Turning 30, Happy 30th Birthday!

Happy 30th birthday to, can you guess whose birthday today? Moi! I have just turned thirty (30) years old, it feels like I am eighty years old or somewhere around that age and becoming thirty years old is a milestone which some calls it real adulthood. Some people sees eighteen or twenty-one years old is the age that they enter the adulthood, which it may be true that becoming twenty-one years old is becoming an adult but truly an adulthood? I don’t see that way as I went through it obviously, I never felt or really recognized as a fully adult when I turned twenty-one years old as a lot of people have told me that I am young and some children thinks that becoming eighteen is to be an adult – not true. What really happens when turns eighteen is that you are given some privileges, being able to buy some tobaccos and to be able to make your own choice for what you want to do with your life. But becoming adult? No, at least not here in the United States because you won’t get full freedoms and full controls of your life especially from your parents which I have learned that the hard way after finding out that my so-called father went behind my back to file a guardian custody over me without my knowledge or my permit but thankfully I can provoke it only after I found out about it. Court didn’t even inform me anything about that so I was clueless for a while until I went to the court-house to ask for a copy of my birth certificate at the age of nineteen I believe and that was when I found out that I have guardianship over me by my father so I at once went to the court-house to demand that the court to shred the guardianship papers that my father filed on me so judge did with ease.

My point is that, turning eighteen doesn’t fully grant you the freedom for yourself and be an adult because what had happened to me can happen to you too. However, at the age of eighteen do gives you the power to refuse a guardianship filed by your relatives and whatnot but only if you are aware of them which can be a problem. Turning twenty-one years old, all gloves off the hands and you are granted full freedom for yourself with whatever it is that you want to do.

But many, regardless if they are relatives or strangers, they will see you as some kid just like they did with me and that was fine with me because at least they remind me that I am still young (haha!). Although, it does gets a bit annoying at sometimes even if you tell them that you are twenty-one years old or so and they will look at you as some kid. It is understandable, I realize because most of the students graduated from high school at age of eighteen or nineteen and even twenty years old so a very few years older really don’t make that much difference. Turning thirty years old, now that is a milestone and I believe that the age of thirty is or should be what qualify as adulthood especially now that we have medical advancement that stretched our life span. Several decades ago, the average life expectancy was at forty (40) years old and now with the advancement in our science or medical they stretched the average life expectancy to eighty years old at this moment but we are on a fast track to ninety to a hundred years old in a few years to a decade as our science or medical keeps on advancing as we speak. Is it good for us? For us, so to allow us to spend more time with the ones that we care dearly but it is not good for the earth we live on and that is because we are draining our resources more than ever which can be a problematic in distant future unless we come up with something to stretch our resources such as foods and water.

Do we have enough resource? Yes, at this moment we do and in this generation but our next generation or two – That is a questionable. This would be a good time to ask ourselves a question whether if we would want to subject our children to that and allows them to suffer the shortage or our children’s decision on if it would be good for them to have a child.

Anyway, as I age I notice that my body functions and my bones are changing. But that is the downside of being mortal I guess, when you hit the age of twenty-one you will start noticing the changes in your body and that body you were in twenty-one would no longer be the body you will be in when you hit thirty age or so. I can remember that I loved to ride for long time when I was a kid, I still loved to ride for long time even at age of twenty-one because we would take a trip to Florida for Daytona Beach, took a trip to Virginia Beach, took several trips to Charleston or Huntington to shop at their malls which is about two hours’ drive from here and I also used to take a several trips to Jenny Wiley’s Lake to go fishing for a couple of days as we would book a room at hotel over there as it was about three hours’ drive from here. The reason of booking a room at hotel or motel over there is so that we could fish all day and all day the next day then come home instead of driving three hours back home then drive three hours back there in the next morning. Now I dread to even go anywhere that is longer than thirty minutes or forty-five minutes at best and the excitement I felt when we take a road trip to somewhere far is so exhausting. Like last year, or a year and half ago I believe when we decided that we would go over to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee for a short vacation – I DREAD IT! It would take us about five to six hours from here to there, I don’t know how anybody at my age can still be excited and looking forward to taking a long trip to somewhere. I guess, it is me as every one of us are different and that is obvious but I barely could tolerate a long trip nowadays. I have a dream place to visit, that is to New York City and I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to visit there before I can no longer tolerate any trips even if it is fifteen minutes of a drive.

So, if you are still young, such as at age of eighteen or twenty-one or even younger than that I highly recommend that you take as many as opportunities you can to take trips anywhere that you are afforded to before your body catch up with the age of thirty and if not then you may regret that you didn’t or maybe that since some people don’t take that many road trips that I had taken doesn’t exhausts others down since they never took as many as road trips I had taken. I envy a lot of people who is thirty years old or older being able to take several road trips for vacations, going for a cruise on ships, flying to other country and whatnot because I cannot imagine how much my body can handle that anymore. If you are still students in high school, about to graduate you should at once start going to college or university right after you graduated from high school because that is a regret of mine that I didn’t even though I have attended a college at much later and it strained me to no end but at youth you still have all that energy so you can go to college or university before your energy disappears due to aging.

As for some of you who wished me a Happy Birthday on social media, I appreciate them and some of you I thank you so much for giving me a gift. Since I have just turned 30 tonight, I am feeling a bit old so this means that I am going to call it a night and get my old self to the bed. Tomorrow or today, whichever it is but on March 18th I won’t be available at all as I will be very busy so if I don’t answer anything on social media then you know why. Good night and thank you for all your birthday wishes!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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