AdBlock Hurts Bloggers And Others.

Some of you may already know what AdBlock is but for some those of you who have no clue what is AdBlock, for those of you who have no clue about AdBlock or what it is all about then please stop reading this article because you are the reason that we bloggers and some of the others such as YouTubers (YouTube Users), people who owns websites that runs such as bulletin messages board (forum), personal website (biography, info-media, etc) or the likes but generally for who owns website regardless what they uses them for continue to keeping up with their websites. Especially for us bloggers who provides contents such as articles to you at no cost and YouTubers keeps uploading awesome videos on regular basis to their YouTube channels because our works gets paid for you without you having to pay to read some of our articles on our weblogs or watch some of our videos on our YouTube channel(s). That is right, I said it that our works gets paid for you without you having to pay to read any articles that we have written and any videos that we have uploaded to our channels on YouTube. How? You can thank advertisements that you sees on our weblogs, websites or our videos on YouTube as advertisements through certain publishing/advertising services such as Adsense owned by Google or owned by Yahoo/Bing that allows us to monetize our works that we have published online for your pleasure without charging any of you.

Moving Hosting.

In case if some of you were wondering why were down for about a day and half, the answer to that question is that I have decided to move to another provider for a server to host websites I run. I was with one company for several years until a couple or three days ago they have decided that they would discontinue a specific plan that I only liked so they left me no choice but to find a new home to run my websites and I hate moving especially when it comes to migrating websites with databases repeatedly until I find a provider that I am comfortable with the most. I have researched heavily to who I should be comfortable with and found a provider that sparked my interest especially after a long chat with one of their salesperson who was very convincing especially making sure that they meets my requirements. When it comes to hosting the most important I looked for is the security then the second is the loading time which it seems to be fair enough for me to be comfortable with especially at my budget.

Comments Spammers Idiots!

I know how frustrating it is to being a blogger who have to handle hundreds if not thousands of spams in the comments section which it can get way overwhelming sometimes, it is one of downside for being a blogger because you would always want to make sure that no spammers gets by you with sneaking in commenting your blogs with some of the comments that seems to be not a spam so that can fool our anti-spam machine that we have installed our blogs such as Akismet or other spams blocker plugins. Even the spammers don’t only be able to fool the anti-spam machines, they are able to somehow get through the recaptcha machine which is hosted by the number one search engines Google and it makes it even more frustrating for some of us as bloggers. If some of you think that these spammed comments are actually being posted by the visitors on your article/post then you are mistaken because someone have built a brilliant software that allows the people to send out spammed comments to multiply blogs at once including mine, yours and many of other bloggers.

My Reviews Websites Profiles.

Apparently it’s a bit of complicate for me to choose which reviews websites that I would like to stick with and be the only loyalty to. As some of you know that for a great long while that I have been heavily user on FourSquare for the check-ins and leaving all of reviews that I have personally visited.

But that now have changed since I have decided to start looking up at other reviews websites such as Google Places, TripAdvisor, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Facebook Places and others. While I will always be loyal to Foursquare considering that I have been a long-time superuser for Foursquare (think moderator) and that never will change but I have realized that I am beginning to like a couple of other reviews websites.

Out of all reviews websites while narrowing it down which I prefer or will use the most out of them is of course Foursquare but others are TripAdvisor which I have come to find out that it’s amazingly impressive that I am beginning to get hooked with especially trying to become a senior reviewer as I have written reviews for all of places I’ve known and experienced. Also I have become a fan of Google Places which is decent at most, a very useful too but not used heavily like Foursquare or Tripadvisor and I am becoming a fan of Yelp now since I have browsed around on Yelp to leave reviews as many as I possibly can on the places that I have experienced. Which one should I recommend you to follow or become friends with me? I would say Foursquare, Tripadvisor and Yelp is the three I’ll be using equally out of all.

Becoming a photographer.

I have decided to become a photographer for the first time, bought myself a DSLR recently and I am looking forward to have some photographs done. I have already bought many of things to be a photographer such as quite expensive tripod, DSLR bag, lenses, speedlite and some softwares for processing such as Lightroom and Photoshop. My photography copyright name is Joshies’ Photography for any those who wonder what it’s being called. I have only took very few photographs and it’s not many but it is because I just begin my photography career which not everybody realize and I know there’s few of people who telling me that I don’t have enough of photographs, what do you expect? I stated that I just started.

I am very much looking forward to collect more photographs to showcase them everywhere I can think of and hopefully that my images spread more places than I have thought of. What I will be doing is that I decided to be a photography in ALL categories, not only a couple. Such as landscape, animals, portraits, boudoir, sports, events (wedding, party, others) and more. So you could call it “all-in-one photographer” if you will. I have already photographs very few because there’s not much of good things that worth for photographs around here especially landscape due to this area being extremely wet all the time that there’s rarely any flowers, plants and others that grew out of the yards as it is mostly muddy. And my area is extremely small, however it isn’t stopping me from doing some works on other categories and only landscape if I am somewhere else than here.

I am little of website mentor.

As I am little mentor of his. I have decided to assist in ANY way to help its popularity of my close friend Preston. This may sound unusual post of the blog for JoshiesWorld. But I suggest you to give a peek at No, I do not create his website this time. I did before, yes. But once I allow it back on my server after technical issue (to honest, money issue). He did everything himself which I am absolutely proud of him. He makes good remixes and his own songs. He created one for me, you can hear it on YouTube of mine. It will play it, mostly new videos is included the creation of song that he made specifically for me. Now, not that I am advertising or promoting. But I want to solidly tell you about my close friend which that I gave him as a gift (its domain) and of course, having it on my server. But entirely, as design and all the music is created entirely by himself. Now, I please ask you to do me at least a favor, and take a look at Prestons personal website (or known Kniew/Kniewdy to certain people) by visiting You can do so by click the link in this post, or the one in my Family/Friends links on the sidebar. Cheers!