Violence is bad and tidbits 5!

ViolenceHey every one of you, my friends! How is it going over there wherever you all are at, and what all of you have done lately? As goes for myself, I have done alright lately and sometimes I am not doing as well like I wanted to be but of course you know that is part of life. I don’t know if I have mentioned in one of the recent articles about how it is going over here but I have been very busy lately which it adds a lot of stress for myself than the usual because my schedules has built up to the point where I hardly have any time to close my eyes or let alone to rest and that is making it even harder for me to find a time to write some blogs here sadly. Nothing can stop me from doing something I have a passion for which that would be blogging but I am suspecting that it is eventually going to slow me down a lot to a point that it is a possibility that I might have to either cut down on writing an article every two days or the time I put into doing some research which is very important when it comes to making sure that whatever I am writing about or on something are accurate on the information that I am releasing in every articles I writes so obviously if I must choose then I would have to choose to cut down the an article every two days to an article every three or four days but not now although it might be in near future if there comes the time that I have to make some adjustments for my schedules. But I will tell you now that I will still try my best to write an article every two days for the time being while trying to find the alternative or seeing if I could make some adjustments on my schedules for other stuff so to squeeze a bit more of time so that way I can continue to write an article every two days and I might have to find an extra hand which that would be forming a group that we bloggers call it our source group so that they can prepare up on some information for me to look over and then write an article using that.

Many bloggers especially the top bloggers has their own source groups who has all of people who volunteers to bring the information to their bloggers table for the bloggers to look over and if they happen to sees that a few of information that the bloggers thinks it is important or interesting then they will use them to write based on the information that source group gave them. But I am just a regular blogger at the moment or more so I am in the middle of top and beginners blogger so that means it would be harder for me to form a source group especially if anyone is willing to volunteer because I am not a worldwide known blogger just yet so I might have to hire a few of people with pay until I get to the point of being well-known nationwide or worldwide blogger then it would take at least an hour of getting people to volunteers to join the source group to help me to get some of the information for me to write based on them.

I will have to only accept anyone who has proven experiences or skills in assistance or some sort. Anyway as usual some of you know that before I start writing, I always want to get in touch with all of my friends (some call them readers – but I call them friends) to see how things going over there and be connected to all of them because they are very important to me. Now I will start writing the article so I hope that every one of you or at least some will enjoy today’s article here because I want to make sure that I can give something valuable information or something to every one of you.

This is Tidbits 5!

This is the fifth (5th) of tidbits article for the and everyone likes reading some of the tidbits which that is why ever since the first of tidbits article that broke the record in numbers of visitors for JoshiesWorld so the tidbits became the part of JoshiesWorld permanently. Ever since I first wrote the first tidbits article months ago which broken the record in numbers of visitors for here because apparently it interests the people so I continued writing tidbits, then the second tidbits article broken the numbers in visitors again which brings more visitors to this website than the first tidbits and then it broke the record again when I wrote the third and fourth of tidbits articles so I decided that tidbits are the hottest thing for here so I continued that now this is the 5th tidbits. Is it going to break the record of numbers in visitors from all the other tidbits after posting this 5th tidbits article in public? I do not know if it will but I do hope that it will and we will see if that will happen because if it does then awesome! It is not only myself that making JoshiesWorld more successful every time by growing the popularity because all of you are the reason that the popularity of JoshiesWorld are on the rise everyday so a BIG thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart… Truly!

For some of these new visitors that have just started joining the friends group of JoshiesWorld, first I would like to welcome you all but if some of these of you never read the other tidbits that I have written does not understand what does “tidbits” means so I would like to explain it again which I don’t mind doing so but tidbits means that it is a bit of everything else altogether. In other words the tidbits means that different topics or subjects puts into one page instead of individually writing a topic or subject on each page. So when it comes to tidbits articles, I will be writing about different things then put all of them in one article instead of writing each articles for different topics or subjects and tidbits articles tends to be a long article which some readers likes to read something long because it is filled with different topics or subjects instead of something about one thing which that is what make the tidbits articles so interesting for some people who visits here but if you are still confused with the meaning of tidbits then please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below then I would more than be happy to explain a bit clearer but now I am going to start with some of the tidbits here so hopefully you will enjoy the 5th tidbits.

Violence is stupid!

Of course the violence are always stupid and probably it is the stupidest thing in the world. There are many of types for violence such as revenge, domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, verbal abuse, murder, physical abuse, bully and many more on the list for the types of violence but nonetheless violence in general always happen everyday in every country. Beside homicides the domestic violence are the most violence type in every countries then sexual abuse such as rape comes in second after the domestic violence and if you don’t know what domestic violence is then domestic violence is where the people harms their family especially through the marriage couples like the husband hurts the wife or wife hurts the husband by either physical violence, sexual violence or verbal violence against their partner. As I am typing this there’s domestic violence going on somewhere out there sadly because on average, 24 people per minute are the victims of rape (sexual violence), physical violence (hitting) or stalking the partner in United States and the statistics (2014) show that there are more than 12 million men and women over the course of a year.

