Not M.I.A. And Passion in Blogging

I know I haven’t made a blog post anywhere for about two weeks now, I barely have any time to do so and I have dealt with some of the things outside the internet which I prefer to not share what it is. I have struggled to find some time to write a blog post, I realize that trying to write a blog post on schedule is an issue for me and it is stressing so after having some thought today about what I should do about that. I have utmost passion in blogging, I became blogger in the year of 2004 to be exact although I did blog back in 1999 I believe on a free websites service which I cannot remember the name of the service but I think it was or similar name as that when I gave blogging a try and wrote the first blog post to share my feelings for that girl I was with at that time which is a bit corny now that I looks back to that day but I only wrote one blog post then forget about it until the year of 2004 I invested more of my time into it and become a guest blogger from there. Fast-forward to the year of 2007 when I acquired, setting it up as a blogging brand and rolled with it since then so in August coming will be 10th anniversary for JoshiesWorld. I have written more than a thousand blog posts since, not just on JoshiesWorld but also as a guest blogger for others until they decided that they no longer want to run a blog and shut it down so luckily, I had JoshiesWorld to fall back on. This was in the year 2011 or 2012, I can’t remember which one but I am very thankful for the opportunity that I had at that time because it gave me an idea of what I want to do and that is to blog or to be an editorial or columnist for a local news and whatnot.

Hey you, yes you all!

Hey guys! I hope that everything are going well over there with all of you, and I hope that all of you have done something that’s fun while the summer lasts because it seems that the summer is nearing the end rather quick for some of us. All of the students are already back in schools or universities by now so the time are flying fast, some of us including myself are already done with the summer because myself I absolutely cannot wait for the winter to arrive and only reason I cannot wait for the winter to arrive is because of Christmas! Nothing is better than the morning on Christmas day being surrounded by the family although I won’t be surrounded by any family except only my mother but that’s only matters the most for me because nothing is better than sharing the moments with her on Christmas day. Anyway since the summer is in the corner, have you already got your Christmas list written for what you want for Christmas? I only told my mother that I’d like to have an Apple Mac Pro although I don’t really care if she gets anything for me because all its matters to me the most is to have her for the Christmas. I have a feelings that in particular east of the United States are going to be a record-breaking coldest this year in the winter because the weather is a lot different this year than all the years ago especially where we have gotten a lot of rain while in the west of United States are struggling to have rain so it has changed for the first time in many years that before the west were always wet with heavy rain, snow, storms and others but now it’s the other way for the first time year which is a bit odd so I am expecting that we’re going to be hit with heavy snow that we haven’t had in many years here. I love snows so I definitely won’t mind as long as it’s not going to knock the power because of the heating to keep ourselves warm.

Schedules: Changing the schedules.

If you recall that the other day I have mentioned that it is getting a bit harder trying to find some time to spare for me to write some articles for here at JoshiesWorld the other day, while at same time it is never my intention to break a promise I have made a several months ago that I would write an article for every two days but I realize that my schedule has changed a lot lately with new of things coming up especially trying to work on other new websites along with the outside of the internet and that is tightening my schedule where I can hardly have the time for anything even to be able to eat for dinner so that tells you how busy my schedule are now. That does mean I must change my method of blogging such as an article every two days schedule to a different method but the problem is that I have no clue what change I am going to have to do but in a few days I will figure out what kind of changes I am making and let every one of you know so that way you can expect to know when I am writing an article although I can definitely be safe to say that there will be a couple of articles weekly which you can expect that to happen but I just don’t know what days on the week I am scheduling to write an article because first I will have to see when is the perfect time in my schedule that I am able to write an article. As I do realize that I am sure some of you know or are expecting an article from me today because today is the end of two-days method in the schedule of mine but that is going to be an old schedule because that old schedule of mine had about almost 4-5 hours of free time at most daily but now with things happening so it changed my schedule in a lot way which limits me about 2-3 hours at most a day if I am even lucky so it is going to be a bit hard for me to try to be adjusted with.