Pike County, Ky is NOT Deaf Friendly

For the Deaf community, we are starting to see some of the places all over here in the United States who finally been educated and is aware of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to the point that they started renovating counties or cities themselves to make sure that they are accessible for everybody equally regardless their backgrounds. For several decades, by now almost everywhere in the United States is now accessible for the people who is wheelchair-bound and for the people who is senior citizens but never make the places to be accessible for the people who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Even though Deaf community have been around here for centuries, yet the officials in the counties or cities were aware of the people who is in wheelchair-bounds and senior citizens so they added a section in the Americans with Disabilities Act law that most of the buildings whether it be business, private, public or residential must build an accessible for the people who is in wheelchairs by building ramps along with making it easier for senior citizens to get access to the buildings without having to climb up the stairs. A few decades ago a lot of people looks at them as a disability, respects them and look at them almost equally although I am sure that some of the people who terrorize anyone who is in wheelchair but the major of the people doesn’t. Now as for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, even though we have been here for centuries but most of the people weren’t educated well enough to know that being Deaf or Hard of Hearing means that we have some kinds of problem with our hearing in their eyes until somewhere in the year of 1800s. When they starts to knowledge about Deaf and Hard of Hearing, they were quickly to judge us by calling us Deaf and Dumb.

Deaf Talent and Van Helsing

Either that in the today’s film industry discriminate Deaf and Hard of Hearing, are audism which that means they have something against them, simply doesn’t care or plainly dumb. If you are someone who loves watching television shows or movies daily, there are some of the people who must have music, must play games as much as they can and then there are people who must watch television shows or movies everyday. I am one of these who must watch television shows or movies daily group, so of course we are bound to watch some television shows or movies that have one or more Deaf or Hard of Hearing characters and that same goes for the people who is in wheelchair too. But what a lot of people doesn’t realize is that these roles were given to the actor or actress that aren’t what the role of characters is such as Deaf, Hard of Hearing or in wheelchair and that is a problem. It is getting tiresome, the reason that is a problem is because it is conflict with the character’s role who isn’t even what the character’s role has and they have no right to do so. Unfortunately, some productions in films or television shows are either too dumb, discriminating them or have something against them. What they do is robbing the opportunities from the people who has what these character’s role has, if the character’s role is Deaf or Hard of Hearing then hire Deaf or Hard of hearing actor or actress and if the character’s role is in wheelchair then hire an actor or an actress who is in wheelchair. Otherwise it is conflicts in a huge way and that is a problem with the productions in both films and television shows for not having any common sense.

Starkey Is The Enemy!

The other day I have stumbled upon some researches and watched some videos of a laboratories company named Starkey Hearing Foundation that have not just angered me but angered several individuals in the Deaf community. Starkey is a company that make hearing technology for any individuals that have a problem with hearing and Starkey have led several people to think that Starkey is the hero as it is what Starkey would want you to see them as but they are not really the hero that you thought. There are several articles or videos that have shown where there are public figures individuals such as some of United States of American former presidents like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and our running for president Hillary Clinton gives the hearing aids to some of the people who are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Even the Starkey have said that their hearing technology is the treatment or the solution for anyone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing just upsets the Deaf community even more because it is misleading as there is several Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals have said that they limits their freedom more than they have. Why does it limit Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals freedom more? Because with these technology they cannot do some activities such as swimming, play some contact sports such as football, basketball, baseball and even hockey.

System Fails Deaf For Many Years.

The system created by the federal, governments and some of rich people never suits the Deaf individuals for several decades as the system were created for some of the people here in the United States to help some elite groups such as the individuals who does not care for anyone else but themselves while taking the pocketful of money from that system without leaving anything over for the rest of other groups to take through jobs. That is mostly the reason that the system is very harsh to where that it doesn’t allow any groups like Deaf community, Seniors Citizens or other disabilities to be able to find any opportunity such as a job that is suits for them with a skill of whatever it is they are good at. The system that is created by some elite groups made it very hard for any individuals who happens to be Deaf, Senior Citizen or others to have a chance at being able to be accepted to work for a large corporation, governments level or federal level so in many people’s views that just because we have one or more disabilities or that we are at old age means we are unable to work but in reality is by their views of us is what they made us out to be. That is one among others are how the system is built as they made it a system that prevents some groups, Deaf community in particular to work twice or three hard as the elite groups or in other words high-class people when it comes to trying to get a job at somewhere that are in need of a set skills that they have which that is why it’s almost too easy for anyone to get in the career they want while the Deaf community have to work twice or three times harder to get in a career that they want.

Tidbits 12/4/2015.

Since from the last article I wrote on here titled “Happy Thanksgiving” the other day, on day of Thanksgiving so I can safely assume that every one of you had a great thanksgiving? Mine was great although I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving as much as I would used to several years ago which I have mentioned my reasons in that blogs post. For today’s blog post I will be writing tidbits which I know I have not written tidbits article in a great while and I believe that the last time I wrote tidbits article was in September so it has been a while. I believe it is due for me to write the tidbits once again since I know some of you love reading tidbits since almost every tidbits I wrote received the most views than the other articles I wrote. In case if you are new reader here, to get a better understanding what exactly tidbits are about I suggest that you search some tidbit articles on here which you can do so by typing the word “tidbits” in the search box at the top of the website then it will bring you a list of tidbit articles for you to read and know that tidbits article can be a very long to read because tidbit involves several topics in one place and not just a topic for each article to read so be prepared for when this tidbits article to be long but sometimes it can be short too as it depends on how many topics are involved in the article.

Photographers and photographs.

PhotographersWe know that everybody loves to take a lot of pictures for some reasons, whether it be for their memories, family photographs, friends photographs, vacation/trip photographs, landscape photographs and there are several different kinds of photographs that everybody like taking. I mean who doesn’t like taking some pictures? Well I know there are some of the people who don’t like taking some pictures or especially being in some of the pictures that is taken by somebody else which I am one of them who doesn’t like to be taken in some pictures although I don’t mind them as long as I know what they are for such as memories or something but I dislike having my pictures being taken for the public display or some sort. Even that I don’t like being in some of the pictures doesn’t means that I don’t like taking some of the photographs because I am a photographer on the side and my kind of photographs would be boudoirs especially with women because I consider them as art although some of the people who doesn’t understand or know what is photography would be against the boudoirs as they think that they have no respect for themselves or that they are naughty because most of the boudoirs are nudity but what they don’t realize is that many industries, magazines or professional photographers considered them arts and that showing their nature skin in the photographs is to let everyone know that they are proud of the way they are but in my opinion that it’s a beautiful creature although some of the people probably isn’t going to understand mine or many of others views when it comes to taking these kind of photographs for our clients.