Energy Drinks: Monster/Red Bull.

Ever since the energy drinks came into the world I have stopped drinking pops or some of you call it soda, I started drinking three to four cans of Red Bull energy drinks daily in couple or so years ago and fell in love with the taste of Red Bull energy drinks enough that I couldn’t even stand to taste any pop (some call it sodas but for me I call it pop so keep that in mind) because I prefer to drink that has something strong taste to it which is sugar and caffeine that everyone is addicted to them these days so I have drunk Red Bull energy drink daily for several months until I started having problem with my heart and I was then appointed with a heart doctor and my heart doctor has warned me that my heart is starting to get bad off and the health of my heart is going downhill rather quick and that if I don’t stop drinking Red Bull energy drinks I would possibly have heart attack any time soon but I couldn’t give up drinking Red Bull energy drinks because it was only kind of drink that I can drink and be able to enjoy it however I cut it down a bit on Red Bull energy drinks in hope that my the health of my heart would be steady but it wasn’t until another brand of energy drinks goes on the shelves in stores and I had to give it a try which it was Monster Energy drinks. Monster Energy drinks taste so much better than Red Bull energy drinks so I can easily get off Red Bull energy drinks and started drinking Monster Energy drinks as most of the people would normally drinks water of pop/soda.