Tidbits 8-17-16

There are a few of topics that I would like to discuss about with you today, as some of you know that I write tidbits article here now and then so you should know that sometimes that a tidbits article can get long because where the definition for tidbit means that it is a bit of anything. So it will be more than just one topic instead of one topic, I think that sometimes it is better writing about a few of topics instead of just one topic because it can get a bit boring and not only that I am somewhat talkative so obviously it’s fitting for me as I don’t like writing or talking about just one topic or one of something. If you ever think of a word for something that you would like to discuss or share your opinions about few or several topics than just one topic then now you know that there is a word and that is tidbits. Tidbit is in the dictionary so you can easily find the definition for the word “Tidbit” on some search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and tidbits are more interesting to read than just reading one topic because some of the people likes to read about a few of topics than just one thing so if you are a blogger or a vlogger then I suggest that you do some tidbits yourself; your readers or viewers will appreciate you for that.

So let’s get on with the tidbits shall we? Please keep this in mind that everyone have different perceptive on some of the things or different opinions on some of the things and it is health to agree or disagree as long as we are being civil about it. If you are a blogger, I always encourage that you do research on some of the topics that you are about to discuss or share in public so that you can have more knowledge about some of these topics.

Tidbits 8-17-16

Superheroes Television Shows

A couple of years ago when they started producing a few television shows of the superheroes, I thought, about time because as much as we want to deny but many people is beginning to prefer visual over readings such as comic books and they made several DC or Marvel fans dream to come true by producing a television shows on some of the well-known superheroes. There are now a few television shows calls, The Arrow that based on Green Arrow, Gotham that’s based on Batman, The Flash based on Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow based on a few of different superheroes in mix such as Atom, Hawkgirl, Hawkman and a few other characters, Daredevil and latest the Supergirl. I am missing a couple more I am sure but a good amounts of superheroes television shows that can entertain the superheroes fans like myself, each of these television shows already have a few seasons on them such as The Arrow running a fourth seasons or Daredevil three or fourth seasons and one or two seasons for the rest of these television shows. You can find these television shows at retail stores like Wal-Mart but if you have Netflix then you are lucky because there are packed with these television shows with previous seasons although they don’t air the latest seasons yet such as the fourth season for the arrow but in a couple of months we should be getting it on Netflix.

I am a huge fan of The Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Supergirl. Supergirl is the very recent superhero television shows, when they started producing the Supergirl television shows, many fans got very excited because the Supergirl is a very well-known superhero especially that she is Superman’s cousin. The first season for Supergirl is out on DVD in stores, unfortunately there are some rumors that is saying that the Supergirl probably won’t be on streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime because it was produced under CBS and CBS doesn’t have exclusive contract with one of these streaming services I believe. But good news is that they are handing the Supergirl television show over to right production, that is the CW which is a channel that produces the likes of The Arrow, The Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and I believe Gotham, I am unsure about Gotham but I am definitely positive about the rest that’s produces under the CW channel which is perfect production to make these superheros as they successfully produces The Arrow to this day.

If you haven’t watched any of these television shows then you area definitely missing out, I highly recommend that you give them a watch. You can find The Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Daredevil and a couple more on Netflix but as for Legends of Tomorrow you would need Hulu for that television show which you should get Hulu to watch that TV shows too but if you don’t have Hulu then you can always buy Legends Of Tomorrow DVD. They have just released the first season of Supergirl a few days ago this week and released second season for Gotham on DVD yesterday, of course I bought both of them! I highly recommend you to get them if you don’t have Netflix.

Enough Of Rain!

It seems that we can never have a day without rains, several people are already complaining about how much rains we have got lately past these couple of months but ironically last year or two years ago we complained that we weren’t getting enough of water but now that we can barely have any days that don’t rain complains that we’re getting too much rains? Some of us can never make up our minds but we should be thankful for the rains because getting rains doesn’t just means that we would get plenty of water but also the rains helps us to grow fruits or vegetables which that would means more foods for us on the table! We always will be complaining anyway, as I realize that it’s just part of our life that we had to complain about something and one of them is getting enough of rains or isn’t getting enough water but what we are not realizing is that raining is very important in our lives.

