Tidbits 8, 7/1/2015.

Hey guys how are every one of you doing? I hope that every one of you are doing well and for myself I am doing well so thank you all for asking whether you were going to ask me or not but I ought to go ahead to say that I am doing well in case if some of you do wonder. For the first time I have decided to write an tidbits article in a very long time, this makes it the 8th of tidbits article I am writing and if you don’t know what tidbits are then I would suggest that you type “tidbits” in the search box at the top of the website where it will take you to a few of tidbits articles as there are a couple of them has the description of what is tidbits. In case if some of you are lazy to do so then I will just might as well to explain the basic of what is tidbits here so tidbits is where I write a few different of subjects in one article instead of the alone of subject in an article and in tidbits has different subjects or topics that are being discussed by me with either my opinions or facts depending the subjects or topics I am writing. I realize that tidbits are readers favorite kind of articles to read apparently because all of tidbits articles I written has received more of views than a subject or topic alone in an article, I think that is a bit interesting and it is my favorite kind of articles to write or read because it is mixed with different things to talk about instead of talking about one thing.

I hope that you all will enjoy the 8th tidbits like you all have enjoyed the previous tidbits articles I have written before, as always before I begin to write tidbits I warn all of you that for any tidbit articles has both positive and negative to it but I shouldn’t worry about that because who doesn’t like negative right?!

Tidbits 8, 7/1/2015 –

Race Issues –
I don’t know if it is just me or all of you realize that there are huge race issues that are going right now here in the United States? About two weeks ago there a guy named Dylann Roof who is twenty-one (21) years old man resides in the city of Shelby in the state of North Carolina here in the United States decided to mass shoot in a church called Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in city of Charleston in the state of South Carolina which is the neighbor state of the state North Carolina that the murderer lives at and murdered nine (9) civilians at the church. It would have been ten (10) civilians that the murderer shot but one out of ten survived but non-fatal injured by the murderer’s action, the motive for Dylann Roof’s action to shoot the civilians at the church is racism because that church in Charleston, South Carolina is African church and the law enforcement stated that Dylann Roof reason for his action is that Dylann Roof wants to start a race war and apparently here in the United States it is becoming a race war now ever since after the Charleston church mass shooting there is several people all over the United States are protesting by demanding the confederate flags (or some call it Rebel’s Flag) to be taken down because the confederate flag they said is considered racist. It seems that United States are listening to the protesters demand as the governments here in the United States have already taking down all or several confederate flags, that is not all they are doing with the confederate flags as they are also enforcing the ban on the sales of confederate flag everywhere such as Amazon, Wal-Mart and many of other stores. While taking down as many as confederate flags the governments can find along with seeking to have as many as the stores they can get to ban the sales of the confederate flag and that is not the end because recently a very well-known television icon Duke of Hazzard car with the confederate flag are being banned also as the productions of the television icon have removed the confederate flag from all of Duke of Hazzard General Lee car toys.

Basically the governments of the United States are doing is to remove everything that has anything to do with the confederate flag or confederate itself, like Jefferson Davis statue and whatever else that is associated with confederate itself. Of course I expects that there would be some complains against the removal of the confederate flags or anything that has to do with the confederacy because not a lot of the people especially who are African understands that the confederacy has nothing to do with race as the confederacy is part of people’s blood because of the history (their generations in family of confederate units in war) and among other reasons but the problem is that some of the people misunderstood it as the flag of slavery. The importance of the confederate flag is same importance in the United States of America flags that has the stars and the stripes on it that is being up in the air for many years.

Just as I thought that the race issues starts subsiding, suddenly every news network went on live on the television announcing that five of African-American churches goes in flame in state of South Caroline and the police investigators are saying that they expects it to be arson. Oh my! Just when things starts to subsides, five of African-American churches gone in flame in just one week, I mean five churches gone in flame in one week and obviously when you see that five African-American churches gone in flame in same week is just screaming for gigantic race war to come but I am hoping that the governments will be able to prevent that from happening just as they prevented that to happen by agreeing to take down the confederate related. If our governments here in the United States are not going to be careful with figuring out how to put a lid on this then brace ourselves for the race war which it would be practically same as if we were beginning to get in civil war. For the sake of everyone here in the United States of America, governments or especially white house administration I suggest them to take care of this quick and subside before it gets worse. Shame, shame and shame!

