Language Deprivation.

Language is a very important tool for communication otherwise we as human beings would not have a way to communicate with each others, pardon me I am actually wrong because as I wrote that I just realized that the human beings can communicate with each others using gestures or by visual but still a language is what makes it easier for us human beings to communicate with each others and thankfully there is a very long list of languages that allows us human beings to communicate with each others. Each language is in within’ our DNA, in other words our native language that we inherited from the earlier generations or the first language that we learned after the birth so that we can be able to communicate with our parents or to kickstart our education because without language then how are we able to learn? The language is very essential in our life, the language that we comfortably understand and communicate smoothly with others. Now there are a very large group, some organizations and even corporations always set out to make sure that we communicate using their language preference such as English here in the United States therefore they are on the look to deprive our native language by trying their darndest best to convince many of us human beings that their language preference will make us more successful in a long run than our own native language that we inherited from the many generations of our families or to try to come up with false medical information such as saying that using our own native language over their language preference will cause us to have a brain cancer or similar (it’s true, Starkey Foundation is one perfect example of that).

Excited for another niece!

My sister Suzanne is pregnant for most of you know is going onto the hospital on Monday if her baby hasn’t born before Monday night. She will be going there Monday night and then go into labor on Tuesday and that is making me very excited and nervous at same time! So I will be having another niece by Wednesday, definitely as she said. And yes I do already have a niece named Serinity which is from my youngest sister Racheal that is from Ohio but my young sister Suzanne that currently live about 15-20 minutes if not more away from me and she’s naming the baby Kaylen Raine. She’s going to be very beautiful, since Suzanne is! So I will be able to be close to Kaylen than I am with Serinity since Serinity is very far away from where I am.

So hopefully that everything will go smooth for my sister Suzanne and if you believes in praying. I ask you to pray for my sister Suzanne and as well her first new baby to come into the world to go smooth and healthy, for it not to be injured anything majorly.