FiiO Alphen 2 E17K

If any of you ever have some issues with some of your devices that isn’t producing enough of sounds to your headphones or ear buds then I highly recommend FiiO Alphen 2 E17K because it is a portable AMP and DAC that you can carry with you or use it at home. How does it exactly works? It has video card inside so if your computer or any of other devices sounds card is messed up, it can be the alternative sounds card so it will produce sounds coming from any devices to your headphones or ear buds and uses amplifier to boost the sounds from these devices to your headphones or ear buds. I guarantee you that you will see a big difference with a portable amp plus DAC, you can always get just a portable AMP without DAC but I would recommend you to not and be sure to get the one with DAC because it gives you more options for your sources for sounds. All you would have to do is just plug the USB from portable amp+DAC to the computer then plug your headphones or ear buds in then you will be hearing more clarification and boosted sounds in bass hence amplification. However if you need it for your iPhone, iPad or iPod then you would get adapters such as Lightning To Camera Adapter which you can find on Amazon or somewhere else. I will provide you a few links to these items below and I highly recommend that you take a look at them. If you are looking for something that will give you a such powerful clarification in sounds, boosting its bass and such from any devices to your headphones or ear buds then this would be the way to go.

FiiO E17K Alpen 2 on Amazon

Lightning To USB Camera Adapter on Amazon (basically lightning to USB adapter, they just call camera adapter for some reason)

Secret To Catching Pikachu On Pokémon Go?

Who doesn’t want to know if there is a secret in catching the famously and adorable Pokémon, Pikachu?! I do and you too? Good news! I have done my research and tried it myself, I finally have captured the Pikachu using a trick, well not really a trick but more like a secret by following what a few articles that I have read says. How can you find Pikachu? Quite unbelievably easy, as after reading on search engines, I was shocked for myself after doing it for myself to see if the secret is reliable or not but it ended up to be reliable as I have found Pikachu and captured. Now to catch Pikachu, all you have to do is walk away these few Pokémon three or four times and that is it. Really! Let’s say there is one place that you see a couple or more Pokémon waiting for you to press on the screen, don’t and walk away for a few hours then go back to that same spot; repeats three or four times then you will see a shape of Pikachu pops up in your sightings then you go back to that spot and Pikachu will appear on your screen waiting for you to touch Pikachu himself to capture! That is it, you got a Pokémon that a lot of the people have searched for, the Pikachu!

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World Of Warships

I have played World of Warships lately, I think I am somewhat addicted to World of Warships, World of Warships is a PC and Mac game. What is great about it is that it’s free, you can download the game to PC or Mac and play online with other people. I think the title of the game, World of Warships pretty much gives you the idea of what the game is all about but if not then it is a game where we battles against other enemies with warships such as battleships, destroyers, cruisers and aircraft carriers. If you are bored and have nothing to do then I highly recommend that you download the game then add me to the game where we can play together against other enemies. If you know a game calls World of Tanks, which is a well-known game all over the world then should you know that World of Warships is created under the same company that created World of Tanks so if you plays World of Tanks or hears how great World of Tanks game is then you will know that World of Warships game is going to be obviously awesome.

Download World of Warships

Then find me under JoshieTheMan and add me there so that we can play together sometimes if you would like to!

Favorite Sandwich!

There are a few different restaurants that serves sandwiches such as Subway, Firehouse, quiznos and few others. Everybody has their preferences of whichever restaurants that they like getting their sandwiches from and mine is Subway. Although I definitely love Firehouse but the only time I have been to the Firehouse is if I am on vacation in Tennessee over in Pigeon Forge so if you lives over in Tennessee closes to Pigeon Forge then you are very lucky! So since I cannot get my sandwich from Firehouse now and then I have no choice but to go with Subway as only two choices that I have over here is Subway or Quizno’s. Nonetheless at Subway I would often only get one type of bread to go with my sandwiches which is Monterey Cheddar breads but about twenty-five (25) miles distance from my home’s Subway here in Belfry, now from here to Pikeville which is 25 miles distance they have more than three subways or I have lost my counts but the Subway in Pikeville doesn’t have my kind of bread so I decided to give other breads a chance for the first time which is 9-grains Honey Oats. Unbelievably amazing tastes of a bread! I have never thought that a honey oats bread, especially being that it’s grains would taste so delicious that goes with my usual toppings which is turkey breasts, pepperoni, swiss cheese and a bit of jalapeño. So if you have a favorite bread over at Subway to the point that you never gave any other breads a chance then I highly recommend that you give the 9-grains honey oats bread a chance!

