that it is time for them to do something about wearable smart watch such as IWatch. This is probably will be the second most important after Iphone 6 to watch at their WWDC to see if they finally come up with the wearable watch that everyone has wished and waited forever for and they know this, I have a feeling that they are going to be talking about their rumored wearable smart watch named IWatch tomorrow at WWDC because they know that everyone is looking for and want their wearable smart watch more than any of the products they have now beside their Iphone so it is going to be interesting to hear if they finally develops one.

All of these are the important ones that we are to expect from Apple at their WWDC 2014 and we know that Apple always keeps us at our toes, it’s like watching a movie called Jaw where the men on the edge of the boat looking over the ocean and out of no where the shark popped up right at the screen, that exactly how it is with them – the suspicious.

The date for Apple WWDC 2014 is June 2 to June 6 in San Francisco of California and will be starting tomorrow since tomorrow is June 2 so be sure to tune in – Apple WWDC.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to see at Apple WWDC 2014 and share your opinion about the rumors as well. Do you think that they are going to finally release IWatch that everyone has been waited for? Do you think that the Iphone 6 is going to satisfy the customers especially with the larger screen for the choice out of the smaller screen? Let me know by leaving a comment below here!

Thank you for reading this article and be sure to come back and keep checking here to see if I am writing another article because I am planning on to write another article before end of the day if I can finally find something or heard something that is interesting enough to write about them and if you have any idea what I should write about then please feel free to send me your suggestion at either Twitter, Facebook or leaving a comment below. I hope all of you have a great day and I hope that all of you are safe wherever you all are or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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