Victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas

My thoughts are with you all, I know I have wished you all well on social media several days ago but I feel that I want to maximize my areas in reaching out to the people especially who are victims by one of the worst hurricane named Harvey by writing this article for both of my blog on here and over at I have some people who reads my message on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google plus and others but my blog has the most readers than these so this is the reason I feel the need to do this so to make sure that my wish and my thoughts are received by everyone that I have. I have looked at horror pictures and videos all over of the hurricane Harvey that hit the people of Texas in several cities. The hurricane Harvey did not defeat you of these people who is victims of Harvey, you stand still bravely through the Hurricane Harvey and survived by defeating one of the worst hurricanes in the United States. Yes, unfortunately there are numbers of people who’s the hurricane Harvey took lives and my heart ache for the families of these people whose life were taken by the Harvey. I have already donated funds to some organizations including Texas Association of the Deaf who is responsible to make sure that the deaf and hard of hearing people who were affected by the hurricane Harvey to have some relief as there are many of them who lives in a couple of the cities that the Harvey hits the hardest. If you have some money that you are looking for someone or an organization to donate please look below for the links where you can do so which they will be grateful for them even if they are just one dollar, five dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars or thirty dollars because every little thing can mean a lot to them.

Joshies Opinion: Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M UniversityToday I am going to share my opinion about a quarterback Johnny Manziel who some of the people calls him “Johnny Football” he played in Texas at a college Texas A&M University, I know there are some of the people who loves Johnny Manziel and there are some of the people who hate Johnny Manziel but for me I am in the middle of love and hate, I guess natural. Some NFL players vouched Johnny Manziel especially Brett Favre who is the former quarterback at Green Bay Packers which happens to be my long time favorite team and one of my favorite quarterback besides Aaron Rodgers and Bart Starr but yes, Brett Favre vouched for him and there is a lot of people especially in NFL world who says that they could see the young Brett Favre in Johnny Manziel and thinks that he’s going to be one of the best quarterbacks in NFL along with other best quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and others especially in the top 5 QB list (excludes all former QB) and some of the people agrees with that even Brett Favre himself which is a bit odd.