Texas Roadhouse in Pikeville, Ky.

This is a review for a restaurant named Texas Roadhouse located in the city of Pikeville in the state of Kentucky.

We were required to call Texas Roadhouse an hour in ahead of time before we arrive so to get a table for three of us, when we arrived there was a very long line of customers which that forced us to wait in the line for more than an hour at most but the problem was that the customers who were in the line behind us were called to a table as a table freed up when it was supposed to be us because we were there earlier than these customers. It was not the only once, twice, third but more than fourth times that they allowed customers to skips us when we made a reservation way before they did as we were in ahead of the line so the service were obviously poorly done especially with reservations.

I caught a server or a waitress, however they call them but a guy who were carrying a large plate with few plates on it underneath his chin with a regular sized goatee hairs so it was somewhat unpleasant to be the one that caught the man who were carrying it underneath his chin with goatee hairs.

Foods were a-okay, we have ordered a different meals ourselves, myself I have bought the smokehouse burger, my mother and my step father both bought the same meal which was steak tips. My mother ended up sending her meal back because the entire of her steak tip were very rare (red) which she never could stand any meats that shows red so they had to fix her another steak tips that she had originally ordered which was well-done steak tips. My step father on other hand, he liked medium done (rare, but not rare) steak tips so I can only guess that he liked his meal more than both of us but for myself the smokehouse burger were somewhat decent but definitely not the best burger I have ever ate in my lifetime. We chosen Texas Roadhouse as my mother’s birthday dinner which it was the first time that we’ve ever ate at Texas Roadhouse and I can safely say that it is possible that we won’t be their returning customers as we all agreed that we would’ve got better steaks along with other foods from our local steakhouse in Belfry, Ky which is called Thoroughbred Steakhouse.

The pricing for all of foods on the menu are absurd because myself alone for a burger with cheese fries (steak french fries with cheese on top) costs over twenty dollars including taxes while there were only 6-7 fries and a regular size (think Wendy’s or McDonald’s) burger meat on the plate when I could easily get a lot more for just a couple of dollars.

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