Mainly reason that I decided to get the 9-grains honey oats is because I am a huge fan of honey themselves, I used to love oats especially if they are mixed with sugars or some oats cookies but plain oats is the ones that I cannot stand so in my head by reading “9-grains Honey Oats” means grains breads dipped in honey, baked then spread some oats on top and my thoughts were right on the dot but if that doesn’t sounds delicious then there is something wrong with you so I recommend you to make a appointment with your doctor for a checkups.

November Is In The Corner!

November is in the corner, the time have flies and the month November is coming faster than we expects. November is the most important especially for every four years, because it’s voting time to vote one of the presidential candidates to become the next president of the United States. Are you looking forward to it? If you are then have you decided who you are going to vote for and if you do then let me know why you are voting for that presidential candidates by leaving the comment below please because I would love to hear it. As I have said on Twitter that I am about to declare in a few days on who I would endorse, to be honest with you I have decided that I am going to give myself a little more time to make sure that the decision is the decision before I say who it is that I am voting for. All I can say is that I am leaning over to Hillary Clinton more than anything, because even Hillary Clinton have done some mistakes but who have lied the most? Donald Trump. Boy! Can that man ever stop lying. Donald Trump cannot ever get his facts or story straight, cannot stop making remarks at the people whether it be disabilities, women, colors of the people. I am actually getting sick of Donald Trump, I am starting to agree with everybody that is saying that it would be the biggest mistake in the history ever if Donald Trump were to be president of the united states because Donald Trump is not fit to be the president of the united states of America period. I am sorry to say that but Donald Trump is not, I wouldn’t even trust to rent a room at one of his hotels because who knows something probably would happen to me there.

Do your homework seriously, I am not telling you to not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump but I am asking you to do your research and your homework so you can carefully decide who you want to vote for. I know I have repeats that over and over but the problem is that I don’t think anyone is taking this advice which is a shame.

One Of My Several Dreams

Everyone have a lot of dreams, of course it is always normal to have some dreams that is something that we would love to have one day or something that we could make for other people. One of my several dreams, I’d like to share one with you guys. There is one person named Tar, a Deaf vlogger shares the same dream of mine but here is the dream that I’d love for it to happen is that there would be a city where a Deaf community can own and that everybody uses American Sign Language. There are several cities all over here in the United States, even if we are given one smallest city where we can change around and rename it to something that would tribute to the history of Deaf such as Laurent Clerc, something like Laurent City although I believe that it almost happens but something got in the way and it stopped Laurent City from being made. Nonetheless my point is that I’d love it if one day that we could build a city that’s belongs to Deaf community that uses nothing but American Sign Languages. I honestly think that the Deaf community, I am part of deserves to have a city for ourselves as a few cities that belongs to Indians (reserves) and such. You think that Deaf is a disease or something but what you don’t realize is that it’s the society that calls it but what really is that it’s a culture and audism (who is against Deaf or Hard of Hearing) just won’t allow that to happen. Make me thinks of back in the days when everybody were going after Indians, stealing their lands and trying to destroy their cultures; SAME CONCEPT!

P.S. I’d love to hear one of your dreams in the comment!

Reminder For Williamson Pokefest 2016

I would like to remind some of you, especially if you lives in Williamson, Wv or close to Williamson, Wv that August 20th, 2016 on Saturday, this Saturday coming up that there will be a fest going on in the city of Williamson calls Williamson Poke Fest 2016 from 6PM to 10:30PM. To read more about Williamson Poke Fest 2016, please read the article that I have written the other day about it here so don’t miss out!

Click here to read Pokémon Festival in Williamson, Wv.

Over To You

It is getting late here so I must end it here but this does not means that it’s the end of the world as I will be writing another one soon, maybe tomorrow or in a couple of days depending on if I am busy or not but if I am not busy and have nothing to do then I definitely will be writing another tidbits article. If you have some ideas on some of the topics for what I should be writing in my next tidbits then please submit your ideas on topics here and I would greatly appreciate it! I need as many as topics I can get from you, because the more topics I get the more topics I can write in tidbits or more tidbit articles in short time! Thank you very much for all of your time reading this article, if you have any questions about anything that is related to this tidbits then please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to answer as many as I can. If you would like to share some of your opinions on some of the topics that I have shared my opinions on then please do feel free to do so by leaving a comment below or if you have a blog yourself then feel free to pingback to this article and I would be happy to accept the trackbacks to help some bloggers out as every bloggers should help each others out. I hope that all of you have a great night and be safe wherever it is that you all are planning on to do for the night!

Joshua “Joshie” Sullivan.

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