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Since from the last article I wrote on here titled “Happy Thanksgiving” the other day, on day of Thanksgiving so I can safely assume that every one of you had a great thanksgiving? Mine was great although I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving as much as I would used to several years ago which I have mentioned my reasons in that blogs post. For today’s blog post I will be writing tidbits which I know I have not written tidbits article in a great while and I believe that the last time I wrote tidbits article was in September so it has been a while. I believe it is due for me to write the tidbits once again since I know some of you love reading tidbits since almost every tidbits I wrote received the most views than the other articles I wrote. In case if you are new reader here, to get a better understanding what exactly tidbits are about I suggest that you search some tidbit articles on here which you can do so by typing the word “tidbits” in the search box at the top of the website then it will bring you a list of tidbit articles for you to read and know that tidbits article can be a very long to read because tidbit involves several topics in one place and not just a topic for each article to read so be prepared for when this tidbits article to be long but sometimes it can be short too as it depends on how many topics are involved in the article.

I hope that at least some of the topics in this tidbits will be interesting for you to read and enjoy. From the beginning when I started writing tidbits I offer all readers to submit any topics that they are interested in hearing my opinions or my views on these topics so if any of you don’t see any topics that you were hoping to see I ask all of you to please head over to submit page here to send in some topics or anything that you would like to know my opinions or what is my view on the topics you would like for me to share. You can do so here to submit and I would greatly appreciate them!

Data Caps Limits Deaf Communication

This morning I saw one news article from MarketPlace where they were talking about how the internet providers are starting to make Deaf individuals communication more difficult by limiting their network connection usage with internet data cap under one provider Comcast. Apparently as usual the media doesn’t really put the spotlight about any Deaf issues, I am the one who recognized the issue when I found out that I have the internet data cap by being notified via text saying that I am going way over the limits and I was confused at the first because I have been with the provider for several years with unlimited data usage for their broadband internet. On that same day when I was notified that I was going over the data limit, I immediately protested by tweeting on Twitter against the internet provider that I have been with ever since I got the internet for the first time and the tweet I posted caught their attention immediately. Within’ no less than an hour they responded saying that they will not do anything about it so I then filed complaint against them with Federal Communications Commission, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and Department of Justice. Not even a half day later the provider showed panic by trying to discuss with me about that through direct message (DM) on Twitter and through emails as well but I keep it public because it felt not right by trying to resolve this privately as I wanted to let them know that I am not the only customer that they’re taking the access to communication away because there are many more Deaf customers than myself.

At first they were standing still, not willing to do anything which this shows that they think they have the right to take Deaf communication away which they don’t have the right to do so per to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and I remind them of that. I let them know that what they are doing is being unfair by adding the internet data cap while offering the people who’s able to hear landline service for their phones with no cap which that means that the landline customers who’s able to hear can make calls at any time they wish without worrying about any limitation of their communication. For us Deaf individuals to make calls we need internet connection to do so because our equipment that we use to make calls requires internet connection, our equipment is video phone which is provided by video relay service providers who is funded under telecommunications relay service (TRS) through Federal Communications Commission (FCC) so that we can have equal access to communication like the people who’s able to hear have access to landline phones to communicate and in beginning Federal Communications Commission idea of Video Relay Service is so that we Deaf individuals have equal access to communication at any time we want by making calls at any time we wish just like the people who’s able to hear can do so with their landline phones. Until the internet providers slaps us with internet data cap so the equal access to communication for us Deaf individuals promised by Federal Communications Commission is now a moot and is unfair since when we Deaf individuals are getting closer to reaching our data limits we have to stop calling for few weeks until our data limit cycled while the people who’s able to hear can make calls through landline service at any time they wish without having to worry about the need to stop using the landline service until their limits starts over (cycled).

Sounds unfair doesn’t it? Thought so too. The internet provider I am speaking of is Sudden Link Communications. I truly believe that they are violating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) law for equal access to communication by slapping us Deaf individuals with internet data cap. Ever since that day I decided to go further than just filling complaints with FCC, DOJ, ADA by keeping on tweeting to remind them that what they are doing is unfair and I have created the petition longer than a month ago to Federal Communications Commission, Telecommunications Relay Service, House of Representatives and white house to let them know what the internet providers are doing is unfair.

