Exploiting Deaf’s Language.

I don’t know if you have heard of a couple of people who is Tina and Paul Sirimacro who are known for SignALong all over on the internet where they would interpret some of the songs using American Sign Language, a language used by the deaf and hard of hearing. They have a few of videos on YouTube that translate the lyrics of songs into American Sign Language to entertain the deaf community which is a great thing because it helps the deaf or hard of hearing people to know the lyrics in some of the songs that they like because they obviously can’t hear music but they can feel the music by vibration especially from subwoofer so being deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy some music to dance. While it is a great thing to help the deaf community by offering some of the songs in American Sign Language by Tina and Paul Sirimacro but at same time they are hurting the deaf community more than they ever will know because the only reason that they are doing the songs with American Sign Language is to get the money to pay for their wedding. They are exploiting the deaf community/culture’s language at their benefit which that has upset thousands people in the deaf community, what exactly is wrong here is that they have lied in public by showing that Tina is RID certified (RID is a interpreters organization for deaf) so we decided to do some research a bit further and we came to find out that Tina is NOT certified interpreter.

Forever 21 store disgusted!

Forever 21 store has sicken me on many levels. I was watching a video tonight about staff at Forever 21 tackled a deaf man and had him in a head lock and choked the guy while the guy was trying to tell Forever 21 staff that he is indeed deaf, as he was trying to escape from the head lock so he could tell them that he was deaf and couldn’t have a way to communicate or hear the alarm went off. I, in fact has lost huge respect for all Forever 21 itself ever since that happened and I certainly hope that they are suspended from Forever 21 store for doing wrongful to the deaf guy while he was trying to tell them that he is deaf and what sicken me even more is that black guy that constantly pushed the deaf brother off his deaf brother that were in head lock while the brother tried to tell them that the suspect they wrongful got in head lock is trying to communicate somehow and is deaf. I will never take a step in that store and I hope nobody else will either for what they have done to deaf man. I personally note to the staffs at forever 21 that had him in headlock, shame on you! Here’s the videos that you can watch what they have done to deaf guy and also his brother.