Blogging Services.

First of all who doesn’t love blogging? Sure there are some of the people who doesn’t like to blog or don’t have the skill to blog because you would need to have a skill to become blogger and that is to know the basics of writings, formats, search engine optimization and management of the blogging service. Even if you have no knowledge in how to become a blogger, thinking that it would be too difficult to give yourself a try at becoming blogger and I am letting you to know that it’s not difficult at all to become a blogger although probably the only most difficult steps to become a blogger is to come up with a suitable name for the blog whether it’s hosted at somebody’s service or self-hosted blogging service. I have been blogger for several years, ever since the year of 2005 when I first learn how to code a website beginning with CSS which is code for styling/design of the layout because I wanted a unique profile on MySpace and then from there I decided to take further by starting myself a new website where I can blog which that was in 2007. In the year of 2007 was also the birth of this website so nonetheless I have been a blogger for many years but that doesn’t means I am expert at blogging because I still have a long way to go, still learning myself but I can safely say that my skill in blogging are in between of beginner and expert obviously.

Blogging With Pay.

For some of you know one of my few hobbies that I love very much doing which is blogging and if you ask what is it, blogging is where you would write any kinds of topics online that you’d like to share by publishing your written articles or posts to millions of the people in worldwide. Blogger are practically writer, journalist, author or other names you could think of but only way to be a blogger is to write articles or posts on regular basis online and no it doesn’t mean that if you’re writing some topics on a physical paper qualify you a blogger even they are the same thing but the only difference is online and offline. I have blogged for several years now, ever since the year of 2007 which is the birth date of JoshiesWorld and I blog for a living. There are thousands of bloggers so it is a lot of work because it means that I have thousands of competitors where I would have to try to rank up some of my niches as possible I can that some of the bloggers already own, such as if your niche is electronics then you google that word “electronics” you would see millions of searches so the challenge is whoever own that top 10 niche or even top 20 you would have to try to move up the rank so that the searchers sees your articles or post before the other bloggers.

Weblogs: Importance of blogging.

Today there are more than thousands weblogs and if you don’t know what are weblogs then they are fancy word/term for blogs. Right now you are reading an article on weblogs which this is my weblogs but it is fun hobby and it is also a job for some of the people depending on if some of the people like to blog for fun or to make a career out of it and there are good numbers of bloggers that are successful with their weblogs. To name a few of successful weblogs like Mashable, Perez Hilton, TMZ, ProBlogger and many others which all of them blogs on their weblogs for their career that brings in an income for all of them and every successful weblogs founders brings several thousands of dollars daily and can be up to a quarter of million dollars monthly as there are some weblogs founders brings these incomes easily and that isn’t surprising. All of founders has their own methods for how to run their weblogs successful which sometimes they don’t like to show their secrets but sometimes they are willing to show some of the secrets so to help out some beginners who just started their own weblogs that have the dreams to be successful so to bring a big paychecks because let’s face it, who doesn’t like paychecks? Exactly, no one who doesn’t like paychecks and besides these paychecks helps to pay their bills for their servers because successful weblogs who brings in millions of visitors daily must have expensive servers to handle the bandwidth and all the visitors otherwise they would be losing money if there is downtime on their weblogs.

Money making online but how?

MoneyThere are several people who wonders if it is possible to make money from online and several of the people also wonder if it is true that anyone can make money from online and the answer to both of the questions is absolutely it is very possible to make money through online. As most of you know that the jobs in United States is getting harder everyday and more of the people becoming either poor or homeless due to not being able to find any places that hire and not only that there has been several companies that has laid off huge numbers of employees or some of the businesses are going out of the business due to big change in tax and new law by governments in United States making it difficult for some of the business to stay afloat therefore it makes harder for anyone to find a job now especially coal mines in Kentucky and West Virginia and all the coal mines companies in these two states is already almost closed and the coal mines is becoming nonexistence now which the coal mines were the heart of Kentucky and West Virginia, they became one of the company that have laid off the most counts of employees than any some of the companies in history.