Tidbits 1, This Is The Beginning.



I am starting to realize that I have run out of some ideas to write about something or on lately because where I made a goal that I would either write a couple of articles every two days or one article per day which is what I have done lately, at least most of the times but in the results of that is are making myself to run out of some ideas on what to write about, on something or to write some review. That is one of the reason I added a new feature some weeks ago where everyone can submit some of the ideas for me to write about or on or to write some reviews for some of the people which can be found¬†here but the problem with that is it’s starting to get crowded because it’s full of spam, there are about 30-40% of submissions are from some of the people who submitted the ideas for me to write about or on, or to write some reviews and the other percent is spam and the real submissions from the people with ideas are being overcrowded by spammers which makes it a bit harder for me to narrow the submissions that is submitted by the people with ideas. The submissions where people submitted some of the ideas for me to write about or on is through e-mail system and most of you know how e-mail is these days, e-mails are easily being spammed everyday and there is no way to stop from getting spam – no now, no however and impossible to stop receiving spam in the e-mails until someone becomes a genius and invented a system that would stop every spam from coming in to everyone’s e-mails.

Tidbits, this is the beginning.

I realized that the more I write, the more I am running out of ideas to write about or on along with writing some reviews as well because I have covered most of the things that I know of. So I have thought very hard to find a way to still be able to write some articles to keep up with the goals that I have made in the beginning of this year, surprisingly I finally came up with the solution for this and that is to do tidbits. So this is the beginning of tidbit number one and every tidbits will have a count which usually people use the date but it would be more easier if I use the number instead of a date although maybe I will change it to a date instead of a count number in the future.

Wait! What is a tidbits you wonder? Okay, the definition for tidbits means it’s a bit of everything, be it news, gossip, advice, reviews, business, automobiles, technology, people (public figure, a person, a celebrity, etc) and others all put into one piece. The upside of this is that you get to read more about something than just one thing and I found out about the tidbits by doing some research of how a way for me to talk about few of things and put them into one instead of dividing them so hopefully you get an idea what is tidbits and it’s the word that many of the people use when they are talking about more than one and put them altogether into one instead of divides them such as categorizing the topics like technology, business, politics, automobiles etc per article.

So hopefully this is going to be interesting for some of you as for me although I still will write something about a topic per article now and then like I have been lately but do tidbits only for an emergency when I couldn’t get some of the ideas on what to write about or on. Still if you have any ideas on what I should write about or on then please still use the “Submit Your Ideas” page I provided above in this article as it would help me greatly. Nonetheless I am going go ahead and write the tidbits here for all of you to read, hope that you enjoy the number one tidbits – The beginning of Tidbits!


Wal-Mart and Iphone.

I have come across to a couple of the news on some of popular search engines such as Google or Bing that is saying that Wal-Mart is slashing the prices for Apple Iphone 5S and Apple Iphone 5C smartphones in their stores for anyone who would like to have Iphone but couldn’t able to afford them, after reading some news about Wal-Mart cutting the prices on them is a great news so that anyone who wish to have Iphone but never could afford them now can afford to buy some of them but the problem is what they don’t realize that it is too late by now because most of the people already knows that the new Iphone 6 with two options in sizes are coming out in a couple of months or a month and half to be exact which supposedly to be considered the best Iphone Apple has ever created because it is known that they are going to have at least up to ten sensors in these phones, sensors is what use for tracking such as gps, heart rates, blood pressures, sugar test and among others unlike any smartphones as most of them only have at least a couple or three sensors built-in. Wal-Mart has announced that they are cutting the prices on Iphone 5S and Iphone C to $100 or under for anyone who want to buy them but I would recommend you all to wait until the Iphone 6 come out so to save a hundred dollars for a larger space on the new Iphone 6 as usually it costs a hundred-dollar for each space like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Not only that since Apple is bringing out two options of screen sizes which that would means it’ll cost a bit more for a larger option too, I am sure but Wal-Mart slashing the prices on Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C are too late either way which they should have done about a year before the new upcoming model Iphone especially the upcoming new model is different from earlier Iphone such as Iphone 5 and Iphone 5S being similar, same with Iphone 4 and Iphone 4S but this Iphone 6 is a new thing.

