Tidbits 7-19-15.

Looks like I have a few numbers of subjects to discuss about, I would like to remind everyone who is fans of my blog that tidbit articles are usually a very long article for reading because the definition of the tidbit is everything else in one so that means different subjects instead of writing an article of just one subject which can be a bit boring to some of the people as it seems because several people have sent me emails saying that they prefer something long to read as it keeps them busy as long as some of the subjects would be interesting to some of the people who like to reads blogs or some news outlet. Personally I believe that tidbit articles are perfect for JoshiesWorld because when I founded the website with the intentions of a whole different categories because some of the bloggers would only blog under one category or niche as they says that it makes it more successful than to blog on different categories but while I have nothing against any bloggers who only interested in blog in one category or niche although myself I sees that when bloggers include several categories instead of just one category often succeed at blogging because. For example if there is one category or niche, let’s say food blog then when people do some search for some food articles they would find the only food bloggers website then leave so with all categories for a blog would encourage the readers to stay on that blog longer because that blog has more categories than just one category so if they are done with reading foods then they want to read something that’s related to movies so they would have to search all over again for a different blogger who blog about movies so with all categories blog that saves their time from having to search a different blog that relate to something they want to read and not only that it gives the blogger who blog about everything more success.

So in a way if you visit one website that blogs about foods then you would have to exit that blog to come over to this blog to read about movies related then you would have to exit this website to another website to read about music so that is why I made it that I blog about everything so that you would not have to do that and in the end that saves your time while at same time it helps my website to improve its ranking. Hope you understand the explanation because my grammar is very lousy I admit as my first language is American Sign Language (ASL) but I continue to improve my English as much as I can for several years and if you had seen my English several years ago you would be amazed how poor my grammar was!

Time for Tidbits!

Kentucky Governor Election.

Some of you already know that I live in Kentucky which is a state of the United States, for the people of Kentucky including me which we call ourselves Kentuckians but here in the Kentucky Governor for the state Kentucky is coming up where the Kentuckians would vote who we want to govern the Kentucky state so there are two candidates already as the races for the Kentucky Governor is finished so it is down to two candidates facing each others and whichever has the most votes will be elected to govern the state Kentucky you know how it works here in the United States of America. Nonetheless the two candidates for Kentucky Governor is Jack Conway who happens to be a democratic who born in Louisville, Kentucky which is the state that he is running for governor and the other candidate is Matt Bevin who happens to be a republican who born in Shelburne, New Hampshire. I am rooting for Jack Conway obviously as he knows Kentucky since that it is the state he born in, but not only that he is in the same party that I am in which is democratic so it is fitting and if you look at both of their Wikipedia you would see that Jack Conway have boatloads of experiences in politics while Matt Bevin does not but the bottom line is why would in the heck we Kentuckian would want a governor who is not from the state we lives in? If Matt Bevin wants to become a governor then go back to New Hampshire to run for governor as it is his home state and worse of all he is a republican because you know republican is known for not giving a crap about the people of their states or the United States of America while democratic is known for making sure that the people comes first before business as republican is all about business. In my opinion for the businesses here in the Kentucky, we are doing just fine with the way the businesses are going here in the Kentucky although of course it is not perfect but it is doable which is just enough for now and the people here in the Kentucky needs more attention then businesses do so that is why we need democratic as usual. Anyway for all of you Kentuckians I would like to hear your opinions about these candidates to govern our state or tell me who you would vote and why by leaving a comment below here but please know this that it is very important that you vote as whoever we vote is who will govern our state so please think carefully before you vote who you think would be right to govern our state Kentucky.

Here is the Wikipedia links for both of the Kentucky governor candidates:

Jack Conway: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Conway_%28politician%29
Matt Bevin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Bevin

Increased in crime: Shootings.

