Acquisitions by companies for companies.

AcquisitionsLately there has been several of top companies been acquiring many of the other top companies such as few weeks and months ago Facebook acquired more than three companies such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus VR and among others while Yahoo! Acquired a mobile app named Blink! Which is a self-destructive messaging service when you send some messages to someone through Blink and they becomes old, your cell phone exploded and it’s over. No I am kidding but Yahoo did acquired a self-destructive messaging service Blink that would erase the messages after some of the days or hours depends on how long you wish to be destructed. Not only that as most of you now know that Apple have big interest in acquiring the electronics maker Beats a company that make excellent speakers such as their headphones and their bluetooth portable speakers named Pill which I have written an article about Apple wants to acquire Beats on here, there has been several acquisitions going on around lately because that’s not where it ends as there are many more of other companies acquire other companies.