McDonald’s Discriminated Deaf Man.

There were a discrimination in the Deaf community recently as one Deaf man named Johnathan Ramos who decided to record a video using his cell phone where he is being discriminated by one of its employee who were threatening to call the police on Johnathan Ramos if Johnathan would not leave the place that the employee calls his own land when it’s not even his own land in begin with as the place that Johnathan Ramos was discriminated is one of fast-food chain McDonald’s in Columbus, Nebraska and the McDonald’s refused to serve the Deaf man Johnathan Ramos because of his inability to hear. McDonald’s have violated Americans with Disabilities Act for unwilling to use the communication that were preferred by Johnathan Ramos as every Deaf individual have the right to use the communication that they prefers and most comfortable with. While potential Deaf customer await to order his foods with the attempts to communicate with the employees of McDonald’s but then they called the police, the police have come to the McDonald’s and cited Johnathan Ramos. Here is the video that Johnathan Ramos recorded using his cell phone at the McDonald’s that discriminated him.