Tidbits 9-10-’16

Here we are again, by now I have no idea how many tidbits articles I have written as I have lost the counts although I do know that I have written more than ten tidbits by now and that is a decent numbers for tidbits articles considering that I have started writing the tidbits late in last year. Maybe if you look at the number, ten that it seems a very small number and somewhat it is but it is pretty a lot to me because I have written over three hundred articles on here. If I am to combine my other blogs or on a few local news media I have written over a thousand articles and that is exhausting. When it comes to blogging or write a piece, it somewhat mess with your head a bit because it tends to exhaust your thinking and gives you a bit of headache because for any bloggers who is passionate in blogging does more than just writing whatever that comes to their mind. Every day I have to keep up with news, check with some of the people everyday and the likes then do a research to make sure that whatever I am to share my opinion on certain topics is valid because I don’t want to not knowing the depth on some issues then blog them. That wouldn’t be right for all of readers who reads bloggers blogs everyday as there is a lot of blogs out there, I mean who would want to give out an information that is not even true and or share some opinion on something that they don’t know what they are all about before doing any research? So everyday I would check up some news whether it be online or on television, check up with some of the things such as some products that I would like to get my hands on so that I can share my opinion or review on some of the products because I never will share my thoughts or my review on some products that I never even have tried before which that would make no sense and write any topics or notes that I think would be interesting for me to do some research to see if it is something that would worth my time to blog my opinions about whatever it is that I have found.

Google and Apple made truce.

Google and AppleAs most of you know that Apple is always in the battle with patient infringements especially from Samsung and recently Motorola which both uses Android which is developed from Google so Apple filed lawsuit against all top cell phone makers such as Samsung and Motorola because both infringed the patients that was filed by Apple. If some of you don’t know what patients means or how they works, they are like copyright or trademark but in different way such as when you invent something that no one else has and you want to protect your inventions then you file patients with United States patients so that nobody can copy your inventions and if they do in any way copy or clone your own invention then you have the full right to file lawsuit against anyone that copy your invention for compensation because your patients is being infringed by someone else then you have the case for patients infringement against the ones who is copying your invention and making the money from them which is against the law especially in patients part of law, hope that I clear that up for you but it is exactly what Apple is doing with Samsung and other top cell phone maker because they are copying Apple’s inventions and use their patients which is a big no-no at least in the eye of law.

Iphone: Better than any other phones.

Apple Iphone 5S model.Everybody has their own preference for which products they like better than the others especially smartphones. There is several smartphones in the market which is a problem in my opinion because there is too many smartphones when there should have been ten different smartphones then that would be enough for anyone to choose. I mean there should be only one or maybe two the name of makers smartphone models, such as Apple only have one model name for smartphone which is Iphone and it’s acceptable that they can have update version of their own models such as 1, 2, 3, 3G, 4, 4S, 5 and 5S but other makers have too many models such as Samsung Galaxy, Note, Freeform, Gravity and others when Samsung should only make one model which is Galaxy S models (all version like Apple’s Iphone) and other companies that makes smartphones has too many models name. I think if each maker only have one or maybe two models name then they would sell a lot more. It always annoys me because I think it doesn’t make any sense to have so many models name, sure it does give us all kinds of choice to choose which smartphone we like the best but we can still choose one or two models name of each makers better as it would make it easier for us to choose and less of hassles by having to look over so many smartphones to see which one it suits us.

Samsung says Goodbye to Android.

I have come across a source about Samsung company and as well Android which we all know that Android is created by Google but if some of you don’t know that Android were created by Google then now you do know. Today hundreds of smartphones and cell phones are using Android system software which is quite overdoing it I think, like earlier post I have made about Apple wins vs Samsung in their court trial when Apple filed lawsuit against Samsung for infringing the copyright from Apple considering that Apple owns these patients that Samsung violates by copying the interface of Iphone for their smartphone known as all Galaxy models and Samsung tried to counter Apple but failed several cases against Apple while that Apple won almost every cases against Samsung and I dislike Samsung for one reason and that is they have no howsoever creativity for their products hence the copyright infringement meaning that they violates the law by copying someone else work/products and patients owned by someone else such as Apple. Until recently someone has leaked an information about Samsung is considering to backstab Google’s back in many ways. Why? Or how? Here it is.

Apple wins vs Samsung!

Recently the announcement news release surfaced on the internet about Apple Vs Samsung trials where Apple have filed lawsuit against Samsung for copyright infringement especially that Samsung smartphones such as Galaxy S models copy the interface of Apple Iphone models which is true considering that they both do look-alike and Apple has patients and the rights to these designs considering that the iphone models was released way before Samsung Galaxy S models launched. The lawsuit was for copyright infringement that Samsung violated Apple’s copyright for the interface of between the smartphones made by both which like I said Apple Iphone models was launched before Galaxy S by Samsung company launched by few years.

Now the news that surfaced has announced Apple decisively wins Samsung trial which the victory goes to Apple and I strongly believe that Apple make the right call considering that copying someone else work isn’t good thing, in fact bad move for the business because if copying someone else work means they have no creative for their products, right? Anyway now that the victory goes to Apple company the Samsung company now owes Apple company 1.049 billion dollars for copying Apple’s intellectual property.