You can find the petition I created here: http://chn.ge/1RmrLy3
MarketPlace news article about internet data cap for Deaf: http://www.marketplace.org/2015/11/30/tech/comcast-data-caps-make-life-deaf-difficult

Donald Trump Voters = Idiots

Every Americans have the rights to vote for one of the candidates to become the president of the United States and so do I. I have seen a lot of people making videos whether it be in American Sign Language or English in voice trying to reel in other people to vote for Donald Trump which that is something I am very against especially when the people tries to reel people in to vote for Donald Trump by lying to them saying many of the things that Donald Trump wouldn’t even do these for us Americans. In my opinion that anyone who votes for Donald Trump is idiots for being brainwashed by what everyone else is saying how so good Donald Trump would do as president. Don’t you realize all Donald Trump have done is insulting? Even that the majority of women who’s trying to reel in some voters doesn’t realize that Donald Trump insults women more than often especially when there were few times that Donald Trump thinks that the men are more superior or should be superior than the women? You women agree with that? Didn’t think so and yet you are rooting for him. What bothers me the most is that recently Donald Trump have just insulted the people with disabilities by mocking a person whose a reporter for New York Times with disability by acting like the reporter with a disability who have problems in bone joints yet many of you who are Deaf community roots for him? Sure he didn’t insults that we’re Deaf or Hard of Hearing by mocking us but that he was willing to mock someone with a disability so more than likely he would be willing to mock us Deaf people and what I am more baffled is that many of you are rooting for him instead of backing up the people with disabilities other than Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Bottom line is he insulted disabled person and the disabled is the keyword that many of you seems to ignore.

These are merely two of insults that Donald Trump have done throughout his campaign this far and there is more insults to the list. Want to see what they were? Gladly! http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/27/politics/donald-trump-insults-groups-list/

I would strongly recommend that some of you do at least some research on candidates who is running for president of the United States and then you can justify your vote of whoever you want to become the president of the United States. When there are elections going on I always make sure that I do research on all of candidates to get idea of who all of them are such as their background, what they have accomplished, what’s their goals, why they want to run for what positions in government level and what do people think of each candidates. Perfect way to find out what is really kind of these candidates are by asking the people in the states that they ran senates or governor for because they’d know if they are good or bad since they experiences firsthand in their own states that these candidates used to run for before running for higher level in government like president.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus

I finally got myself a new phone as I was using iPhone 5S for more than one year, nearly two years and from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S Plus is very different to me. iPhone 6S Plus has huge improvements comparing to iPhone 5S especially with the quality of their iSight camera system, force touch, Apple Pay, faster processor, bigger screens and more tools to use. I am very impressed with iPhone 6S plus myself, it felt a bit funny to me because I have been used to a regular size of phone, iPhone 5S and then two times larger size of phone which it was a bit awkward to me at first but then I finally got used to it. What I am impressed with is that iPhone 6S plus has 4K recording videos and more pixels in images which makes it much clearer quality of image itself. Also I am relieved to see that in the new iPhone 6S plus can rotate from landscape to widescreen unlike all previous iPhone generations and beside it make sense for it to do that especially with the larger screen iPhone. Finally now that I am able to add much more of things to my iPhone 6S plus because it’s boasting a whopping 128GB space so it offers plenty of rooms for thousands more pictures, videos or more rooms for apps. If you are shopping for some phone I highly recommend iPhone 6S plus but be sure to get a test feel of it first before doing so because the larger iPhone feels a bit heavier and may not be able to fit in some pants pocket especially women’s pants with small pockets. But for men pants they fits perfectly although it does feel a bit funny but that’s because where I am not used to carrying that large size yet. 😛

iPhone 6S Plus

Christmas Is Coming

I bet that many of you are looking forward to Christmas, especially the children or the people who love seeing the large amounts of snow and to be stuck at home while sitting back watching some television or whatever else that they usually do at home while being stuck. I am one of them who love being stuck due to being snowed in, as long as they don’t put us in dangers of anything especially to the electricity or such and I am very much hoping that they will not do anything to the electricity this year because last year or two we suffered the power out for a couple of days where we had to use my power generations to power up the portable heaters then my computer and the television in the living room which is a lot of hassle but at least I was able to have comforts. Have you wrote a list of things that you want for Christmas? Me either. Well I do have a list but it’s unfinished, mainly I want for Christmas is Macbook Pro, Apple Watch and other few things but I would be just fine with not getting anything though.

As I said that the Christmas is coming, that means the cold is coming and that means the snow is coming. So be sure to get yourselves ready for them by covering up things that you don’t want snows to get on, get animals inside where they will be warm and among others. But most of all please be safe.

The End

Eventually something have to come to an end, nothing can keep going on forever and I certainly cannot keep on typing for more than half a day. If you have any idea for some topics that I should write my opinions or my views please go here to submit the topics to me and I would very much appreciate them as I am trying to look for some more topics to share my opinions or my views so that the next tidbits article can have good numbers of topics for all of you readers to read. I am going to be honest with all of you, I absolutely have no idea when is the next time that I will be writing another blog post because of lately I couldn’t be able to come up with something interesting to write about so I ask all of you for some help by sending me some topics that you’d like to hear my opinion or my view on them. Thank you very much for all of your time reading this article and I hope that every one of you have a great day! Be safe wherever all of you are.

~ Joshie.

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