Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

I would like to say that I wish every single of you a very Happy Thanksgiving of the year 2016! Some of the people including myself who celebrate thanksgiving or some of the other holidays earlier or later and as for this year we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving a day earlier which that means today instead of celebrating for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Some people just have their preference for when to celebrate for what, such as Thanksgiving, Birthday or Christmas for certain reasons whether it be a conflicts with some people’s schedules, health or medical reasons and among others. We started celebrating either a day before or the day after for some holidays but we never will celebrate a day earlier or later for Christmas as we always have to celebrate on Christmas day, we have do so for several decades in all of our family generations and I don’t recall of ever celebrating Christmas a day earlier or a day after. Although I did used to celebrate Christmas a day before every year when I was young with my father and his side of the family but as for me and my mother’s side of the family it is always on the 25th of December every year no matter if we are to celebrate early in the morning or late at the night as long as we at least celebrated Christmas on its Christmas day. But as for Thanksgiving, we have celebrated on the day of Thanksgiving and a day before on some different years so pretty much each year takes their turn for us to celebrate on its day or a day earlier.

Just Got Back And Blogging

Hey guys! I am sure that some of you noticed that I haven’t blogged for a few days, so to let you know that I couldn’t find any time to blog at all because we were in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg in Tennessee for a short vacation while at the same time visiting my mother’s cousin in the hospital as she was put in ICU due to severe pneumonia when she and her family were vacationing in Tennessee too a few weeks ago. Thankfully she is now stable, she has been transferred from the hospital in Sevierville, TN to her home in Columbus, Ohio and is doing well. I could not find any time to blog, whatsoever and I have wanted to blog as I have tried hard to find a time to blog but every time I thought I could find a time to do so then stuff quickly gets in the way every time I found a time to do so. But good news is that I am back home, I have recorded a bunch of videos for the Rod Run Grand in Pigeon Forge and some Gatlinburg in Tennessee but bad news is that I probably won’t be able to find any time to blog for a few days even though I am back home now but the reason that I won’t be able to is because I have so many videos with several hours between them to edit. There are so many videos that I will be editing so it is going to be exhausting but thankfully I am known for my stubbornness and I am going to use that as my advantage. However by doing so I will have to put blogging aside just for a few days so that I can try to finish editing the entire video and have it ready for viewing within’ a week on here so all of you can watch my trip in Tennessee!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Joshie, JoshiesWorld founder and blogger speaking out to all of you readers, fans or friends whichever you prefer but in my mind all of you are friends even may of you may be strangers because I don’t know you although you may know me a bit through here. I wanted to make a blog post to tell every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and that I hope all of you have a great day! I am certain that most of you will because it involves a full table of delicious foods right?! One of few things to be thankful for, to have foods to fed and to be able to share the foods with your family while sharing some memories with each others which is a very precious thing to have. Me? I used to look forward to thanksgiving every year because that means I get to visit my grandparent’s house, eat large amounts of foods and spend the time with the grandparents along with the rest of the family as my grandparents house were the place that everyone in the family to be at on the thanksgiving day. But unfortunately, I no longer looking forward to thanksgiving which that means I have lost interests for the thanksgiving for a few years now although the traditional of having thanksgiving foods carries on as a I refuses that traditional to be broken even if it’s a day earlier or on the day of Thanksgiving or the day after the Thanksgiving but no longer or earlier than that.

Failure is the way to succeed!

Failure and successBefore I will start writing about something that has to do with the successes and failures but I would like to say hello to every one of you! I hope that all of you are having a good day or at least better than how my day is going so far although I have nothing to complain about it except that I do wish I would have a better day than how my day are so far today. But at least I still have a few hours out of the day today that I can hope for it to get better so we will see and I would like to thank every one of you for being loyal readers because it means a lot to me, more than you can imagine because all of you it has pushed myself to write some articles more than I have used to before at least as best I can do and beside about a year ago I was losing the interest of being the blogger that I am today for JoshiesWorld in particular although at that same time I was going through tough times but I was a frequent blogger where I would post maybe an article for every a month until just a few months ago I have read through some of your guys e-mails along with the comments that I have received through here where some of you guys had some concerns for where I am at or if I am still here since I started slowing down on writing from an article monthly to an article every two months so many of you kept encouraging me to push myself to be a successful blogger that I wanted to be then a few months ago I made an announcement on here where I made a promise that I am willing to start write several articles weekly because that is what most of successful bloggers does and ever since the day I have made a promise that I would start writing more articles weekly instead of just an article every two months I kept that promise because I have written several articles which about over a couple of hundreds articles in almost half of a year.