Gov’t Shutdown/Dem & Rep.

The reason of Government shutdown was due to disagreement between democrat and republican on Affordable Care Act (ACA) code name as every one of us know, ObamaCare. What had sparked the ignition to shut down was mostly coming from republican for disagreeing with democrat on the new law for affordable care act especially when it comes to offering health insurance to very small percentage of people who couldn’t afford the health insurance for themselves or the family with the funding from the government and republican was against that Barrack Obama who happens to be democrat and the democrat party for wanting to use some of the government funding such as federal treasury to give these small percentage of people who does not have health insurance to help them to become better for themselves.

My opinion is a bit harsh for the thoughts of republican that was willing not to help us American to improve the health by having the insurance that pays for the hospital visits and medicine if necessary so that they could be better for themselves by spending the government money in the health insurance for the people. It was very gratitude of democrat for the thoughts of helping these small percentage of people who is in needs of insurance to help to better themselves in their health or some poor conditions that they may have such as disease or even worse, cancer.