12-10-2016 Tidbits

I know I have not write anything for a few days, about a bit over half of a week because I have been somewhat lately and not only that I have unbelievably struggles with trying to find some time to write an article for the blog since my last article where I was talking about looking for anyone who would like to write an article as a guest. By the way for these emails that I have gotten from you about wanting to write a guest article on here, I am very thankful for these emails and I am hoping that I will continue getting some more e-mails from some of you who would like to write an article as a guest. It seems that through these emails I have gotten from the people, most of them wants to write an article about foods and recipes so I am somewhat taken back by that as I realized that there are more food bloggers than I thought they would be. I have not picked two or three guest bloggers to write one of each articles as guest yet because I want to make sure that everyone can still get this opportunity to write an article as a guest in case if they didn’t know that I am looking for some guest bloggers so I am trying to spread the words about this as much as I can and will do so for as long as I can although I will probably try to call it a deadline by either Sunday or Monday this week coming up so to give everybody a bit more time to decide or a bit more time for more people to find out about this opportunity. Nonetheless I am being hopeful that I can give something back to the bloggers in return for their thanks for helping me to succeed from the day one when I started getting some interest in becoming a blogger in the year of 2004.

Snowstorm Jonas in Pike Co, Ky.

There were the warnings going off the hook on Thursday evening in the surroundings of Belfry areas in Pike County in the center of east in the state of Kentucky in United States that were telling everyone who resides in these areas in the Pike County, Ky to be prepared for a huge snowstorm that was coming over from in the morning on Friday to this evening on Saturday and that we would be getting the range in 15 inches to 20 inches of snow as the weather services says so of course this caused a panic to many people to where that they had to make a trip to the grocery store to buy some essentials including foods to be prepared for the snowstorm which they named it the Winter Snowstorm Jonas. In the warnings it said that we would be getting hit with around 30 mile per hours of gust/wind along with heavy snow and that it would very likely to cause power outage which that caused the power provider AEP Kentucky Power to call in additional crewmen for emergency assistance which comes from all over such as the state of Indiana, state of South Carolina, state of Michigan and others to standby for when we have power outage that would be affected from the snowstorm Jonas. As the Thursday disappearing on the horizon with Friday appearing at midnight, just a few hours later in a very early morning we were suddenly under attack of the snowstorm Jonas everywhere including the eastern part of United States and while the clock ticking every hour as the snowstorm Jonas kept on hitting us heavily from Friday morning to Friday evening then they finally eased up but that was just the beginning and a couple of hours later we were under attack once again by snowstorm Jonas until Friday midnight they finally becomes lighter. Then comes this morning on Saturday the snowstorm showed us that our thoughts of them disappeared were wrong as they came back but thankfully this time it was a bit lighter than they were at us on Friday.

NFL Free Agents ’15.

NFL Always whoever is a fan of NFL football are already itching for the new season of football to start as soon as possible which I absolutely don’t blame them as I am one of the people who are wishing that the new season for football would hurry the heck up so that we can watch our favorite teams playing on either television or at some stadiums that our favorite team would be playing at and rooting for as many as wins our teams can get. Even though the football season may be over for now for a few months, we still gets on the edge for football especially in NFL, I am talking about resigning, trading, free agents signing, draft and outside of the draft as some of NFL teams signs some players that aren’t in draft. Besides the draft we have nerve-wrecking situations with our favorite teams especially the resigning because there are some of the best players that have played for our favorite teams about to become free agents on the market for other teams to sign away from our favorite teams which that is never a good thing depending on some of the players that we needs the most and letting players in our favorite teams that are in their prime to walk away to another team can be unforgiving especially to us the fans.

Football nearing, are we ready?!

FootballHey guys! How are every one of you been doing lately and what have you been up to lately? I hope that all of you aren’t getting in too much of trouble especially that it is labor day this week because a lot of people who likes to enjoy some buzz from drinking alcohol on labor day as usual especially on the weekend which we have to watch out for a few of people who drinks while driving. It is understood that some of the people like celebrating the labor day with a buzz from alcohol but please don’t drive a vehicle afterward because it wouldn’t only harm just you but everyone else, so for anyone who don’t drink please be careful when some of you are driving on the road because you never know that you may bump into somebody who’s drunk while driving and for those of you who like to celebrate with drinks then please have a designated driver or call a cab to safely transport yourself to home so that everyone can enjoy their labor day instead of turning their labor day into bad day with accidents! I have been busy lately although a lot of more things piling up on my plates that I have to do which is a lot for me and at same time it is very stressful for me but that is my luck I guess. For past a couple of the years I never expected that I would be very busy to this day than I ever have been as two years ago I almost have no schedules that keeps me busy except managing websites including this website and two years later my schedules are over the limits that it’s not even funny especially that for two or three days ago I have becoming a bit sick with acid going in my stomach that I have to take prescription medicine for it but sometime I am too busy to remember to take them which that’s a problem for me.

Summer is coming near!

SummerFor several of the days I have written several articles about everything that is news, opinions or analysts but this time tonight I am going to take a break because I have planned on writing two articles about news, sharing my opinion as serious or analysts on some of the things which I have already wrote one article earlier today about Apple WWDC 2014 and I decide to not write the second article on professional level and I am using this time to reach out all of you as my friends. I believe I need to take a break on the professional level because it is exhausting for me as lately so I am just going to sit here and write something easy or something that I don’t need to do some heavy researches to double-check the facts on what I am about to write as I always do in order so that I can deliver the articles based on something facts, opinion or analysts to every one of you instead the false information like many of the bloggers do just to cheat the traffic so they can get some of the money the lazy way which I am against. Anyway on to the subject for this article that I have decided to write.