8-15-2017 Snippets

How are you doing today? I hope that all of you are doing very well, I am doing well myself although I have been very busy lately and I am getting a bit more excited that the summer is coming to end because if you recall in a few of articles that I have written a while back that I am a big fan of winter. Because of the snow and the cold weather if its average temperature for cold such as 20-30 degrees because if under that then it would become somewhat intolerable for me. Not only that, while I do love snow but I don’t like when they get to the point that we would be stuck for a long time or on these days when we have an appointment with the doctors of ours and whatnot but if it’s snowed in on the days that we are not needed somewhere then that is what I am all for as long as we don’t lose electricity. Did you all enjoyed your summer so far? We only have about a month before the temperature will start drops drastically especially in the last weeks of September to first week of October unless the mother’s nature isn’t ready (climate change). I know I haven’t written a snippets article since a few weeks ago, mainly because I didn’t have much of topics on my list to share my opinions on and over these weeks I have written some topics that comes to my mind slowly until I feel that I have enough of them to write a snippets article.

Deaf Talent and Van Helsing

Either that in the today’s film industry discriminate Deaf and Hard of Hearing, are audism which that means they have something against them, simply doesn’t care or plainly dumb. If you are someone who loves watching television shows or movies daily, there are some of the people who must have music, must play games as much as they can and then there are people who must watch television shows or movies everyday. I am one of these who must watch television shows or movies daily group, so of course we are bound to watch some television shows or movies that have one or more Deaf or Hard of Hearing characters and that same goes for the people who is in wheelchair too. But what a lot of people doesn’t realize is that these roles were given to the actor or actress that aren’t what the role of characters is such as Deaf, Hard of Hearing or in wheelchair and that is a problem. It is getting tiresome, the reason that is a problem is because it is conflict with the character’s role who isn’t even what the character’s role has and they have no right to do so. Unfortunately, some productions in films or television shows are either too dumb, discriminating them or have something against them. What they do is robbing the opportunities from the people who has what these character’s role has, if the character’s role is Deaf or Hard of Hearing then hire Deaf or Hard of hearing actor or actress and if the character’s role is in wheelchair then hire an actor or an actress who is in wheelchair. Otherwise it is conflicts in a huge way and that is a problem with the productions in both films and television shows for not having any common sense.