Google Gmail and Mozilla Thunderbird –
For a few years I have used Microsoft Outlook 2007 program on all of my windows computer, Microsoft Outlook 2007 has been my favorite e-mail client to use to send some e-mails and to receive some e-mails. For some reason the other night I was starting to realize that it was starting to feel outdated to me because it is outdated anyway as there is Microsoft Outlook 2013 program so I decided to do some research on some e-mail clients or e-mail software to change then when for some reason I decided to check Google Gmail to see if I have received anything useful e-mail under Google Gmail account and then I decided to take a look around further inside Google Gmail so I went to settings then I realized that I am able to host all of my custom e-mails to Google Gmail so I got excited about it. Because I dislike using e-mails that are hosted by somebody else and not e-mails hosted by my own, which I mean e-mail addresses with my domain (example: [email protected]) is what I prefer over using e-mail addresses that are hosted by somebody (example: [email protected]) because of being able to control my own e-mails the way I want to control them and at same time it is great for marketing because it would question the people who I send the e-mails to see the domain name (@JoshiesWorld.com) that I use as my e-mail. Anyway at first I was skeptical because I wasn’t sure if it would work so well like Microsoft Outlook 2007 I was using for many years, after using it for a few days they amazes me and the more I use it the more I like it because at Google Gmail they have more features than I would ever need especially being able to chat via hangout with the people on Google Plus using my domain e-mail instead of using their own e-mail domain. Ever giving it a try for a few days, I would definitely recommend Google Gmail to anyone who wants to have a e-mail or to use their own domain e-mail addresses at as Google Gmail lets you to import your own domain e-mails to Google Gmail service and you can make it default for sender or receiver on Google Gmail which is a great thing in my opinion.

As for Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client that so many people praises for, what in the heck were they praising Mozilla Thunderbird for? Just so you know, Mozilla Thunderbird isn’t that great like many of people are saying about Mozilla Thunderbird because I have given Mozilla Thunderbird several tries, more than I can ever remember to count how many tries I have given Mozilla Thunderbird but every time I have given Mozilla Thunderbird a try I almost vomited and it is because for several years of giving Mozilla Thunderbird countless tries they never seems to get the font sizes right I mean never but not only that the design of Mozilla Thunderbird stinks like elephant’s boatload of poops at the dirtiest circus I am sorry to say dear Mozilla but only thing I praise of your products at Mozilla is Mozilla Firefox because it is the internet browser that I use daily for more than ten years but your e-mail client sucks to no end!

CNN IReport –
If you know CNN then you know that CNN is one of the best reporting news network in the nation here in the United States of America because often the news or information that they reports at CNN either on their website or on television are almost always accurate which that is a factor for everyone to look for some news or some information relates to current events and among others unlike several other news network but that does not means that CNN is the only one that knows what they are doing as there are other networks that deserves your time to read like New York Times, Washington Post or some others. Nonetheless being that CNN is basically the king of all news that makes a lot of people wants to become writer for CNN, by becoming writer at CNN means becoming CNN blogger because it is blogging but obviously like everywhere else CNN aren’t going to hire anyone who wish to become writer for CNN and that is a good thing but what is awesome is that CNN have a thing calls CNN IReport. What is CNN IReport? Well obviously you would know what that means if you have the common sense but CNN IReport is where the people who would like to write for CNN can write for CNN but only at CNN IReport where CNN will give you some assignments for you to fulfill which is actually interesting because they teach you tools on how to become blogger/writer and if CNN like what you have written from their assignments that they gave you they says that they might use the articles you wrote at CNN IReport to their front page of CNN. If you are interested to do this, visit this link or type this URL in your URL address bar at the top of the internet browser: IReport.CNN.com

DeafHood –
Lately I have seen that there are a lot of people who are confused with the meaning of DeafHood or in other words, what is DeafHood? DeafHood is what you describe for your experiences being Deaf, the hard times that you have went through being Deaf or the good times that you have went through being Deaf and DeafHood is the journey of your life as Deaf person. Everyone who are Deaf have DeafHood no matter what they likes it or not because DeafHood is the story of their life as Deaf person, it isn’t something that they can get out of or rejects because DeafHood is inside the Deaf people whether they likes it or not. If you want to understand the meaning of DeafHood better then think Childhood because Childhood is the story of your life as a child when you was a child, everybody have childhood whether it is good or bad so Childhood is the people’s life story of being child at young age and DeafHood is the Deaf people’s life of being Deaf regardless what the age are so I hope that now everyone understand the meanings of DeafHood but if any one of you still don’t understand what is DeafHood I recommend some reading of a book called Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood. If you wonder if DeafHood is a cult, community, organizations or such – It is NOT and DeafHood means the story of Deaf People through their lifetime experiences as being Deaf.