Have some of you noticed a drastic increases of shootings crime that has gone on lately? If you notice that a few of years ago there were no repeated shootings crime like it is for a few years now is somewhat frightening because before there wasn’t so many shootings a few years ago then suddenly it seems that every weeks we have heard a lot of news on televisions where a lot of people has shot right here on the United States soil as the latest news were the shootings in Chattanooga in Tennessee where a guy killed four United States marines. Either that the news outlets stopped being lazy then started reporting about several shootings that looked like a script story or the United States governments kept us in the dark of some shootings. I don’t know how to explain because I am very confused myself with what is going on lately with the shootings as there were shootings in a theater, shootings in a church in South Carolina and then Chattanooga in Tennessee. Obviously the increases of shootings crime makes several people here in the United States frightened which I don’t blame them but I recommend that even if you doubt that there nobody would shoot anyone close to you that please prep up your defense by taking a class for the license to carry a gun so to defend you because these four marines did not have the guns on them at that time of shooting which is a mistake choice of the United States or military for not allowing the recruiters to carry the weapon so to defend them from anyone in case if anything happens just like in Chattanooga in Tennessee. If you are one of these who thinks that the president should ban the guns then you need to reconsider that again because even if they ban guns anyone would still have the access to the guns no matter what so don’t waste your time and the best option would be get yourself a license to carry a gun then buy gun from authorized dealership where they register your name for the ownership of the gun because that would be the only way to defend yourselves as banning the guns is NOT going to defend yourselves because everybody will still be able to get access to the guns regardless. So prep up your defense by taking a class for a license to carry a gun then buy a gun from authorized dealership that registers your gun for your ownership of the gun you are buying is your best option and that is the end of the discussion whether you like it or not!

Where is the access to ASL in schools?!

Many secondary schools such as from kindergarten to high school seems to not offer any accesses to American Sign Language (ASL) for Deaf or Hard of Hearing students in their schools where they would be able to learn how to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) to help them to have the proper education for themselves by learning from teachers in their language instead of tying their hands to the back forcing them to learn a language that is not theirs which is English. That is a perfect example of why most of the times my grammar stinks because I wasn’t able to learn anything from the teachers in all schools I attended because they teaches me in their language instead of a language that I could understand smoothly. So this is one of many reasons that most of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people was not qualified for college to earn a degree so to have a career because they cannot understand the spoken language which is English that teachers instruct them so it is unfair. This is one of the reasons I become advocacy for the Deaf people to advocate against the schools for not providing them the access to their language American Sign Language (ASL) and by not providing Deaf or Hard of Hearing people the access to American Sign Language is like all of you who can hear to go to schools who teaches all of you in French language or another language then how can you learn anything when you are being taught in French, Spanish, Italian or another language when your language is English? Now you an ounce of the idea how Deaf and Hard of Hearing people had to suffer through their schools not being able to learn in their language. Yes you can have an interpreter who would translate for you but what you don’t realize is that you only get one interpreter who cannot know every subjects in school like English, Math, Biology, Science, History or others.

This is why the governments needs to enforce all the schools to provide Deaf or Hard of Hearing people access to American Sign Language (ASL) by to at least forcing them to have the most important subjects in schools with access to American Sign Language for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people such as English and Math as these two are the most important in education for everyone because they are what helps everyone to succeed. Without English or Math there is almost a guarantee that you would not have any career ever as many companies or even your own company if you wish requires English and Math as they are essential in education.

Congratulation Brett Favre!

Yesterday on the 18th of July a NFL (football in America) team Green Bay Packers inducted Brett Favre into the Hall of Fame as you know Brett Favre is simply the best quarterback of all time whether you like it or not, he is such a rare breed for quarterback which I don’t think any quarterback can ever get to the same level that Brett Favre is for many years and while Green Bay Packers inducted Brett Favre into Hall of Fame they also retired his jersey number which is #4. Brett Favre came back to the field of a team that Brett Favre had gone where nobody could ever come close to where he did and that is Green Bay Packers field to retire his number while at same time being inducted into the Hall of Fame. That event of Brett Favre induction into Hall of Fame while at same time retiring his jersey number at Green Bay Packers where he became the quarterback that no quarterback can come close to his broken NFL records and what is more is that I born diehard fan of Green Bay Packers! Congratulation Brett Favre for your induction into Hall of Fame along with retiring your jersey number and it is unbelievable that it was sold-out but not only that the fans gave you 4 minutes standing ovation which you deserves it for your achievements! I thank you Brett Favre and wish you nothing but the best!

The Marvel Ant-Man!