General Motors Company.

There has been huge problems going on with General Motors Company (GM) lately as some of us noticed. In few weeks ago I have written an article about General Motors Company (can be found here) started sending out some recalls on the vehicles they manufactured where it is said that they are expected to break their own record of the numbers in recall in history which is starting to happen because some weeks ago General Motors were making recalls for some of their brand Chevrolet vehicles for the ignition fault and sparks as well and these recalls numbers were 13.8 million the last time I checked and their record of recalls would be 30 million. Now recently General Motors Company (GM) has just reported another recalls for one of their brand Buick which is manufactured by General Motors, the numbers for recalls they have made for Buick would be a whopping 194,107 due to their headlight issue but that isn’t all as they have made recalls on one of their brand’s model the Chevrolet Cruzes and the numbers of recalls for Cruzes manufactured by Chevrolet under General Motors would be 29,000 due to faulty air bags on Chevrolet Cruzes from same factory in Mexico. Gosh, this is a bad year for General Motors I bet although I am not concerned at all as I am not a fan of any brands manufactured under General Motors (sorry GM fans) because I am a proud ford man but still I feel the pain for General Motors company, ouch!

The Faulty Chargers.

I can understand that some of the people like to buy the clone (copycat) products due to that they are either half or less price of the company’s own products but sometime what people doesn’t realize is that not every clone items will perform well the way the company products does especially the chargers for some of the items to charge a battery in some devices such as laptop, smartphone, tablets and others. Because the fake (I call it clone) products like the chargers can damage any the devices or the owners of these devices as recently there was one news released stating that the woman who lives in Sydney, Australia were killed due to a faulty USB charger wearing the headphones and holding her laptop with burns on her ears and chest because of electrocution. She was not the only one who was killed due to a faulty charger as there was a Chinese woman was electrocuted after answering a call on her Iphone plugged into a third-party charger, Apple then found out about the incident and logged on Apple’s own website to warn the customers to stay away from non-approved charging devices. These aren’t the only incidents either as there are more than incidents due to faulty chargers but these two are the most important ones, so I beg all of you to not use or buy any chargers that isn’t manufactured from the devices manufacturers so be sure to only buy the authentic chargers that’s manufactured by your devices manufactured which they can be easily found in their stores or on their online stores for instance if you are in need a replacement or extra chargers for Apple devices then you can find the authentic (genuine) chargers for Apple devices in their own section in one of the aisle – such as, at Wal-Mart there is an Apple section in one of aisle at electronics department with all of their authentic or approved parts.

Source: Warning over faulty USB chargers after woman electrocuted by CNET.

The Tasty Cheese!

For the past a couple of years I have become a huge fan of this cheese brand calls Coburn Farms which is a dairy company that sells dairy products such as milk, eggs, cheese and few of others. There are many of cheese brands to choose throughout the countries and many of the people have their own favorite and so do I, besides the fresh cheese my favorite cheese brand would be Coburn Farms cheddar and jack finely shredded cheese so whoever is cheese lovers like myself should give Coburn Farms cheese a try although they cannot be found everywhere as they are only exclusive to certain retailer which would be Save-A-Lot so if any one of you have Save-A-Lot stores around you then buy one of Coburn Farms cheese to try them with anything you’d like but I often use them to mix with macaroni and cheese. It is very yummy and of course I highly recommend this cheese brand, and it’s cheaper than the big chains cheese manufacturers like Kraft yet Coburn Farms cheeses taste like a high-end cheeses, you’d be surprised.

Few Great Titles on Netflix!