You can find more statistics for the domestic violence or if you are being a victim of domestic violence I strongly encourage you to visit this website: Get The Facts & Figures by HotLine.

But domestic violence aren’t the worst type of violence there is, child abuse or violence are increasing rapidly worldwide than it has been in many decades and when it comes to witnessing or coming across the news of child abuse or violence towards children are always disheartening. In fact there are several pictures or videos that are going on around the internet where the cold-heart people recording some of the parents brings violence towards their own children by smashing them with some of the objects or hitting them with their fists and for some reason they enjoy doing that but in my opinion if they are harming their own child because they do not want them or for some other reasons then they should not even have sex in the first place and that does not matters if they use condoms or not because they should NOT have sex at all, sure it does give the pleasure to both parties that I can understand but they needs to understand that sex comes with a lot of responsibilities but apparently they don’t realize that. The 2014 statistics shows that more than five children die everyday as a result of child abuse or violence, a report of child abuse or violence is made every ten seconds and it is said that the women does violence things to their child more than the men does. Just that I am typing about child abuse or violence towards children is bringing me to tears because I just cannot understand how could the parents or anyone does violence things to the children while the children especially at the very young age not being able to defend themselves because they don’t have the ability to and if I ever come across to some of the pictures over on the internet, videos or the wall posts on social networking websites please beware that I will report any one of you IMMEDIATELY!

If you want to get an idea of what a child abuse/violence are then feel free to watch the video here but please do not watch it if you have sensitive hearts or if you are under age of 18 then please do NOT press play on this video under this sentence unless you are permitted by your own parents or guardian which if you are underage and decides to watch the video that will assumes that you are given the permission by your parents or guardian to watch the video and I do not take ANY responsibility for whatever that may cause!

But luckily the woman who being violence to her child in this video has been in prison for 11 months while her children has been taken away from her and her children are now in either foster homes or already with the new family but this news are over two years ago.

Now as goes for the revenge I can understand that sometimes someone wants a revenge of somebody that did something to them or to their loved ones or any other reasons but in my opinion that they should not bring any violence in their revenge because if bringing the violence in the revenge would put the people who asks for revenge into prison while the somebody that they want a revenge of having the freedom. So if any one of you want a revenge on somebody then I beg of you to change your mind about revenge and bring the justice into this matter because if you choose the justice over the revenge then that somebody will suffer worse than he or she would get from the revenge.

But in the end is that the violence is really never the way to go especially revenge or others because sometimes bringing in the justice are better than revenge.

Social Security Numbers (SSN).

Everyone has the social security numbers because every person that has been born must have social security numbers which is almost a bit more important than the name itself because the social security number is what truly identify themselves. Without the social security numbers would makes somebody unknown and have zero access to anything as having social security numbers is what helps everyone to have the luxury of anything such as having driver license, insurance, vehicles, houses, education, career and many more. Beside I believe having no social security numbers could be illegal but I am not sure so you will have to correct me on that, but imagine having no social security numbers that would make you completely off-grid.

Anyway I have mentioned that the social security numbers are the most important for every one because it enables them to be able to live independently and everyone has social security numbers card after they becomes old enough to understand the importance of social security numbers then their parents will give them the card for them to carry with so that when they look for job, cars, needs to go to the hospital or any places that require a copy of their social security numbers. But the problem is that there are many of the people doesn’t realize that they are the most targeted to be stolen which would be identify thief because once anyone who like to steal social security numbers steals their identify (using their social security numbers) can get access to to everything such as using somebody’s social security numbers to open accounts at banks or sign up for credit cards then max them out and many more then the person who got their social security numbers stolen will be the ones to be in trouble with the law even if they didn’t do it. When someone steal your social security number then the person will put you in too far debt that you will never be able to pay off therefore it will freeze your credit where you will not be able to have access to money, or be able to buy cars or houses and such. Not only that the person that steals your social security numbers can use it to mask their crime activity so if they buy a gun with your social security numbers then killed somebody then who will come back to? You and you will be in prison for lifetime.

Driver license, credit cards, bank accounts or others are easy to be fixed and social security numbers is said to be the hardest thing to be solved because you would need a permission from the government to change your social security numbers. So my advice is do NOT carry the social security numbers anywhere and put it up in a safe place somewhere in your house that you remember where you put it at and make sure that it’s the place that you know no one will look because the only important is you memorize your own social security numbers is all they needs but ONLY take social security number card to the places that do NEED it like hospital or some governments building but that is it.

Iphone 6 and IOS 8.