I was so thrilled to find out something about one of the Marvel’s character, the Ant-Man especially where that they have announced that the real physics of the Marvel’s character Ant-Man is blind, Deaf and his voice would be hilarious. Why his voice would be hilarious? Because most of Deaf or Hard of Hearing people not being able to hear to learn how to speak properly to where that they would speak funny as they cannot hear to learn how to say some words and for example if Deaf or Hard of Hearing people says fork then it would sounds like they are saying fart or the F word unintentionally. I now have even more respect for Marvel as I have been their subscriber for their comics because they brings in more awareness of the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in media because when it comes to media they almost never write about or shows on television of Deaf or Hard of Hearing people because they fears that it would somewhat damage their ratings which why they are very idiots for that.

Here is a preview of the Marvel’s character Ant-Man so you can get an idea of what Ant-Man character in Marvel is!

What associations or organizations do I support?

In my opinion I think that everybody should at least support an association or organization, I know both of them are practically same thing but still I said that in hope to not confuse anyone here but there were some of the people been asking me if or who do I support so I am heavily supporter of National Association of the Deaf (NAD) who takes responsibility for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people by making sure that everyone has the accessibility equally and they are known for winning several lawsuits against several companies that discriminate or oppress the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people to let them know that they are indeed breaking the law which is American Disabilities Act (ADA) bill in 1990 that made it where they are required to provide Deaf or Hard of Hearing people equal access especially in communication. Recently they are on the spree of filing lawsuits against several hospitals for denying the Deaf or Hard of Hearing people by forcing them to use Video Remote Interpreting as their tool of communication instead of allowing them to choose whichever communication tools they prefer to make their communication easier such as VRI, VRS (Video Relay Service), TTY, writing on papers or others as they thought that these were the hospital’s options to choose to provide their patients when it is really the patients choice to pick whichever communication tool they prefer. One of their lawsuit is where the hospital forced the woman who was pregnant that went into labor to give a birth, the hospital (George Hospital Center in Maryland) forced the woman who gives birth to shows her private part to the interpreter on a monitor so imagine that! How embarrassing is that right?! George Hospital Center doctor pointed the camera on the top of a monitor to the woman while giving a birth and that woman did not want that but they refused her wish which that discriminated her as she prefers another communication tool where she could have the interpreter in person to interpret what doctor were saying to her or telling the doctor what she was saying while the interpreter would be only seeing directly her face instead of the doctor allowing the interpreter to see her giving a birth. Disgusting!

It did not only happens to her as it happens to more Deaf or Hard of Hearing people in different hospitals too but that is where National Association of the Deaf comes in to slap their faces for doing that to Deaf or Hard of Hearing people basically so that is one of the reason I am huge supporter of National Association of the Deaf. I encourage you all to support National Association of the Deaf by becoming a member with NAD or you can simply donate funds to them without having to become a member but if you do become a member you can then proudly show that you are supporting National Association of the Deaf for fighting against like these (the pregnant woman, etc) where it helps them to afford their own lawyers to continue fighting every powers they have in them because that is all what National Association of the Deaf is all about! Click here to visit NAD – National Association of the Deaf.

To join as membership: http://nad.org/join
To donate: http://nad.org/donate

One Sentence About Deaf & Hearing.

You consider Deaf or Hard of Hearing a disability? Ok then hearing is a disability too.

The end.

I am afraid that this must come to an end because I ran out of the subjects to discuss about but I covered the most of the subjects that I wrote on a piece of the paper for me to write on here although I left out one because I don’t think that is really important to write about. The one subject I am leaving out is about Google’s former Chief Information Officer named Douglas Merrill who worked at a giant search engine Google for six (6) years and that Douglas Merrill was Deaf which is a bit of odd because once you become Deaf you are forever Deaf regardless if you wear cochlear implant because when you remove cochlear implant from your ears you would still be Deaf nonetheless and what bothers me more than anything is that they thinks cochlear implants are the cure when they are NOT a cure at all as when they remove them from their side of heads they still cannot hear nonetheless.

But anyway I must get going because it is getting very late as it is 5:40AM here and that is actually past of my time for using the computer as I usually get off the computer at around 3 to 4 in the morning. Thank you very much for all of your time reading this article and I hope that all of you enjoy today’s article because it was somewhat exhausting for me to write as there were more than three subjects like I usually do. I hope that all of you have a great night or day and be safe wherever all of you are at or be safe doing whatever it is that all of you are planning on to do for the night or in the day.

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– Joshie.

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