Twitter: Turn on new profile!

Twitter Profile Update!

Twitter LogoThis article only will be sweet and short because I only want to give a small announcement so that everyone that read here hasn’t know about anything from Twitter yet. You can now have the brand new profile for your Twitter profile if you recall my earlier article about the new makeover Twitter profile design that they were working on to release to everyone in few weeks, now it’s here you can have the new look of Twitter profile. If you would like to have the new profile design on Twitter now, you can do so by going to notifications tab on top of the twitter and then you will be prompted with small announcement on the top of Twitter asking you if you would like to turn on the new profile to test it then you can click the button that you do want to turn it on and when you do, you can take a look and see if you like the new profile Twitter has released then you can click the turn on button again and it will tell you that your new profile is now live which means that you now have the new Twitter profile for everyone to see including yourself.

You can take a look at mine by going here: Follow me on Twitter pretty please?! 😀