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United States of America flagEarlier today I was thinking about a bit of history along with what if and what is going on in this world especially in few nations such as United States or their neighbor Canada. So I decided that I am just going to write a few of things to share a few of my opinions so please keep in mind that this is my opinions and of course I don’t speak for everybody else as I would never to as every one of us have the right to speak our minds out individually so this is my opinions. Have you ever came to question that what is the point of this and that? What is the point? What harm can it be done if this happens or what and what will come out of it if this were to happens? That is where I was at earlier today when I was thinking about a few of things about this world and the United States of America itself. There are some of the things that you may not know about one thing in United States that everyone was taught in school especially in history class where Hawaii once was a country itself many decades ago but your history teacher here in United States will tell you that both sides came to agreement to have Hawaii to merge with United States to become a new state for the good ol’ United States of America. But do you truly know the background of how that happens before Hawaii agreed to turn into a state for United States? I am sure some of you do but there are some of you don’t as I was one of them that didn’t know until I learned it through the good people of Hawaii themselves.

Hawaii was independent republic that had their own kingdom that the queen who was in control of, Liliuokalani was the Hawaii queen of the kingdom before the United States of America took over Hawaii and turned Hawaii into the new state of United States of America. But was it peacefully merge of Hawaii turning into a state of the greatest country the United States of America? Now that is a very good question and it is a very confusing question too for some of the people to answer because almost every one in both Hawaii and United States are mixed with many answers that were taught by somebody else.

United States Merge of Hawaii.

What happens in the merge was that there were an overthrow of the kingdom in Hawaii, removing the only queen, her cabinet and marshal from the office which was a kingdom in Hawaii at the time before merging then turning into a state for the United States. The governments in United States such as one of the commanders/leaders in United States for a military at that time and it was Lorrin A. Thurston. Lorrin Thurston who was the grandson of American missionaries and deprived his support primarily from the American and European business class residing in Hawaii and other supporters of the reform party of the Hawaiian Kingdom that led the overthrow of the Kingdom in Hawaii. There were a lot more of people from United States governments that were involved but Lorrin Thurston was one of the main in that role though and the president of the United States at that time which was Grover Cleveland tried all of his power to put a stop into this annexation of Hawaii but sadly at that time the governments of the United States had more power than the president of the United States himself where the governments had several people therefore the president’s power were outnumbered against the numbers of the people who were inside the governments of the United States who were responsible for overthrowing the queen from the kingdom in Hawaii then made Hawaii powerless to control anything so it gives the United States the advantage of annexing Hawaii very easily. A few of the people from Hawaii have said that the few of the people inside the United States governments at that time were threatening the queen of the Hawaii herself if she would disagree with handing over her own kingdom to the United States for the Hawaii to be turned into a new state for the United States to play with. Although the kingdom of Hawaii was said to have an interest of becoming a state of the United States of America but at later time though as the queen of the Hawaii wanted to keep the kingdom for a bit longer but she has said that once she is finished with everything in Hawaii that she is willing to declare the Hawaii to become a statehood of the United States of America but sadly it was forced instead of willing.

United States of America annexed the Hawaii by force, the newly United States of America president Grover Cleveland called for investigation into the overthrow of the Kingdom in Hawaii and it is said by in the report who’s investigation led by former congressman of the United States James Henderson Blount that the United States diplomatic and military representatives had abused their authority that they were responsible for the change in governments. If you would like to read a bit more about the history of Hawaii annexation by United States of America then here’s the link for you to read which is at Wikipedia.

Now this isn’t what I am wanting to write an article on here at JoshiesWorld about though but it is somewhat relates to what I am wanting to say. I was wondering why the Canada hasn’t merged into the United States? Of course peacefully otherwise I change my mind about having Canada to merge into the United States of America. But I was thinking that it would make sense if Canada is to merge with the United State though because where there’s no gap between United States and Canada. I think it would make more sense if Canada is to be merged into the United States as it would benefits each others greatly especially with the resources we have here in the United States and then we would have a lot more resources if both turns into one so that would help all the populations on both sides. I sometimes imagine how it would look if Canada to merge into the United States, then we would be twice bigger as nation then we could be twice powerful in offensive and defensive against any of other nations that would even think about throwing any threats at us. Surely the United States are the number one in military obviously, we are the most powerful in both offensive/defensive in United States too but we can be twice as that and the result of that would defend the people in Canada even more. We here in the United States of course would be more than welcome everyone from Canada with our open arms if we ever to have Canada to merge into United States only if peacefully and agreed by everyone in Canada (not only the governments in Canada but their people too).

Of course I know a lot of the people would disagree with merging Canada over to the United States but they ignore the benefits that they could get from this outcome though and it is somewhat understandable. So if any of you who oppose this I would love to know your reason of opposing the merge of Canada into United States? If you are Canadian I would love to know your thought about if you were becoming a citizen of United States that could be twice larger than any nations on this earth easily along with unbelievable numbers of populations which means more friends or families to have! I am all about equality which this is one of the reasons that in my opinion I think Canada should merge into the United States although there is nothing official about the merge of Canada into the United States and I highly doubt that there ever will be but nobody knows the future though. Now with Mexico I wouldn’t mind either so both Canada/Mexican into United States then more families or friends although I don’t welcome the drugs from Mexico and please don’t take this offensive as I know that not every one in Mexico who deals with drugs but I am only specifically targeting the people WHO does but the ones who doesn’t then I would give you a big welcome with a wide open arms of mine!

Anyway I think I am going to sign this out and let all of you start thinking about this. If you have any opinions about the merge if were to happen then please share it by leaving a comment under the article or if you have any opinions or would like to respond to anything what I said in this article then please feel free to leave it in the comments section below as well!

Thank you very much for your time reading this article and I hope that every one of you have a great day! I hope that all of you are safe wherever all of you are at or be safe at whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for the day and stay awesome my friends!

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– Joshie.

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