Every one of us especially who happens to be a fan of Apple company knows that they are coming out with Iphone 6 and as well IOS8 which excites many of the people because it is considered a huge improvement along with a makeover that is somewhat different from all the older Iphone that Apple have manufactured. For some of the people who wonders when is the release date for Iphone 6, I have a good news is that Iphone 6 will be hitting the market on September 9 at their news event along with some of other manufacturers flagship coming out as well like LG and others. Although it is said that the Apple IWatch release date is delayed so that instead the IWatch release date in September has changed to sometime in October which is a bit sucks because besides the Iphone 6/IOS8 I am looking forward to IWatch the most and once it is being released I will be in the line to buy it but IWatch will be my first smartwatch as I have not yet owned a smartwatch because I have no reasons to as I am happy with my $300 Casio Pro Trek 3000 that I bought in the beginning of this year but Apple IWatch that I have the reason to buy it!

Movies and TV Shows.

As of lately I have watched a lot of TV shows especially on Netflix while buying a lot of the movies through Itunes or Amazon Prime Time. A couple of days ago I believe was the release date for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie that came out which I had preordered it when it hits the preorder shelves on Itunes but a couple of days ago I started watching at least half an hour into the movie then last night I have almost finished the entire movie of the new amazing Spider-Man movie but let me tell you that the new “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is amazingly great movie! From the preview I didn’t think it would turn out to be a good movie because the first one wasn’t much of entertaining for me but the second one is unbelievably amazing even watching for only half of an hour, I better stop here before I start giving spoiler which that may ruins the filmfantic like myself but I highly recommend that you buy it!

Click here for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Amazon!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 isn’t the only one I have bought recently, I have bought another movie titled “Heaven Is For Real” and Heaven Is For Real is probably one of the most best movies I have watched in my entire life. Sure I am a Christian but that isn’t the only reason that I bought it to watch it because it’s based on a true story I believe so whether if you are Christian or not it is still a great movie for you to give a peek of it. But now where I am a Christian that movie has affected me in the big way especially my heart because the storyline gets you thinking, wondering and it will definitely make you think like “How? What.. How is that possible, did that just happens” or familiar but I am not going to spoil any so I recommend you to either rent or buy the movie and watch it. If you’d like to buy Heaven Is For Real movie digitally where you’ll be able to download the movie to watch it on your computer or any devices such as your Iphone or Android phones then go to this link here!

Now lately I have watched a lot of TV shows through Netflix because I don’t know about you but I prefer to watch them through Netflix especially the ones that either have a lot of episodes or completed seasons so that I don’t have to wait patiently for the next episode of a TV show to come on TV every week because I am an impatient person and beside I like watching episode after episode without stopping until it is time to do something else. The Walking Dead only have three seasons on Netflix but there is fourth season that is going on which I am very impatient for, the only time I will watch the season 4 is once all the episodes are completed. While The Walking Dead are my favorite shows as it only have three seasons on Netflix isn’t enough for me because I like to keep going on so I have to get alternative shows which there are few great shows to be the alternative such as The Lost, The 4400, FireFly, Jericho, Terra Nova, Outcasts or others. While I have watched almost every shows except Terra Nova and Firefly which I just started watching Terra Nova last week I fell in love with Terra Nova although not everyone likes Terra Nova so they didn’t renew for 2nd season sadly, same way with FireFly. Now I am running out of the alternative of these kind TV shows I like, do you know any other similar TV shows that would be a good alternative? If you do then please let me know by leaving a comment below!

I think everyone needs to go to the producer of both Terra Nova and Firefly to tell them to renew them and keep filming more seasons than just one which it leaves like a bad aftertaste because usually a good TV shows that stops filming didn’t give any ending.

The End!

Well eventually something must come to an end sadly, just like now with this article for me because it is getting late already as I only have about a bit over an hour to get the rest of things done before heading out to bed so I can dream of something that I wished in reality! Before I wrap this up I want to remind every one of you out there that if any one of you have been victims of any type of violence please do not hesitate to reach out for some help because it is very important to get some help as everybody needs help regardless what their situations are. I know that there are few of victims are afraid to let some of the people that they trust to know what happened to them or report on somebody that did something that is violence towards them which that is never a good thing especially keeping it to themselves. So please guys, there is some help that you can get and please do NOT be afraid to let anyone know about what someone did to you by reporting because you will not only help yourself but helps to prevent the future violence with anybody else from the same person that did something violent to you so it is very important that you call out for some help!

For anyone who have seen any type of violence by someone against somebody else or anything, always be sure to report to the law because any type of violence isn’t a good thing. So any violence activity, call the law so that is a simple!

Thank you everyone for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back here to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to write another article by either tomorrow or in a couple of days if I can find something or heard that is interesting enough for me to write about them or on them but if you have any idea what I should write about or on in the next article then please send me some of your ideas by using this page to submit your ideas and I would greatly appreciate for your help! I hope that every one of you have a great night and all of you be safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the night, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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