Twitter’s feature mute is coming.

Twitter new feature Mute.In case some of you may miss the news about Twitter surfaced recently that they are working on a new major feature which they will be releasing in few days and the feature can be helpful in some case, the new feature that Twitter is working on and will be releasing it to all users is called Mute. Most of us know that there are several Twitter users can be annoying especially if they are update too many tweets about their pets or their relationship with somebody and such, or that they are tweeting too much for some of our taste so this feature called mute is where comes in and the mute feature gives us the ability to silence some of the users that annoys us or that we still want to follow but not getting their too many tweets at once in our feeds. It gives us the ability to silence our annoying friends or some of the users so that we won’t have to see their tweets too many of times or being overcrowded by other tweets that we actually like.

Silence, Twitter!

Can the feature called mute they are working on and roll them out to all users on Twitter be useful or benefits us in some way? Well it could be useful and it could be pointless at same time depending on the way you would look at it. Muting a user on Twitter is disabling the user’s tweets from being updated on your feeds on the page or on some clients such as TweetDeck or the app on smartphones and still following the user and you can only see their tweets is if you get on their user page and take a look at their tweets but at same time if this user is annoying then it would be pointless for you to continue following¬†the user, right? So useful or pointless feature, that’s hard to answer in my opinion.

The mute feature could be useful only if some of us don’t want to hurt our friends feelings when they see that we are no longer following them and although it’s pointless because if the user is annoying you could simply un-follow the user then the tweets won’t be posted on your feeds so it does depends on some of the people that we are following on Twitter.

If we are following some of our family then obviously the mute feature will be very useful in this case as we won’t want to hurt their feelings by stop following them so we won’t have to be annoyed with the constant tweeting by them and as well our friends but if it’s people that we do not know and they tweets too many times at once to a point that it gets annoying then we can simply stop following them because it wouldn’t make sense if we continue following them. So the feature mute is useful and pointless at same time but I do believe that it’s more useful than pointless, in my opinion.

Before wrapping this up I would like to ask you a question: What is your opinion about the mute feature on Twitter? Leave a comment below please as I would like to hear everyone’s opinion. Thank you for reading this article and please keep checking back in case I am writing another article which I am hoping to do so after doing some research. I hope you have a great day and please stay safe wherever you are or whatever is it you are planning on to do today. Stay awesome, my friends!

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