Tidbits 2, it’s time for another tidbits!

It is time for another tidbits article since the last time I made a tidbits article was about a week ago or so which was the first tidbits calls “The beginning of tidbits” but it was successful thanks to all the readers! For some of the people who didn’t read the first tidbits article I made then I am going to explain a bit of tidbits again so to clarify with these people who don’t know what tidbits mean, tidbits means a small and particularly interesting item of gossip or information. So when I am writing tidbits articles they will have different topics put into one article instead of writing some articles for each topics and tidbits articles are interesting because it offers different topics in one article for you to read instead reading article to article for each topics, some of the people like these kind of articles for some reasons and one of some reasons would be that the readers are being able to get different information in one place. Here is the first tidbits article titled Tidbits 1: This Is The Beginning!, I written the other day if you missed and now I am going to write another tidbits which is the tidbits 2. Any time that I am going to write another tidbits articles they will have a counting number although in some future that may change from counting numbers to a date instead but we will see, nonetheless here is the tidbits 2 and I hope that you will enjoy the tidbits 2 like some of you do the first tidbits.

Before I start the tidbits 2 I would like to remind some of you that this tidbits 2 may be a very long article as the tidbits are usually a lengthy of time considering it has many topics into one than one topic per article and the reason that some of the bloggers or vloggers like doing the tidbits are because they either are out of ideas on what to write about/on or they have different topics on their mind that they want to share instead of having to write each articles for each topics which can be very time-consuming so that is where the term “tidbits” comes in and if you would take your time reading this tidbits 2 then I would be grateful because there may be some interesting topics that you did not know and missed by not reading the entire of tidbits 2 article but here we go with tidbits 2.

Tidbits 2: It’s time for another tidbits!

Writing this tidbits 2 article may be a bit difficult for me because I have been out of ideas on what to write lately which that has bothered me lately, because there haven’t been anything that is interesting enough for me to write about something as lately it seems that the news are starting to running out of some ideas on what to report too, although the news have more resources or tools than I or any bloggers will ever have because they have several sources and we don’t although very few of bloggers do have their own sources especially the well-known bloggers. Maybe I should try to hire few of the people to be my source as the source is usually a group where it has few of the people who go after something to try to get something interesting for me to write about and then whoever found something that is interesting for me to write would discuss with the rest of the people in the source group for the agreement or disagreement along with facts-checking and researching to make sure that something they found that is interesting for me to write is not either a false information or anything like that because it can hurt me in a long run and beside that is why I always research to make sure that whatever I am writing is true otherwise I wouldn’t write about anything.

Outcasts, heck yes!

Lately I have surfed for something on Netflix to watch because I finished watching the entire seasons of some shows like The Dead Walking, Lost, Revolution, Firefly and The 4400 which those television shows are the alternative for The Dead Walking so if you are a huge fan of The Dead Walking television show like I am then I suggest you to watch the rest of these television shows especially Lost so that you can have something alternative until they come out with another episode for The Dead Walking and believe me you will be relieved watching Lost which can be found on Netflix. Nonetheless I have watched all of these television shows so I had nothing else to watch because these television shows are my kind of shows and I was starting to get disappointed that there are not another shows like these titles including the dead walking until a couple of months later I came across one television shows on Netflix that looks a bit interesting from the picture along with description of the television shows so I decided to give the show a peek and boy I feel in love with the television show I found which is called Outcasts.

Outcasts is definitely an alternative for the Lost television shows while the Lost is alternative for The Walking Dead but Outcast is not like The Dead Walking although television shows outcasts is in same category that the walking dead and lost is in along with the rest of other titles such as Jericho, Revolution, Firefly and 4400. Outcasts only has one season on Netflix but I am not sure if they are developing another season for Outcasts but I hope they are because it would be a shame if it only has one season as Outcasts definitely deserve the attentions that the walking dead or Lost has. I would love to tell you everything what Outcasts is all about but then I don’t want to give the spoilers because I would like for all of you who like these kind of television shows to give it a try and I am almost certain that after watching the half of the first episode you will like Outcasts! 🙂

Boom-boom, fireworks!

Did some of you had fun on the independence day? Did you went to watch the fireworks display in your area with some of your friends or family, if so how was it? What did you do on independence eve and independence day? Leave a comment below and let me know! As goes for me we did not exactly celebrate much for the independence day because I decided not to go and watch the fireworks display in Belfry area (which is in the state of Kentucky – US) and I am glad that I didn’t regret the decision of not going because after the fireworks display in Belfry there was wall posts flooding on Facebook with several complaints about the fireworks display in Belfry by saying that they only last about 10 to 15 minutes, the fireworks did not look pretty and that they wished they have stayed home instead because they said that it takes them to drive longer than the fireworks last.

But I did spend a bit of time with my mother on the independence day and she grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs (or spiral hotdogs as she calls her fancy hotdogs, haha) then later that night I thought that the only way to truly celebrate the independence day is to shoot the fireworks so I pulled out very few of fireworks that I got a few years ago which was few bottle rockets and a few of these that shoots out some balls out of a tube where once the balls goes out in the sky then they explodes. Nothing major as I didn’t want it to be because to be honest I almost was not planning to shoot any fireworks but then I thought we should because have not yet to not shoot any fireworks on every independence day so to not break that cycle.

The Bridgestone Tires.