Lately I have watched some of the titles on Netflix which I use on my Xbox One more than ever now since I recently bought a remote controller for Xbox One and that’s a lot easier and useful for me now than having to navigate Netflix or such apps using the controller. When I first discovered Netflix I wasn’t so sure about becoming a subscriber at Netflix to stream some of the television shows and movies because back then I didn’t know Netflix is a leading streaming company at that time but then I found out that a friend of my mother’s was a Netflix subscriber so I had asked a friend of hers if she would give me her account for me to watch something on it to give it a try for a few days and immediately I became hooked after seeing that they have so many titles on the Netflix I have never imagined they would have especially the old titles I used to watch as a child along with new titles coming out but one title was the main reason I subscribed to Netflix is The Walking Dead but I quickly watched all seasons on The Walking Dead then I found an alternative The Lost. The Lost is fantastic show with over a hundred episodes on Netflix and I couldn’t keep myself from watching that title but sadly after a couple of months I have watched all seasons on The Lost and found out that The Lost doesn’t make any more episodes and that was a complete seasons of The Lost on Netflix, so if any of you getting annoyed with waiting for new episode to come out for The Walking Dead then I highly recommend you to watch The Lost on Netflix.

Right now I am watching a fantastic new title of television shows on Netflix called LongMire, it reminds me of another television show like Jericho in some way but in different story but nonetheless LongMire is becoming my daily television show to watch since LongMire is still a new television shows that is continue to make episodes and seasons thankfully because after discovering that Lost show wasn’t making any more new episodes I was disappointed because at the end of Lost it makes me want to watch more and was curious if they start with a different list of casts with something new story but relates to the first list of casts.

NFL season is the near!

I am absolutely excited that the NFL season is nearing which would be in September and I am very much looking forward to watch my long-time favorite team Green Bay Packers to play this year especially with high ranked players Packers recruited and drafted this year such as HaHa Clinton-Dix along with recruiting Julius Peppers from Packers most rivalry team the Chicago Bears with few more like Davante Adams and Jared Abbrederis so it’s going to be interesting to see how they perform in the games this year especially Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix while hoping that Packers made a good decision to sign Julius Peppers as they said Julius Peppers is going to take the Packers defense to another whole level so we will see once they are in the season and beside the first team they are going up against is 2014 Superbowl winner Seattle Seahawks which everyone said that it’s a perfect match that anyone would rarely seen.

Apple Iwatches.

Another news about the Apple smartwatch for all of Apple fans, it is confirmed that Apple is indeed almost done with working on their first smartwatch called IWatch but there is one thing that everyone including myself didn’t expect from Apple is that it’s not going to be just Apple IWatch but it is going to be Apple IWatches because it is said that Apple will be releasing different Iwatch for everyone to choose as in sizes, editions/models or looks (styles and colors) and that they will be launched in October for anyone who wish to buy them and I will be getting one myself or probably two but only one thing that everybody doesn’t know yet and that would be how much they cost so we will see when they launch or unless Apple decide to announce the specifications along with prices for their smartwatches before the launch.

The End of Tidbits.

Alright I am going to have to wrap this up because I was supposed to get done with writing this article by about five o’clock and it is going on eight o’clock now but in the middle of this article I had to step out because it was dinnertime so it delayed myself from finishing this article when I wanted to because I had planned to write a second article before end of the day but apparently that’s probably not going to happen as it is already getting late because I always like to write one article in between two to four o’clock and then the second article from seven o’clock to nine o’clock. But you never know, I may end up deciding to write another article in an hour if I have nothing else to do or becomes bored. I hope that you like the idea of me writing tidbits and I would greatly appreciate if you would leave a comment to let me know if you think I should continue writing tidbits or not? Thank you very much for reading this article and I hope that all of you have a great evening, and all of you to be safe wherever you all are at or whatever it is that you all are planning on to do for the evening, stay awesome my friends!

– Joshie.

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