iOS 10 Is The Best iOS Yet!

I have recently updated my iPhone 6S plus, my mother’s iPhone 6S plus, my step father’s iPhone 6 and my old iPhone 5S from iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 10. When I updated these iPhone devices to iOS 10 I was in awe, because Apple finally will be giving us the software that we have looked forever or wished that there were certain features or a different ways that our iPhone can offer and how did I update to iOS 10 when I said that Apple finally will be giving us the iOS 10 for all of our Apple mobile devices? Because iOS 10 is not out yet but as always Apple offers early releases for anyone who want to beta test which that means the iOS 10 is in public beta phase, while that it is being beta phase the iOS 10 public beta is not perfect and finalized as it is what the beta is all about so that we can test for them as new features they adds. For example iOS 10 Public Beta 1 comes with let’s say, 30 new features then we test these features so that if we ever find anything wrong with these features or find any errors in iOS 10 then we report them for them so that they can correct the errors then once they do so they will release another beta version such as iOS 10 Public Beta 2 which is the current as of now where they corrected the problems while at the same time added another more 30 features for us to check to make sure that everything is all well or if not then we report them to Apple to let them know what is wrong with certain features and then they release another beta version such as iOS 10 Public Beta 3 which I believe will be the last version of beta phase before they officially release the perfect iOS 10 to everybody in the fall.

Twitter: Turn on new profile!

Twitter Profile Update!

Twitter LogoThis article only will be sweet and short because I only want to give a small announcement so that everyone that read here hasn’t know about anything from Twitter yet. You can now have the brand new profile for your Twitter profile if you recall my earlier article about the new makeover Twitter profile design that they were working on to release to everyone in few weeks, now it’s here you can have the new look of Twitter profile. If you would like to have the new profile design on Twitter now, you can do so by going to notifications tab on top of the twitter and then you will be prompted with small announcement on the top of Twitter asking you if you would like to turn on the new profile to test it then you can click the button that you do want to turn it on and when you do, you can take a look and see if you like the new profile Twitter has released then you can click the turn on button again and it will tell you that your new profile is now live which means that you now have the new Twitter profile for everyone to see including yourself.

You can take a look at mine by going here: Follow me on Twitter pretty please?! 😀

Long time no write.

I have realized that I have not write anything on here at JoshiesWorld in very long time although I do still know that I am still running JoshiesWorld and still own it as I have planned it to never stopped running and in hope to continue running it whenever I am decreased under my mother’s control to continue displaying my work and my thoughts in public for everyone to either be reminded or have the interest to read my thoughts, opinions and others once again.

But writing this post on the blog means I am obviously still alive thankfully, I have been quite busy with my life and other tasks I have yet to finish that I am supposed to do so but at this time I have free time which is a few minutes to myself to do what I feel like doing which I came to a decision that I should write something.

I have been thinking of what I should start doing for JoshiesWorld, I am thinking that I may will do bits weekly on different subjects at once rather than per post so to give reader something more to read at once rather than going to post to post for one or couple of subjects on things. Some call it tidbits or some sort of bulletins. But I would like to remind every one of you that when I do write about things it is entirely on my opinions and my view of things in general and being open minded about things rather telling you as it is unless I do know it is as is.

Adding subscription of JoshiesWorld!

Subscription function for JoshiesWorld is now exist, which it can be found on right side of the bar, on the left sub-side under “Joshies Social”. You can subscribe to JoshiesWorld by adding your primary e-mail address which it shall never be sold, or used as spams. Only time you will receive e-mails from JoshiesWorld, and myself is once I updated JoshiesWorld with new post of the blog or new of the news especially what is going on with me today! I really hope that you are willing to subscribe to JoshiesWorld. Because, as I will be gladly to keep you update as much as I can. If you cannot find the subscription function which other way to call it subscribe alone then please feel free to leave a question under this post asking where it is and I will try my best to direct you to it. And just to let you know, there is one more subscription function which is located in “About” tab at top of website.

Have a day or night. Please be careful out there in cruel world, as it really is.
– Joshie.