Video Games –
I am very excited for some of the video games that are coming out for both of the gaming consoles such as Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4. The games that I am looking very much forward is Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, FallOut 4, Final Fantasy 7 (OH YES!) and Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain. The game that I am excited the most is Final Fantasy 7, it is a game icon of PlayStation One that everyone loved playing because Final Fantasy 7 for Playstation One can go on forever as it had four discs with worth of several days storyline in the game which is something that I love about Final Fantasy 7 and who can deny Cloud with awesome designed sword?! Let me show you a clip with the preview of Final Fantasy 7 that is coming up for the Sony Playstation 4 which is just same as Playstation One in storyline but in more real especially their beautiful graphic!

Done watching the trailer for Final Fantasy VII for Playstation 4? Awesome I know, right?! If you are Final Fantasy 7 fan then undoubtedly you are screaming out of joy inside you while at same time hoping that you aren’t screaming out loud to keep yourself from embarrassing yourself from everybody around you!

What Is Audism? –
I see that some of the people are wondering what is people talking about audism, what does audism means and why only a few of people heard of that word audism. Audism is negative word has been around for a few years now, the word audism is used often by the Deaf people or anything that is related to Deaf and audism is the word that Deaf people use against the people who are able to hear. What audism mean is that it’s a word being used against the people who discriminate the Deaf community or Deaf people themselves including the people who opposes the idea of Deaf and audism is used against the scientists who creates the technology devices that supposedly to help the Deaf people to be able to hear but they did not make these devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implant just because they want to help Deaf community as they only make these devices out of greedy. To make money, why do we call them audism? Because being Deaf are NOT problem whatsoever, some of us were born with it and are happy being Deaf because it is our pride being Deaf yet many of people try to tell us that it is wrong to be Deaf when it is not wrong to be Deaf which that is what audism is. We do NOT want to become hearing, because being Deaf is a culture for us to be in as we have our own culture as Deaf people and the people (audism) who are against that by calling us dumb because they think that we can’t hear means we are dumb which is not true at all because it does not require to hear to learn anything as to learn everything is through visual otherwise you wouldn’t be able to know how to do this and that. For example if someone is going to explain you how to turn on a computer by press that button by speaking it then how would you be able to know which button to press to turn on the computer or where is the button to press it on a computer? That is right, through your eyes just like Deaf people become smart by learning something through our visual. If you want to support against Audism, then awesome as we appreciate that and how can you support against audism? You can buy products to support Anti-Audism or such by contacting me (go to Contact tab at top of the website) and I will get some information for you to buy some items to help to raise the awareness of audism. Deaf people would greatly appreciate that including myself as I am Hard Of Hearing but I might as well call it Deaf.

Drink Came Back From Dead! –
Are there some pop or soda (I call them pop but some call them soda) that is your favorite discontinued? My favorite pop came back from dead as I have found them at Wal-Mart and that is Pepsi Vanilla! Only downside is that Pepsi only makes Pepsi Vanilla small cans with real sugar version on them and not bringing back the regular can size, at least to my knowledge but at least it is better than not bringing back them at all and when I drank them for the first time since they discontinued I died and gone to heaven! There are two more of pops that I still miss, hoping that they would bring it back but the pops I am missing are Pepsi Black Cherry Vanilla and Slice Orange. Slice Orange.. I absolutely have no idea why they discontinued Slice as Slice was everyone’s favorite pop/soda back in the days, I just cannot understand that they had to discontinued them but sadly they did and I hope they decide to bring either Slice Orange or Pepsi Black Cherry Vanilla back in the future.

… The End –
I have just realized that I wrote over three thousand words count here, this is going to be a very long article for some of you to read haha! Oh I feel bad now that I shouldn’t have chuckled but again in older tidbits article I did warned that tidbit articles intended to be very long due to several subjects/topics in the mix on one article but I hope that every one of you readers will enjoy this one because I honestly don’t know when is the next time that I will be writing another tidbits article. I will continue to blog as much as I possibly can but I just don’t know when there will be another tidbits article though, if you like tidbit articles then please click the like button below this article so I can know if I should make it a weekly thing and the like button below is NOT Facebook or some social media like as this like button below is part of JoshiesWorld alone. Thank every one of you for all of your time to read this article, I hope that all of you have a great night or morning because it is 5:02AM here now and please be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or in the morning! Stay awesome my friends.

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– Joshie.

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