Tidbits 2/14/2016.

Here we are at it again, as in the last article I have promised all of my readers that I will be writing another tidbits sooner than expected or usual and I have a few topics that I would like to talk about with some of you if you don’t mind. I will try my best to make this one tidbits article to be shorter but a few more topics than the usual, where I tend to write long paragraph for each topics and this time I am going to try to write shorter paragraph for each topics so to not make it time-consuming although I do know that some of you like some long readings but I am somewhat in a rush myself. Why rush? It is nearing my bed time and the decision to write this tidbits article is at spur of the time but are you ready? Should I begin? Okay here we go.

Tidbits 2/14/2016

Hope some of you will be happy with the topics that I am writing in here and I would like to remind all of you that if there are any topics you would like to see me to share my views/opinions on you are more than welcome to send in your suggestions for the topics for me to share my views/opinions on by visiting this submit (click here) page.

Windows 10!

Before I go ahead to write a tidbit article here for every reader’s pleasure, I hope that some or all the readers knows the reason of me not being able to blog for over a week by now as the last article I wrote I made an announcement that I don’t think I would be able to blog for a while because at that time I was going through pain myself so in other words I could not bear the pain I was feeling for over a week which means it was too discomforting for me to be able to write an article for the weblog here and in case if some of you missed the last article I wrote or wondered why I have not blogged for over a week then it was due to medical reason which is something that is somewhat sensitive for me to share the medical reason out here in the public but I can only say that I was in very pain at that time. Over a week ago my doctor said that if the pain that I was enduring don’t get better by ten days that my doctor would have no choice but to refer me to a surgeon where there would be possibility that I would have to have a surgery but thankfully the pain I endured has disappeared to the point that I really don’t need medical attention but it isn’t completely healed yet and I would maybe say that it is 85 percent healed at the moment so it is better.

Free Google Earth Pro.

Google Earth Pro

For some years some of the people love using a software created by Google named Google Earth which can be very useful depending on what you use Google Earth for, but I often use it for scouting out the places especially the trails that I might have an interest in and if the trail I sees are interesting then I do mapping on it by marking so I can in some way create my map. If you have ever use Google map in your browser then this makes it easier for me to explain what exactly Google Earth software are, it is a lot better than you see on Google Maps with a lot more tools and a lot more features to use as well such as marking the map of your own then you can create your own map where you can download the custom map to a certain device to help you to route the direction you have marked in the map. Nonetheless there are a lot of people who love using Google Earth software but they always would like to have Google Earth Pro because it unlocks more features, tools and enabling 3D instead of just 2D because in regular Google Earth you can only have 2D so in Google Earth Pro you can use 3D feature but that isn’t only feature as it comes in boatload more of other features.

Old Computers, Kids Reaction.

Old ComputersEvery operating systems industries and computers manufacturer company has improved and upgraded in technology every day to a point where there is several of the people who either forgot how it was when using the old computers back in the days especially in the year of 90s or even several of the people never thought that there was old operating systems or computers were exists that look very completely different from the desktop and the laptops today that several of the people owns. While it is understandable that the young ages of people who born a decade or two later seeing the new desktop and laptops that their parents owns or the schools they attend owns but the thing is that the old operating systems or computers is still very important and is part of the technology and the reason that the desktop or laptop is absolutely amazing today but it is somewhat worrisome.

Samsung says Goodbye to Android.

I have come across a source about Samsung company and as well Android which we all know that Android is created by Google but if some of you don’t know that Android were created by Google then now you do know. Today hundreds of smartphones and cell phones are using Android system software which is quite overdoing it I think, like earlier post I have made about Apple wins vs Samsung in their court trial when Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung for infringing the copyright from Apple considering that Apple owns these patients that Samsung violates by copying the interface of Iphone for their smartphone known as all Galaxy models and Samsung tried to counter Apple but failed several cases against Apple while that Apple won almost every cases against Samsung and I dislike Samsung for one reason and that is they have no howsoever creativity for their products hence the copyright infringement meaning that they violates the law by copying someone else work/products and patients owned by someone else such as Apple. Until recently someone has leaked an information about Samsung is considering to backstab Google’s back in many ways. Why? Or how? Here it is.