Take A Knee During the National Anthem in Sports

Lately we have seen a lot of the players in sports, especially the National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association decided to take a knee or locking arms with others. They were shown on television and as well in the media, there are two divided groups who support the decision of the players to take a knee or to lock arms and who are against the decision of the players taking a knee or lock arms with others. Players, coaches and even owners would decide either to take a knee or to lock arms with others while the National Anthem plays or sings by certain singers which they traditionally do so before the game starts. From the beginning, it was Colin Kaepernick as a quarterback at San Francisco 49ers last year where he decided to sit on the bench during the National Anthem in protest, as the media immediately noticed that and the next game Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee instead of sitting on the bench like he did in the beginning but this time a few of his teammates joined the protest by taking a knee with Colin Kaepernick. This was last year, that protest were criticized heavily by some of the people and since then Colin Kaepernick have taken a knee during the National Anthem almost the entire of his 2016 season before he decided to opt out of his contract with San Francisco 49ers to test out the market to see if there are other NFL teams who would be interest in obtaining him to be their quarterback but unfortunately it was at the wrong time because almost every NFL teams didn’t need a starting quarterback which is what Colin Kaepernick looks for. Not only that, I am sure that maybe there are a couple of NFL teams who would be interested to obtain Colin Kaepernick but feared the attention that Colin Kaepernick may bring if they were to sign him since the National Anthem protest.

Tidbits (2/8/2016).

Forgive me as I haven’t written a tidbits article in a very long time as it seems and the reason for that is because either that I have been very busy due to my hectic schedules or don’t have enough of topics for it to be a tidbits article. As some of you know that tidbits article has more than one topic which that tends to make it a long article for the readers to read and to my knowledge there are many readers here at JoshiesWorld.com likes tidbits because it involves more than just one topic which can get boring sometimes as tidbits article has more than one topic so that means something more to read for the readers. Every now and then I like reading long articles but that depends on what it’s about, if it’s tidbits article then that is the kind of long reading article that I like but if just one topic but a very long article to read can be boring sometimes unless the bloggers know how to keep the readers interested without allow the long article of only one topic to become boring.

In case if you never have or don’t know what tidbits article are I suggest you to head over on at the top above here to look for a search box and type “tidbits” in the search box then you will get a list of few tidbits article that I have written in the past along with a few of them explaining what tidbits article are all about.

NFL Free Agents ’15.

NFL Always whoever is a fan of NFL football are already itching for the new season of football to start as soon as possible which I absolutely don’t blame them as I am one of the people who are wishing that the new season for football would hurry the heck up so that we can watch our favorite teams playing on either television or at some stadiums that our favorite team would be playing at and rooting for as many as wins our teams can get. Even though the football season may be over for now for a few months, we still gets on the edge for football especially in NFL, I am talking about resigning, trading, free agents signing, draft and outside of the draft as some of NFL teams signs some players that aren’t in draft. Besides the draft we have nerve-wrecking situations with our favorite teams especially the resigning because there are some of the best players that have played for our favorite teams about to become free agents on the market for other teams to sign away from our favorite teams which that is never a good thing depending on some of the players that we needs the most and letting players in our favorite teams that are in their prime to walk away to another team can be unforgiving especially to us the fans.

Super Bowl XLIX.

Super Bowl XLIXWho doesn’t love some football especially like NFL or watching a Super Bowl every February? Well I am sure that there are some percent that aren’t into football but I am pretty sure that the percent of the people who love football are higher than the percent of the people who aren’t into football. Football is American’s favorite sport of all-time but in other nations they often confuse football for soccer because where in other nations the football is the soccer which it make sense because you kick the ball with your foot so “foot-ball” is a fitting name more than a soccer in America but it is what it is. Nonetheless it is always everybody’s dreams to have their favorite team going to the Super Bowl and win but if their team wasn’t able to make it to the Super Bowl then would you still watch Super Bowl on either television or in live? Of course because it’s that exciting even though one of our team may not be there but still it is exciting because it is one greatest sport even annually and at same times it’s a bit saddening because it is also the end of the football season until the next season. In case if you don’t know my favorite team, it is Green Bay Packers as it is a team that I’ve grew up with by watching and it is a team that I choose myself where some of the people have a favorite team through generations in family but not me.

Football nearing, are we ready?!

FootballHey guys! How are every one of you been doing lately and what have you been up to lately? I hope that all of you aren’t getting in too much of trouble especially that it is labor day this week because a lot of people who likes to enjoy some buzz from drinking alcohol on labor day as usual especially on the weekend which we have to watch out for a few of people who drinks while driving. It is understood that some of the people like celebrating the labor day with a buzz from alcohol but please don’t drive a vehicle afterward because it wouldn’t only harm just you but everyone else, so for anyone who don’t drink please be careful when some of you are driving on the road because you never know that you may bump into somebody who’s drunk while driving and for those of you who like to celebrate with drinks then please have a designated driver or call a cab to safely transport yourself to home so that everyone can enjoy their labor day instead of turning their labor day into bad day with accidents! I have been busy lately although a lot of more things piling up on my plates that I have to do which is a lot for me and at same time it is very stressful for me but that is my luck I guess. For past a couple of the years I never expected that I would be very busy to this day than I ever have been as two years ago I almost have no schedules that keeps me busy except managing websites including this website and two years later my schedules are over the limits that it’s not even funny especially that for two or three days ago I have becoming a bit sick with acid going in my stomach that I have to take prescription medicine for it but sometime I am too busy to remember to take them which that’s a problem for me.

Where are Packers going?

I am sure most of you are wondering where Green Bay Packers will be going for the next year. All Packers’ fans have a faith that Packers will be going back to Superbowl again, don’t you think they will be able to do same thing as they did this year, or at least even better with more winnings? Methinks, believe so that they will be able to do it again next year. If not championship. Since Aaron Rodgers has already improved so much in his ability and skills in quarterback and other players has bought Green Bay Packers this far to win the Superbowl title, if not trade for a better player then they definitely will make a good season next year. Let’s hope that their injuries will be recovered and ready to attack any of teams that comes their way. My guts is telling me that Packers will be going at it again, usually my guts has been right so far that my team Packers would go to Superbowl and they did and my gut also did told me that they would win it and which they did. Now my gut tells me that they will do it again next year but with little more concerns though.