Did you see the newest commercial for Bridgestone tires where they have created the new tires product calls DriveGuard? When I saw the Bridgestone commercial for DriveGuard tires on my television the other day got me thinking that they have just created something that is encouraging to criminals when it comes to being chased by law enforcers and the governments either not liking what Bridgestone has done or they are thinking about secretly threaten them to stop selling their new product or putting them out of the business. Why? Because the new tires that Bridgestone created called DriveGuard can be running over several spikes that law enforcers usually puts out when they have a runner that the law enforcers are not able to stop them.

So imagine what the governments are thinking especially that when some of the people sees the commercial will be on their way out buying these tires so that if they did a crime and being chased from the law enforcers they might have a chance of outrunning them even with laying out the spikes in attempt to flat their tires to stop them from running and that isn’t going to work because their tires may be the new DriveGuard tires. Bank robbers are having a party because Bridgestone has just created something to help them to be able to get away from law enforcers so kudos to Bridgestone for their skills in marketing because showing that commercial is sure as heck a great marketing! In case if you don’t know what commercial I am talking about for the new tires that Bridgestone which is one of tires manufacturer created then watch a video below so you can get same ideas that I got when watching the commercial. 🙂

E-Mail Are Still Important!

I have realized that everybody are starting to stop using the e-mail services these days and started using something else instead to receive a form of message. I can understand that the technology are getting larger and improved drastically every day but that doesn’t mean that e-mail services are no longer important, some of the people are starting to forget that e-mail still exists today and is still important. A lot of people are starting to prefer to use text messaging or instant messaging services like WhatsApp or using one of social networking websites like Facebook to receive and send the messages is a bit saddening. I believe that a lot of people think that the messages on Facebook is considered e-mail when they are not even really e-mail because on Facebook it is a private messaging system and not e-mail which is different even from text messaging.

You can do many of things using e-mail services than you ever will through something that you think are e-mail when they aren’t even that as they are private messaging or instant messaging platforms as e-mail have many more features to use when it comes to send e-mail or receive e-mail comparing to social networking websites, instant messaging or text messaging service. If you have not used e-mail service for long time then I would suggest that you should give e-mail a try because they have changed too for better, but thankfully some of the people still using e-mail especially business as they are required.

A new business, customizing.

A couple of weeks ago I have bought the equipment to customize some of the things like shirts, pants, socks, underwear, bra, hats, mousepad, plates, glasses, mugs and many more because at first I bought them to make some customized items for JoshiesWorld but then a few of the people starts wanting me to make some of customized items for them so I realized that it is becoming a business so I decided to do it as a business now, it has a name for it too now and it is called Sullivans’ Custom. I have already bought the domains sullivanscustom.com which is now unavailable as it is under construction but I will be launching the shop website either by today, tomorrow or in a couple of days so to give my customers another option and an easier way to order some of customized items from me and not having to message me or making a call here.

Launching the web store means that it will be possibly a nationwide or worldwide instead of local so that to offer the customized items to everybody instead of local for at very cheap prices comparing to popular web stores that sell customized items, which I am looking forward to it. I probably will start building a website for Sullivans’ Custom here in a few minutes after writing this tidbits 2 article if I don’t decide to play Watch Dogs after writing the tidbits 2 article.

The People and Guns.

This is probably more so rants for me than anything but some of the people who says that the guns are dangerous or needs to be banned needs to stop because what they don’t realize is that even without the guns there are still other weapons that anybody can use them against the other people such as baseball bats, knife or swords and many others so the guns aren’t the only weapon that everybody thinks so they need to start realizing that. If ever the governments force to ban the sales of guns will makes some of the people who has family that cares for them becomes defenseless against other different type of weapons, guns are not the only thing that can harm or kill so remember that and not everybody who owns the guns are bad people because I am a proud pro-guns or guns owner because I have a family and myself to defend against some of the bad people or to hunt for foods (deer) to survive.

There are good guns owner and bad guns owner which is something you have to be careful with identifying them because you might mistake the good guns owner as bad guns owner that may save your life one of these day against the bad guns owner, usually in my belief that anyone who buys the guns through authorized guns shop is mostly the good guns owner but if anybody that buys the guns from somewhere on the street then they may be the bad guns owner although it is rare.

Follow me on Tumblr!

I have thought lately that I may start using tumblr to post some small, short articles or doing a quick writing because I don’t like writing small articles on here as it would be almost pointless or nonsense to have articles that only has a couple or three sentences but if you want to follow me on Tumblr then please click this link to follow me on tumblr!

Least but not last.

I must wrap this up as the dinner time is near but I would like to thank every one of you for being my friends who keeps coming back to read the articles I write, some bloggers calls them “readers” or “fans” but I call them my friends because that is how I think of the JoshiesWorld readers and all of you are the reason that I continue to push myself to write as many as articles I can possibly write because if it wasn’t for all of you then I wouldn’t bother to push myself to write anything and only write an article monthly or once every a couple of months like I used to so thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Sorry to sounds like corny but I wanted all of you to know or be reminded that I am not the only reason for the successes of JoshiesWorld because it is all of you who truly are the part of that success. I best get going now, thank you very much for reading this article and be sure to keep checking back to see if I am writing another article which I am planning on to do so before end of the day today if I can finally find something or hear something that is interesting enough for me to write about or on but if you have some ideas for what I should write about or on or feel free to give me some topics for another tidbits when I write another tidbits article, to submit your ideas please click here. I hope that all of you enjoy reading the tidbits 2 and hope all of you have a great evening, all of you be safe wherever all of you are at or whatever it is that you are planning on to do for the day and stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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